Positive affirmations for women – 110 positive affirmations for women’s health 2022

Positive affirmations for women are essentially statements, or confirmations that you tell yourself. They can be positive or negative. Depending on how often you use them, they could have a strong impact on your life.

If you are a women, then positive affirmations for women can help you achieve better results in all aspects of your life. You can form a better image of yourself, raise self-confidence, achieve goals faster, acquire or change habits, self-healing, and more.

Affirmations that are positive can also remove your negative affirmations like “I don’t deserve this and that,” “I’m not good enough,” “I can’t accomplish that,” etc.

It has been proven that we become what we think. If we live with a mind full of negative thoughts and fears, the world we are moving through is certainly scary and full of inconvenience.

By changing the content of our thoughts, reality takes on completely different realities. One of the most effective ways to do this and with excellent results, are affirmations.

As you might know, affirmations are powerful and positive thoughts. Affirmations work by reprogramming thought patterns and thus changing our experience of reality and our entire lives.

You do not have to spend a lot of time on affirmations. Affirmations take minimal time, do not require any special conditions or preparations, and there is really no solid excuse not to introduce them into your life.

The famous life coach and woman who conquered the world with affirmations – Louise Hay said that the thoughts we have chosen to think are a tools with which we design our lives. Why not start designing your life today with cheerful and positive thinking.

Affirmations women

What are positive affirmations for women?

Positive affirmations for women are affirmations that will strengthen you and bring you what you want in life. 

Women generally want to be healthy and happy, successful at work and home. They oftentimes need encouragement to feel strong, healthy and loved.

Affirmations for women do that. They bring better and more quality life to those women who decide to practice them regularly and correctly (with the right feeling).

Women often think in that they miss something in their lives and that they are not good enough. How many times do you think you are not good enough as a wife, mother, sister, friend… 

All women, regardless of age, material status or success, happen to have doubts and fears,.Doubts that are often re-examined because the environment and society impose certain standards and expectations. 

Women can become angry and furious when they cannot do everything they want, that they are not in the state in which they “want”. That is, the state in which others want … And then who suffers? Your health and your relationships. Women might not have patience and they do not know how to channel their energy to the right things.

Positive Affirmations for women can help a lot here, as a guide and practice of spiritual cleansing and direction. Affirmations for women will bring to the surface female strength and power. It will help you as a woman to live a more fulfilled life.

Affirmations for women

Why use positive affirmations for women?

There is an incredible number of thoughts that pass our heads every day. Unfortunately, most of these thoughts feed our subconscious negative beliefs and hinder us on the path to love or success. You can reprogram these negative beliefs with the help of positive affirmations for women.

According to some research, between 45,000 and 51,000 thoughts pass through our minds every day, approximately 50 thoughts per minute. 80-90 percent of those thoughts are negative. Sounds scary? What may seem even scarier to you is that it is these negative thoughts feed our negative inner beliefs.

Most of us simply do not have the strength to get rid of them and become helplessly trapped in negative thoughts. If you learn to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones, new horizons will open up for you – you will reshape life and health, regain the joy and passion of life, and you will be able to achieve whatever you want.

Developing a positive mindset is not a marketing ploy of the modern self-help movement, but one of the most powerful and important life strategies.

Thoughts are powerful – they can be transmitted from person to person, change your mental structure, heal diseases. You can create your reality with them – if they are positive, the reality is also fruitful. If they are dark and negative, your life becomes like that.

You have to become aware of the basic rule that your present is the result of your past thoughts and that the future will follow your current thoughts. When you learn that, you will open many doors to positive life situations, in which the technique of positive affirmation can help you.

Repetition of positive affirmations quotes forces you to focus on internal goals and reminds you to consciously think about your words and thoughts. It is important to understand that if you repeat affirmations for a few minutes and think negatively for the rest of the day, this will neutralize the effect of positive thoughts.

So if you want positive results, you need to refuse to think negatively. Using this technique consciously, you will influence your subconscious mind and thus reshape attitudes, habits (for example, stop smoking), behavior, and reactions. This way, you can remove the damage caused by negative thoughts, either your own or other people’s repetitions (about your appearance, abilities, and qualities).

Women Positive Affirmations

How to use positive affirmations for women?

When it comes to goals, affirmations for women need to be written down. When you do not feel the best, it is much easier to read affirmation than to look for positive daily affirmations in the chaos of thoughts.

Create affirmations according to your needs! Since we are all different, we have different goals, ideas and habits. There is no single affirmation for all of us. So think about your goals, the habits you want to acquire or change, the experiences you want to experience, and the feelings that you want to be a part of your reality. Define female affirmation quotes according to your reality and write them down.

All positive affirmations for women should be uttered in the present tense. In that way, you feel the emotion stronger that moves the whole energy and thought processes in you and changes your subconscious. Feel the difference between “I’m healthy and beautiful.” and “I will be healthy and beautiful.”

When you say “I will be healthy and beautiful”, you are subconsciously postponing the manifestation indefinitely. However, if you say “I am healthy and beautiful”, you start thinking about how it is now, even though it may not have manifested yet.

Realize that positive affirmations for women are much more than just repeating words. It is a complete reprogramming process in which you become aware of your everyday thoughts and words, choosing to think and project only the positive. You can say that it is a kind of “brainwashing” in which you choose which negative beliefs we want to wash away.

Emotion is of great importance!

Try to feel the emotion as strongly as possible while saying your affirmation, and you will achieve results faster. Note that for someone who has many problems in life, it would be almost impossible to feel an emotion if they use the affirmation “my life is perfect”, because the idea of a perfect life and that person are not on the same wavelength.

In that case, a more effective affirmation would be “things change for the better”, or “I feel an improvement in this and that aspect of life” because it would trigger a stronger emotion.

Even the well-known affirmation “I’m making more and more progress every day in every way” would change things for the better when we felt a strong emotion as we uttered it.

Positive Affirmations Women

However, it might not intended for everyone, and it is not possible for everyone to feel that emotion because the premise was created that the sentence has no power.

The mind will accept change more easily if you fist calm down your mind (with walks, breathing exercises, light music) and gradually get used to positive thinking with positive affirmations for women.

The deeper the concentration, the more faith, and feelings you invest, the faster and stronger the results will be. In addition to  statements, you can also apply visualizations, for example, golden rays or a soft silver nebula as they magically flow on you.

You can choose affirmations from this article, your favorite books, or write positive affirmations for women yourself. Be unique and choose what is right for you in the current situation, which will make them your personal prayer, coded for your needs and desires.

Although you can work with positive affirmations for women anytime and anywhere, it would be good to set aside a special part of the day to use your favorite affirmations for women. Preferably in the morning or in the evening before going to bed, because then you can most easily imprint them in your subconscious.

In this way, you will start your day with a clear vision of goals and a positive mood, and end it with positive thinking. Affirmations will help you fall asleep more easily and leave your subconscious mind to continue to do its thing.

Do not turn to positive thinking only when things go bad, but embrace it as a lifestyle, as a part of yourself. Dive into the depths of your thoughts, pluck weeds, discard rotten thoughts and give space for fresh, creative, and positive thoughts to flourish. Open the door of the mind and allow positivity and success to be a constant part of your life.

List of positive affirmations for women

Below you can find a list of positive affirmations for women.

Daily positive affirmations for women

  • I have and I will always have the power to create the life I want.
  • I accept my whole being and I love and nurture myself completely.
  • I am grateful for every little thing that life has served me to make me happy or to teach me.
  • I trust myself and I have decided to trust my instinct that has never let me down.
  • Happiness is a choice, and I choose to be happy today, no matter what.
  • I truly and generously forgive everyone who has ever hurt me. I am free and I am full of love.
  • I forgive myself for all the mistakes I have ever made intentionally or unintentionally.
  • I am freely and confidently letting go of anything that no longer benefits me on my sunny path.
  • I am letting go of negative thoughts to create space for positive and supportive ones.
  • I am surrounded only by people who awake the best in me and who support me.

Positive affirmations for women self esteem

  • I am a unique person, different in my own special way and that is exactly what the Universe needs.
  • I am allowed to say NO to other people and their needs and YES to myself.
  • I am a confident, strong, and powerful woman who always goes forward in life.
  • I bravely and confidently strive for what I want from life and never give up on my ideas.
  • I am self-confident in social situations and when communicating and I always stand for myself and my beliefs.
  • I boldly approach every challenge and others look at me as a leader because of my self-confidence.
  • I always and everywhere express my opinions and beliefs with confidence and courage.
  • My self-confidence and beauty attract attention and respect from everyone I know and met.
  • I have great ideas in all aspects of life and I benefit myself and others considerably.
  • My self-confidence makes me look at the world bravely and with open eyes.

Positive affirmations for women with medical conditions

  • I am a healthy, beautiful, and strong woman who has a lot to offer the world.
  • My mind is filled with pleasant and happy thoughts, and my body with health and strength.
  • All the cells in my body are healthy or on their way to being completely strengthened and healed.
  • My body is completely healthy, energetic, strong, beautiful, young, and capable of defending itself.
  • I feel grateful because I know I have and will always have the opportunity to heal my body.
  • With each exhalation, I exhale discomfort, and I inhale health and good vibrations.
  • My beautiful positive mind is capable of healing every part of my body.
  • All the cells of my body breathe and function harmoniously and in the best order.
  • I enjoy this day and life knowing that my body works for me every second of the day.
  • Everything I eat and drink is good for my health and contributes to my overall well-being.

Positive affirmations for women’s day

  • Today, as every day, I feel special, healthy, successful, and attractive.
  • Today, I will not be upset about things that I cannot change in any way, but I will accept everything.
  • Every day of life in the future will be as bright and special as this one.
  • I am a strong and independent woman who attracts strong and determined men.
  • I only broadcast love and goodwill every day, in every place and every situation.
  • I love every part of my powerful female body that always attracts male gazes.
  • I broadcast the happiness and love that are in me generously and with good intentions.
  • The love I feel for myself protects me from everything negative around me.
  • I create all the good in me and around me with my positive and generous thoughts.
  • I am a healthy, fulfilled, and happy woman who knows what she wants and I am moving towards achieving my goals.

Positive affirmations for women for sleep

  • I relax all the cells of my healthy and beautiful body and fall into a refreshing sleep.
  • I am open to all good dreams that guide me on the path of love, health, and success.
  • I am healthy both physically and spiritually and I am just sinking into a wonderful and relaxing sleep.
  • In an invigorating sleep, all my cells relax and harmonize in a wonderful whole.
  • The dreams that will come to me are wise signs that tell me in which direction to go.
  • My mind knows exactly what my body needs and it will give it during the relaxing sleep that follows.
  • My organs and my cells are arranged during sleep and harmonized so that I would always be healthy.
  • My mind, heart, shoulders, stomach, pelvis, arms, and legs are sinking into a wonderful relaxing sleep.
  • During the relaxing dream that follows, I will feel complete peace and contentment and wake up totally relaxed.
  • With each inhale and exhale I relax more and more and sink into a peaceful and restful sleep.

Positive affirmations for women with anxiety

  • I have the right to feel the way I feel today and I will allow myself all the feelings.
  • I will do my best to fully accept reality and everything related to it today.
  • I believe that change is always possible and I know that I will change for the better.
  • I used to feel anxious before and nothing bad happened to me, so it won’t now.
  • My anxiety is a result of the way I think sometimes, not what kind of person I am or how successful I am in life.
  • For many years I will think about this period in my life and I will miss it.
  • I am not afraid of my future because it is not planned and I can always influence it to be better.
  • I will love myself today, no matter how I feel and whether I am afraid of something or not.
  • Today I will forgive myself completely, all my so-called fears, mistakes, guilt.
  • My feelings that will change for the better one day do not determine me, my actions do.

Positive affirmations for women with anxiety

  • I have the right to feel the way I feel today and I will allow myself to feel all feelings.
  • I will do my best to fully accept reality and everything related to my reality today.
  • I believe that change is always possible and I know that I will change for the better.
  • I used to feel anxious before and nothing bad happened to me, so it won’t now.
  • My anxiety is a result of the way I think sometimes, not what kind of person I am or how successful I am in life.
  • For many years I will think about this period in my life and I will miss it.
  • I am not afraid of my future because it is not planned and I can always influence it to be better.
  • I will love myself today, no matter how I feel and whether I am afraid of something or not.
  • Today I will forgive myself completely, all my so-called fears, mistakes, guilt.
  • My feelings that will change for the better one day do not determine me, my actions do.

Positive affirmations for women in recovery

  • I am free from all habits that I know harm me and will remain so in the future.
  • My body is my temple and from now on I will bring only health and positive thoughts into it.
  • I deserve a good and quality life that I will be proud of.
  • Human will and consciousness are stronger than all the evil that wants to subdue us.
  • I obey my positive desire to be well and to be healthy all the time.
  • I accept everything I feel and love everything I am because it is a path to recovery.
  • My thoughts always lead me to light and celebration of body and life.
  • My thoughts are gentle birds that I teach to fly happily and happily.
  • I accept every change that will bring me a better and more successful life.
  • I love myself and my family and I want to do what is best for everyone.

Positive affirmations for black women

  • I am proud of myself and all the black women who have left a mark in history.
  • My beautiful dark skin attracts looks wherever I appear and that makes me strong.
  • I thank God for creating me as a black woman and making me strong and beautiful.
  • I work hard every day to realize my plans and nothing can disturb me.
  • I am a strong, beautiful, healthy, and wise black woman who enjoys everything that surrounds her.
  • As a beautiful and smart black woman, I expect to meet the same kind of black man.
  • I am a divine being who is full of love and generously shares it everywhere she goes.
  • I know that beauty is in giving and that is why I provide my love and support wherever I appear.
  • I thank the dear Lord for everything and everyone he has given me in this life.
  • I always work in the best interest of others and hope for the best for myself and others.

Positive affirmations for single women

  • I have clear communication with other people and they can always contact me.
  • I constantly think of the love of my life and invite him to join me in this life.
  • I deserve love, tenderness, and fidelity. It is wonderful to love and to be loved.
  • I feel and always give love and joy, and I find it wherever I go.
  • The more I open up to love, the more confident I am that this is the right thing for me.
  • I am a complete and perfect person, worthy of love, attention, and friendship and I am getting it.
  • •Every day it becomes easier for me to love myself and others. I feel that this is the only true happiness.
  • Love makes me content and calm person, who bravely walks through life.
  • I am now attracting the perfect partner for myself. I feel he is nearby and looking for me.
  • I attract good people who will love me and support me every day.

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