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You have a healthy relationship with yourself when there is abundant self-love. This leads to positive connections in relationships with others, too. When you have love and respect for yourself, you are much more likely to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships. This leads to mutual respect in the relationship. 

Affirmations are powerful words to strengthen your self-love. Here you find 100 affirmations for self-love and confidence that you can practice daily when you want to improve your self-compassion and self-love to succeed in your life. You also get a free PDF with self-love affirmations.

100 Affirmations for self-love and confidence

Here are 100 affirmations that nurture your self-love, boost confidence & self-esteem, enhance self-compassion, and inspire you to shift your mindset towards success.

Daily positive affirmations for self-love

When you repeat these affirmations regularly to foster a positive mindset, it promotes self-love. Engaging in such practices helps you maintain overall well-being, self-esteem, and confidence. Practice these 30 daily positive affirmations for self-love:

  1. I allow myself to express my feelings, thoughts, and emotions whenever necessary.
  2. I let go of the things that are beyond my control.
  3. My flaws and abilities are both mine, and I accept them entirely.
  4. I release all the guilt from me.
  5. I am at peace with myself.
  6. I forgive myself for the mistakes I have made in the past.
  7. I give myself space to heal.
  8. My mistakes make me a more robust version of myself.
  9. I grow every day.
  10. I am beautiful, externally and internally.
  11. I take care of my body and mind.
  12. I am strong, fearless, and courageous.
  13. I accept each part of myself because it is entirely mine.
  14. My imperfection makes me more beautiful.
  15. I love myself the way I am.
  16. I am kind towards myself and others.
  17. I love the personality traits.
  18. I have abundant love for myself.
  19. I am filled with positive energy.
  20. I love the way I am transforming every day.
  21. I love myself without any boundaries.
  22. I matter to myself.
  23. I accept my emotions and love them wholeheartedly.
  24. I am unique to myself.
  25. I love myself fiercely.
  26. I am worthy of all the good things that come to me.
  27. I have a life that is surrounded by love and joy.
  28. I love myself without any limits.
  29. I am grateful for the person who I am.
  30. My love for myself empowers me every day.

Affirmations for building Self-Esteem and Confidence

The relationship between self-esteem and confidence is intricate. When you cultivate self-love by appreciating yourself, it boosts your self-esteem. When you love yourself, you embrace your worth and have positive self-perception. A positive self-perception leads to healthy self-esteem.

Here are 30 positive affirmations focused on boosting your self-esteem and confidence:

  • I have everything that I need to achieve my goals.
  • I am stronger than any fear.
  • I am in control of my emotions.
  • I am all right with leaving my comfort zone.
  • I accept myself as I am.
  • Being confident is natural to me.
  • I speak with confidence because I trust myself.
  • No matter what, I will always come stronger.
  • I let go of my insecurities and negative emotions.
  • My goals are possible. 
  • I am not afraid of the unexpected situations.
  • My confidence grows every day.
  • Once I set my mind on something, I only stop after achieving it.
  • My happiness depends on myself. 
  • I am grateful for my life’s journey.
  • I am comfortable expressing my needs and desires.
  • I stand by my decisions. 
  • I am a person who is fuelled by the passion.
  • My challenges bring out the best in me.
  • I am building a beautiful life.
  • I am the creator of my own destiny.
  • The work I do is transforming me.
  • My path is taking me towards my goals.
  • I choose my happiness.
  • I am persistent.
  • I always give my best in whatever I do.
  • I am an inspiration to myself.
  • I feel optimistic about my future.
  • I deserve the compliments that I receive.
  • People respect and admire me for who I am.

Practicing self-compassion

In the journey of self-love, self-compassion allows you to treat yourself with kindness. When you are compassionate towards yourself, you accept that no one is perfect and that mistakes are natural. Having self-compassion allows you to increase self-love.

Here are 20 affirmations to cultivate self-compassion:

  • It is okay to make mistakes.
  • As I change and learn, I take care of myself. 
  • I listen to my feelings and respond accordingly.
  • I am letting go of thinking about what others have perceived about me.
  • I release my negative self-talk from my mind.
  • I treat myself with all the love.
  • I give myself space to take risks and be involved in experiments.
  • I allow myself to make mistakes.
  • I give myself the attention that I need. 
  • My imperfections make me human.
  • I am worthy of forgiveness.
  • I can handle discomfort.
  • Self-care is essential for my health.
  • I love myself at each stage of my life.
  • I treat myself the way I treat people I love.
  • I focus on the positive things about me.
  • I express myself confidently.
  • I give myself time to heal.
  • I prioritize my needs.
  • I am kind towards myself and others.

Self-love and Success

Self-love propels you towards success. People who love themselves are driven by their goals. They barely need external motivation or validation to align with their goals. Also, when you practice self-love you feel empowered to pursue your dreams and passions.

Here are 20 affirmations to cultivate self-love for success:

  • I attract prosperity and success.
  • I deserve success and abundance.
  • I have blessings of success
  • I have abilities to gain victory
  • I am confident about my ability to succeed.
  • I deserve to get prosperity.
  • I claim success.
  • I am optimistic about achieving success in my life.
  • My hard work is paying off, and I am successful.
  • I embrace triumph.
  • Prosperity is on my way.
  • I open myself to new opportunities.
  • I choose thoughts that create success.
  • I make my own advancement.
  • My future has abundant possibilities.
  • I am accomplishing my goals.
  • My aspirations are coming true.
  • I radiate energies that lead me towards success.
  • The universe is helping me to achieve my ambitions.
  • Everything I desire, I get that.

Positive affirmations for self love pdf

Positive affirmations for self love youtube

How to practice self-love with affirmations

  • Be specific and realistic while you choose affirmations. Choose one category of affirmations at a time. 
  • Set aside dedicated time for practising the affirmations. You can do this in the morning, afternoon or evening, but choose one time. Consistency is the key here.
  • Feel the words and visualize the positive outcomes as you say affirmations. Picture yourself achieving the positive changes that you desire.
  • As you grow, rephrase your affirmations with your goals. 

Real-Life Examples and Stories

I met with Anna 2 months ago. For long, she struggled with self-doubt that impacted her work and personal life. She was overwhelmed and exhausted. I suggested her to incorporate affirmations into her routine. Affirmations related to self-love and confidence helped her challenge negative thoughts. She became compassionate, lively, and full of gratitude.

When I met with Robert a year ago, he was experiencing setbacks in his career. He faced criticisms from her boss, as the project assigned to him did not go as planned. He went into self-critical mode. And it started taking a toll on his self-esteem. He also felt a sense of disappointment and frustration. 

However, Robert decided to overcome these feelings. After practising self-compassion and confidence affirmations, he found a renewed confidence at work in himself. He also developed a greater resilience in the face of challenges.

Additional Resources

Numerous resources provide insights to strengthen your self-love journey.




Positive affirmations for self-love work. It multiplies when you affirm self-love, compassion, success, confidence, and self-love. This happens because you consciously plant the seed of positivity, and these seeds blossom into a garden of self-love. As we move forward in the journey of our lives, let our self-love affirmations remind us that you are worthy of self-love and continue to radiate your own path and illuminate the lives of others around you. 


What is a strong affirmation of self-love?

One of the strongest affirmations of self-love is ‘I choose to embrace and celebrate myself exactly as I am.’

Do affirmations work for self-love?

Yes, absolutely. Affirmations are powerful tools to radiate self-love and confidence.

What are positive affirmations for self-esteem?

  • I have everything that I need to achieve my goals.
  • I am stronger than any fear.
  • I am in control of my emotions.
  • I am all right with leaving my comfort zone.
  • I accept myself as I am.
  • Being confident is natural to me.
  • I speak with confidence because I trust myself.
  • No matter what, I will always come stronger.

Should I use affirmations in conjunction with other self-care practices for enhanced self-love?

Yes, it is a powerful approach to pair affirmations with self-care practices like journaling, physical activities, and self-compassion practices. Combining such methods gives a sustainable sense of well-being. 

Should I say affirmations aloud, or can I think them in my mind for them to be effective?

It depends on which approach you are comfortable with, but when you start, say your positive affirmations aloud because, at times, hearing things loud creates much more impact than feeling it. 


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