100+ Positive affirmations for money

Want to manifest money into you life? In this guide you will learn everything about money affirmations. You will learn how to use affirmations for money to attract wealth into you life. You can read over 100 money affirmations that work fast. Read below to learn more about affirmations for money.

In this article you find money affirmations divided into the following categories:

  • I am money affirmations
  • Daily money affirmations
  • Money affirmations that work fast
  • Morning positive money affirmations
  • Unexpected money affirmations
  • Sleep affirmations for money
  • Affirmations to win money

What affirmations attract money?

Here are 10 affirmations that can help attract money: 

  1. Money and abundance are irresistibly drawn to me.
  2. I am ready and willing to receive limitless financial wealth.
  3. Money effortlessly flows into my life.
  4. I am deserving of enormous wealth and abundance.
  5. Lucrative opportunities gravitate towards me, bringing financial success.
  6. I am thankful for the wealth of money in my life.
  7. I let go of any beliefs that limit my relationship with money and embrace my ability to attract wealth.
  8. I am worthy of a life filled with financial freedom and abundance.
  9.  I am in perfect harmony with the energy of prosperity and abundance.
  10. Money is attracted to me just like a powerful magnet attracts metal.

“I am” Money Affirmations

  • I am a person who is capable of attracting and manifesting money abundance. 
  • I am a person who loves money and that love goes in both ways. Because I can feel that money loves me the same way.
  • I am open to receiving different amounts of money: I welcome big amounts of money, but the smaller amounts of money are also welcome to join my everyday life. 
  • I am a real magnet for money, I have the power to attract money every day. 
  • I am grateful for all money amounts that I’ve attracted and manifested. But I am also grateful for the money I am going to attract and manifest in the future. 
  • I am worthy of money abundance and I deserve all the money that I’ve already attracted and manifested: I deserve all money I am going to attract and manifest from now on until the end of my life. 
  • I am already experiencing different abundances- an abundance of love, an abundance of health, an abundance of great friends. That means that I am ready to experience an abundance of money, too. 
  • I am ready to manifest financial abundance and financial freedom!
  • I am responsible when it comes to money, because I use my money to improve my life and the life of others, I use my money to attract and manifest even more money. 
  • I am completely aligned with the energy that money brings to my life. 

Daily Money affirmations

  • Today, I am consciously choosing to accept new positive beliefs about money. 
  • Today, I am consciously choosing to observe the positive effects that money brings to my life. 
  • Today, I choose to smile whenever I hear the word “money”, when I see money, or when I hold money in my hands. 
  • Today I choose to spend a lot of money and to feel joy and happiness while I do that. 
  • Today I open up myself for spending money on the things that are going to bring me positive energy. 
  • Today, I choose to attract and manifest money. 
  • Today, I choose to attract and manifest money, and I am not focusing on the amount. 
  • Today, I observe money as energy- it doesn’t matter how huge or small the amount of money is. Today, the important thing is that money will appear in my life. 
  • Today is the day when I open up myself to becoming a person who lives financial freedom. 
  • Today is the day for attracting and manifesting my financial abundance!

Money affirmations that work fast

  • Whenever I spend some money, I succeed in attracting and manifesting more money than I’ve spent. 
  • When I focus on those people who are experiencing money abundance, suddenly more money appears in my life too. 
  • For me, money literally grows on trees. 
  • When I put some effort into something, I get rewarded with some money. 
  • When I do things with my pure heart, I also succeed in attracting and manifesting some money. 
  • When I do good deeds, the Universe rewards me with money. 
  • Whenever I look, I find money. 
  • I find money when I least expect it and that makes me feel so good!
  • I am a moneymaker- I make money no matter if I put huge or small effort into things. 
  • As time passes, my money income is increasing. 

Morning Positive Money Affirmations

  • From this morning, I choose to remove all money-related blockages.
  • From this morning, I choose to observe only positive sides of money. 
  • From this morning, money is something that I will perceive as the thing that is filling my inner being with fresh and positive energy. 
  • From this morning, I choose to become a money magnet. 
  • From this morning, I choose to attract and manifest money with ease. 
  • From this morning, I choose to experience positive emotions when it comes to money. 
  • How wonderful it feels when I wake up with the mindset that today I can attract and manifest money!
  • I feel so good when my morning starts with the mindset that from now on, I will experience financial freedom. 
  • Even my morning coffee has a better taste because I drink it with the mindset that today my wallet is going to be full. 
  • The breakfast has never been this tasty, and that’s because I eat the food with a smile on my face because my bank account got positive money changes.

Unexpected Money Affirmations

  • I know that many people get money from expected and unexpected sources. This thought helps me accept a new belief- I can do the same thing. 
  • I choose to become the person who can attract and manifest money from both expected and unexpected sources. 
  • Maybe I will get money as a present. 
  • Maybe I will get money on the lottery.  
  • Maybe I will get money as a salary bonus. 
  • Maybe I will get money over the inheritance.
  • It doesn’t matter where this money will appear from.
  • The only important thing is that money appears from the places I’ve least expected. 
  • I love surprises and that’s why I am completely open to find out where money will appear next time. 

Sleep Affirmations For Money

  • Tonight, during my sleep, I choose to remove all of the blockages and all of the negative beliefs about money. 
  • Tonight, during my sleep, I choose to create new beliefs that are going to help me to manifest financial abundance in my life. 
  • I am changing my financial reality, right now, in my sleep. 
  • Right now, while I sleep, I am attracting and manifesting new amounts of money. 
  • My subconscious mind is transforming my negative money-related beliefs into positive ones, and that is happening this very moment. 
  • Right now, I am allowing my mind to accept the fact that I deserve money.  
  • Right now, I am allowing my mind to accept the fact that I deserve money abundance. 
  • Right now, I am allowing my mind to accept the fact that I deserve to live financial freedom. 
  • Right now, my subconscious mind is helping me to create a reality where I have more money than I need. 
  • Right now, together with my subconscious mind, I am creating a new financial situation- a financial situation where my wallet and my bank account are full, a situation where my savings are increasing no matter that I am spending more money than ever. In this new reality, I earn more money than I can even spend. And now, I am ready to witness all these things in my real life. 

Affirmations To Win Money

  • I deserve to win big money.  
  • After I win money, I will become an even better person than I am right now. 
  • When I win some money, I will improve the quality of my life. 
  • When I win money, I will improve the lives of other people too. 
  • If I want to win money, I first need to experience the emotion of happiness while I spend money for a lottery ticket. 
  • I know that buying just one lottery ticket gives me huge chances for winning money. 
  • I have the power to attract and manifest myself winning money.  
  • I am open to win any money prize.  
  • For me, every prize is significant- there are no “small” or “big” prizes. 
  • My money mindset is extremely positive and that’s why my chances of winning money are increasing every day. I know that I will win it when the right time comes!

What Are Money Affirmations?

Maybe you’ve already familiar with the fact that with the power of your focus, your thoughts, and your deep beliefs, you can attract and manifest various things into your real life. Every single time when you focus on a specific positive thing, when you spend your time thinking about a positive thing, and when you have a positive belief about something – you start feeling good. 

With motivational daily affirmations and emotions you experience at that moment, you are raising your vibration. When your vibration is high, you are attracting and manifesting a specific wish of yours. But, you must keep in mind that when you focus on negative things and when your deep belief about a specific thing is negative, you will experience negative emotions (you are not feeling good). 

Money affirmatons

Each time you experience a negative emotion, your vibration is decreasing on the emotional guidance scale. In those moments, when your vibration is low, you are moving away and getting further from experiencing the fulfillment of your wish.

As you can see by yourself, the most significant things in this process of attracting and manifesting are 

  • your thoughts
  • your focus
  • your deep beliefs
  • your emotions
  • your vibration

Remember, when we talk about your thoughts and your focus, you have the power to stop them. That’s pretty easy actually. If you just pay attention on daily basis, you can get yourself in the situation where you can recognize your negative thought as they appear.

But what happens with your deep negative beliefs? Well, each belief in your mindset is a belief that you have been carrying with yourself for a long time ago. Can you modify it? Yes, but, you can’t do it overnight.

Affirmations money

You see, your belief ( no matter if it is a positive or negative belief) is nothing but a regular sentence that you’ve repeated a specific amount of times until you’ve started to believe in it.

If you want to change a specific belief, you need to do the opposite thing. You need to repeat an opposite sentence until you start to believe that your opposite positive sentence is true.

The easiest and the fastest way for doing that is by using a wonderful Law of Attraction technique: affirmations.

In this article, you will learn how you can change you deep negative beliefs about you financial aspects of you life. We are going to explain to you the right way to use Money affirmations. Money affirmations are sentences that will help you change your deep negative beliefs into positive ones.By changing your negative beliefs about money, you will be able to attract and manifest a financial situation that you are going to be completely satisfied with.

Do Money Affirmations Really Work?

If you doubt that Money affirmations have the power to transform the financial aspect of your life, we suggest you to try and use money affirmations. 

But remember, if you follow all the steps in this article when you use your Law of Attraction Money affirmations and if you follow all of the “rules” we are going to reveal then money affirmations will work for you!

You need to learn the right way of writing money affirmations and also be consistent when you apply affirmations for money. We advise you to use Money affirmations every day until you witness your money manifestations. If you do it right money will appear. As soon as you succeed in transforming your deep negative beliefs that you have about money. 

Affirmations for money

If you are not entirely sure that your deep beliefs about money are creating negative experiences related to the financial field of your life, then just take a moment and observe the following: Observe the thoughts and emotions you experience when you hear the word “money”. How do you feel? Are you experiencing positive emotions such as freedom, joy, happiness? Or you are struggling with fear, stress, negativity? 

People who have positive thoughts, beliefs, and emotions about money are people who experience financial freedom and don’t have any problems when it comes to money. But people whose thoughts and beliefs (and at the same time emotions) are dominantly negative, are the ones who are dealing with different money-related challenges on daily basis. 

Let’s change that! Use Money affirmations and change the financial aspect of your life. You will find out that Money affirmations do work! According to science, studies show that self-affirmations work. 

How To Write Money Affirmations?

If you want to use all the benefits of Money affirmations in your everyday life, you first need to find out the correct way of writing money affirmations. There are a few rules that you need to follow. 

Rule 1: Write a Money affirmation that will leave a positive effect on your mindset by writing your Money affirmation in the present tense. What do we mean by that? Well, it means that you need to write your Money affirmations as you are already experiencing your affirmation.  

Many people make a mistake at this first step. Instead of using the Present Tense (because they think that they lie to themselves), they use Future tense. 

So, for example, instead of using the Money affirmation “I will manifest some money in the future”, it is much better to write something like “I am ready to start attracting and manifesting new sums of money”. In this case, you are not lying to yourself that you already attract and manifest money. Instead, you tell yourself that you are ready to start attracting money at this very moment. You will accept this belief  and you will instantly raise your vibration.

Money affirmations

Rule 2:You need to write your Money affirmation in a positive tone.This is extremely important because people don’t pay attention to that. People use many positive affirmations daily, but also a lot of negative affirmations. What do we mean by that? Well, you should be aware of the fact that affirming happens consciously, but also it happens unconsciously.

When you write down your Money affirmations on a piece of paper, you are affirming your affirmations consciously. In this case, you are consciously and carefully choosing the words that you are going to use in your Money affirmation. 

Do not forget that during your day, a bunch of negative thoughts can appear in your mind. Those negative thoughts can also be perceived as affirmations. For example, imagine yourself walking through a shopping mall and looking at something that you cant afford at the moment. A thought that comes to your mind instantly is “Oh, what a shame, I don’t have enough money to buy this.”. 

Affirmations about money

Remember, this is also a Money affirmation. But in this case, it is a negative one. A negative Money affirmation is also creating your money mindset (it is confirming your negative beliefs about money). That’s why is important to pay attention to your negative thoughts and try to avoid them. When you write down more positive Money affirmations in a positive tone you create a positive money mindset.  

Rule 3: include yourself in your Money affirmation. Why is this important? Because you want to modify your deep beliefs about your money situation. Money affirmations are extremely powerful, but they are powerful only for you. You can’t change other people’s lives with Money affirmations – so don’t even try that. 

Everybody is the creator of his own life. You are the creator of your life. Take advantage of that, always put yourself in your Money affirmation. Allow yourself to create a reality where you are completely satisfied with your money situation. Attract and manifest a situation of complete financial freedom. You deserve that and you can manifest that if you stay persistent in using the Money affirmations. Always include yourself in your Money affirmation by using the words such as “me, my, mine, I”. 

How To Manifest Money Affirmations?

Now you know how your Money affirmations should be written. But how should you manifest your Money affirmations? How often should you use your Money affirmations? Well, you have 2 options. 

According to the first option, you should repeat your Money affirmations ( writing them down or saying them out loud) once a day. You can choose the time of the day. It can be in the morning after you wake up, it can be during the day (when you find some free time). Or it can be in the evening (before you go to sleep). 

Your job is to find a few Money affirmations that resonate with you. But it has to be a daily ritual. It is not enough to set aside just 1 day for using Money affirmations. No, you need to do that once a day. But you need to do it every day until you witness the manifestation of your affirmations

Money affirmation

The second option: use your Money affirmations 3 times a day. The scenario is the same: you need to choose money affirmations that resonate with your inner being, the ones that make you feel good. After you’ve chosen your affirmations, your job is to repeat them (you can choose between writing them down on a piece of paper or saying them out loud). But this time, you can do it three times during your day. In the morning, during the day, and in the evening. 

Which option should you choose to manifest your affirmations? Well, again, like everything else in the Law of Attraction philosophy, this also depends on you and your preferences. 

If you think that it is a waste of time to use Money affirmations three times a day, then choose the first option. If on another hand, you believe the more often you use your Money affirmations, the more powerful they are, then your second option should be your choice. 

No matter which of the 2 options you choose, don’t forget the most important thing: while you repeat your Money affirmations, make sure to experience the emotion while repeating them. Your emotion and the vibration that appears through that emotion, is your connection with the universe. Your emotion and your vibration are the transmitters of the fulfillment of your wish (in this case the improvement of the financial aspect of your life), from your Vortex to your real life. 

Money affirmations success stories

What is the best way to convince yourself that Law of Attraction methods are really working? I don’t know about you, but, for me is when I see with my own eyes that it worked for somebody else. When I observe an example of other people (what did he do, what were his belief, etc) I instantly start to believe that: if I do the same, I can get the same result. 

Here is a fantastic example of what I am talking about. A few months ago I was reading a lot about attracting and manifesting money with the help of Money affirmations. During that “research” I found an example that blew me away! There was a guy (unfortunately I forgot his name) who was a fan of playing bingo and similar games of chance. But, he wasn’t so lucky at winning anything. 

money affirmations

Every time, it would end up with him losing a lot of money. Until one night. At most times, he would go there by himself. But that one night, he went out with his friends whom he described as a “group of the lucky ones”. He was looking forward to just hanging out with them and having a good time, and winning money was his second plan. He was super excited while he was getting ready for his night out. 

While he was getting ready, he was listening to some music. One specific song got stuck in this head. The song has a line saying: “I am a winner. I deserve good luck”. He sang this line several times. Can you guess what happened later that evening? He indeed had a stroke of good luck and he won a lot of money! Little did he know, but this line from a song was a Money affirmation! He repeated this line a few times, he was experiencing positive emotions and the result was the transformation of his financial situation!

This story was a huge inspiration for me, and I think that it will be for you too. 

I stopped singing my favorite song from Simply Red called “Money’s too tight to mention”, because I’ve become aware that when i listen to this song, the negative Money affirmations in the lyrics are blocking the flow of money in my life. Instead of “Money’s too tight to mention” I’ve found a song with positive Money affirmations. 

The title of that song is “Money Maker” and I only use the following lines: “You know I got it. If you want it, come get it”. And you know what? I started living these lines. Now, I am in a position where I have enough money for myself, but also, I am in a financial situation where I am able to lend some money to other people. 


Now that you know how powerful money affirmations are, start using them every day. Say them confidently and believe in them. Imagine yourself already achieving your financial goals and let positive energy flow. Be consistent and practice these affirmations regularly. They will become a part of your mind. Embrace the power of money affirmations and attract wealth into your life. Believe in yourself, have faith, and take inspired steps towards your financial dreams. You can create a successful future with financial freedom!


What are money affirmations?

Money affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself to change your thinking and bring more money into your life. They can help you believe in yourself and think positively about money.

Should I only focus on money when using affirmations?

When using money affirmations, it’s important to focus on attracting financial abundance. But don’t forget to also include affirmations for other areas of your life, like health, relationships, and personal growth. This will help you feel balanced and fulfilled.

Can money affirmations replace the need for action?

Money affirmations are great for changing your mindset and attracting wealth, but you need to take action too. Just saying affirmations won’t make you rich. Set goals and stay positive while working towards them to make a real difference.


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