Money manifestation affirmations – manifestation money affirmations 2023

When it comes to manifesting, one thing people are most interested in is the idea of manifesting money. 

But this goes with saying that people also struggle a lot in this one area of life. This is because, since childhood, they were conditioned to feel insecure around or about money. 

This article is about helping you eliminate those negative money beliefs and instead cultivate empowering money ideas with money manifestation affirmations. 

This blog post contains 100 money manifestation affirmations that will help you create money and generate wealth by reprogramming your mind with positive statements, also called positive affirmations

If you are struggling with your finances, or maybe you are not struggling but want to scale up your money game, then these money manifestation affirmations are for you. Not only will these affirmations help you in cultivating a powerful money mindset but they will also clear all the negative beliefs around money that are lying around in your subconscious. 

money manifestation affirmations

What are money manifestation affirmations?

Money manifestation affirmations are positive sentences that are created to fill your subconscious with new beliefs that can help you manifest money.

However, for these new money beliefs to take root in your subconscious, you have to repeat them for a period of time. 

This is because our mind only gets familiarized with and accustomed to things that are repeated to it. 

In simpler words, your mind learns through repetition.

When these money manifestation affirmations are repeated over and over again, your mind starts absorbing them in and with time those words become fixed as beliefs in the subconscious.

Does money manifestation affirmations work?

Money manifestation affirmations work when they are done with an open mind and on a consistent basis.

By an open mind, we imply that you shouldn’t have negative preconceived notions about money manifestation affirmations nor should you be too desperate or impatient about the results.

To see results, you need to give the money manifestations affirmations a try without letting your emotions overwhelm your progress. 

Only when you approach your money affirmations from such a mindset will you see results (and sometimes even faster than you had expected).

Secondly, consistency is the key when it comes to succeeding at anything in life and it applies to money manifestation affirmations as well. When you are consistent with your affirmations for manifesting money you will see your mind agreeing to those statements even quicker. 

That’s a trick to make money manifestation affirmations work. 

How to manifest money affirmations – how to write manifestation affirmations

To write your own money manifestation affirmations, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Identify which money beliefs you specifically want to work on through your money manifestation affirmations. Do you want to get better at earning passive income? Or you want to feel at ease about your money situation? Or perhaps you want to attract a million dollars.
  2. Once you are clear about what your end goal is, you can then make small, positive statements implying that your goal has already been achieved. For instance, if you want to manifest \$1 million, you can write an affirmation that says: I am so grateful that I now have a million dollars in my bank account
  3. Make sure that all your money manifestation affirmations are in present tense to trick your brain into believing that you are already in possession of your desire. 
  4. Write around 5-10 good money manifestation affirmations about your desire and then repeat them as much as you can to see shifts in your reality. 

What is a good affirmation for money?

A good affirmation for money:

  • Must always be written in the present tense
  • Must reflect your end goal in minimum words
  • Should make the person feel excited about their end goal

An example of a good affirmation for money can be,

“I am now attracting large amounts of money on a daily basis”

This money manifestation affirmation is in present tense; it captures the gist of the desire in a few, well-articulated words and it invokes emotions of excitement in the person repeating it.

money manifestation affirmations

What can I say to attract money?

Here are a few statements that you can say to attract money:

  • I am in alignment with the energy of money at the moment.
  • I let go of all my limiting beliefs around money and wealth.
  • I choose to feel only good feelings, thoughts and emotions today. 
  • The happier I feel, the easier it becomes for me to attract money.
  • More money and wealth opportunities are queuing up for me right now. 

How can I attract money everyday?

To attract money everyday, you have to practice staying in a higher vibration every single day.

You must always remember that everything in this universe is energy and so are you and the money you want to attract.

So, to attract money, you have to be in total alignment with its vibration. When a vibrational match occurs between you and the money, money manifestation starts taking place. 

Best money manifestation affirmations

We have compiled a list of the best money manifestation affirmations for you below.

From attracting money instantly to creating long term wealth, these money manifestation affirmations will help you with every goal you have in mind.

Choose the set of money manifestation affirmations that is in accordance with your needs and then incorporate it into your daily life through repetition. Very soon or may be in just a few days you will start witnessing amazing results of these money manifestation affirmations. 

10 manifestation money affirmations

  • It is so easy and natural for me to manifest large amounts of money without any problem.
  • I receive increasing amounts of money everyday from known and unknown sources. 
  • I am worthy and deserving of creating a lot of money with passion and ease.
  • Manifesting money is so effortless for me and I am always successful with all my manifestations. 
  • Infinite prosperity and abundance is my birthright and I embrace it with confidence now.
  • I am a multi-talented human being and I have all the necessary skills to attract infinite amounts of money.
  • I have a strong belief in my ability to create, keep and grow larger and larger amounts of money.
  • I am free to live my life on my terms because of incredible wealth and abundance in my life.
  • Everything works out smoothly for me always and I get all the money I desire, every time.
  • I have a deep spiritual connection with money which is growing stronger and stronger with time. 

10 powerful money manifestation affirmations

  • I now release all the blockages and obstacles that keep me from manifesting large amounts of money.
  • Each thought I think and every feeling I feel is aligned with the vibration of wealth. 
  • I clear all my negative thoughts and emotional patterns that I hold around the subject of money.
  • Success is so easy for me and it is even easier to manifest large sums of money. 
  • I am guaranteed to have more and more money each passing day.
  • I am so grateful that all my needs are always met and all my desires are always fulfilled. 
  • I am motivated and determined to raise my standard of living by earning large amounts of money.
  • I am amazed at my career trajectory and how easy it is for me to excel and make money.
  • I am free of any negative energies that are keeping me stuck and making me miserable in the past.
  • I choose to look at the world with a fresh and loving perspective today. 

10 money manifestation affirmations to attract wealth instantly

  • Wealth and prosperity follow me wherever I go and whatever I do.
  • Wealth creation is an art and I have completely mastered this art with my dedication.
  • I only allow myself to vibrate on frequencies that resonate with immense wealth and abundance.
  • My life is becoming even more phenomenal each day and I am becoming happier.
  • I have everything that I want and all my desires are coming true at an astonishing rate.
  • Money keeps on coming into my life because I give it the appreciation and acknowledgement it deserves.
  • I am fascinated by my own abilities to attract and multiply more and more wealth every day.
  • I live my life like the top 1% live; rejoicing in endless wealth, luxury and abundance everyday.
  • I always attract fantastic opportunities that lead me towards creating more wealth. 
  • I love sharing my wealth with others and benefiting those in need. 

10 positive affirmations for manifesting money

  • I am an attractor of abundance and opulence.
  • I have a strong faith in myself and the universe which helps me in manifesting money.
  • Making and attracting money is a mind game and I am naturally a pro at this game.
  • I now welcome all the money, wealth and abundance in all areas of my life.
  • My life is overflowing with the security of infinite money and financial freedom.
  • I am free to pursue all my dreams because I have the money, resources and time to do so.
  • I live each day of my life to the fullest surrounded by money and opulence.
  • I am so thankful that my money supply is never ending. Each day I am receiving more and more money.
  • I am in complete harmony with the money I attract.
  • I am worthy of attracting larger and larger sums of money with maximum ease and joy.

10 law of attraction wealth money manifestation affirmations

  • I am now manifesting the wealth that I have always desired.
  • Everyday I find new and exciting ways to increase my wealth and money supply.
  • Being rich is so easy; it’s so natural for me to generate more wealth everyday.
  • My energy is positive and joyous therefore I only attract positive circumstances in my life. 
  • I am now in a receiving mode for getting all the money and wealth that my heart desires.
  • I respect money and the things it enables me to do and enjoy everyday.
  • My increasing wealth and prosperity is a source of immense self-confidence for me.
  • Each day I am becoming even sure of my worth and attracting even larger sums of money.
  • I am so grateful that I am always surrounded by the right people who help me make more money.
  • My mind is now open to the idea of incredible wealth and a life of endless luxury.

10 money affirmations that work instantly

  • I am a master at manifesting so, I create whatever I desire with ease and minimum effort.
  • Manifesting money on an urgent basis comes very easy to me, I love this mind skill of mine.
  • I am attracting money in increasing amounts every moment of the day.
  • I am highly rewarded for everything that I do and my work is always valued by others. 
  • Each second my money vibration is becoming stronger and even more finely tuned.
  • I am a magnet that attracts money and all good things that this universe has to offer.
  • I now allow money to come to me from new ways that I cannot even think of.
  • I now allow myself to live a life of complete financial freedom and incredible riches.
  • Wherever I go, I am followed by more and more money.
  • People are always willing to pay me higher and higher for my services. 

10 powerful money mantras

  • I am about to get very lucky with money as a large sum of money is now on its way to me.
  • I am grateful to the universe which is working on my money situation behind closed doors.
  • I expect more and more money to come into my life on a consistent basis.
  • I am seeing the real time effects of positive thoughts and attitude in my life. 
  • The overflow of money and abundance in my life surprises me each time.
  • I always feel secure and happy because all my financial needs are always taken care of.
  • I am very successful at everything I do and earn infinite amounts of money doing it.
  • I am highly talented and very creative when it comes to generating wealth and money.
  • Today, I am in total communion with the wonderful universal energy of money and abundance. 
  • Today, I expect to see miracles that will bring in more money into my life experience. 

10 daily money manifestation affirmations for money

  • Today, I am in a vibrational alignment with all the money that I desire.
  • I now let go of my need to control things and choose to trust in the universe completely.
  • I expect money to come to me from various sources and unexpected ways today.
  • Each thought I think is influencing my reality so I only choose to entertain happy and positive thoughts. 
  • All the blessings of life are lining up for me and waiting for me to rejoice in them today.
  • Every day my mind is flooded with amazing ideas to make more money.
  • I follow all the signs by the universe and they lead me to more money and wealth. 
  • I am amazed at how easy it is to manifest money and to keep growing it. 
  • My life is so easy and smooth; making money is even easier.
  • Today, I am in the right mindset to make money and to attract the right opportunities for my future. 

10 Daily money affirmations for saving money

  • Money is precious therefore I give it the respect it deserves by using it mindfully.
  • I am surrounded by so much money still I choose to spend it rationally.
  • I am an expert at handling my personal finances. 
  • I am so good with spending money wisely only on the things that I really need.
  • I never waste my money on things that don’t genuinely interest me or to get validation from others.
  • I am secure in myself, so I don’t need to spend money to impress other people.
  • I love investing my money and I always research before putting my money into an opportunity.
  • All my investments always yield me high profits because I make all the decisions with a pure heart.
  • I am not greedy about money but I don’t believe in wasting it on useless things either.
  • I have a powerful system in place that helps me in saving, spending and investing money every month. 

10 Money manifestation affirmations for job and money

  • I love my job and all the money and happiness it brings into my life on a daily basis.
  • I am respected and valued at my workplace; I love working for my organization.
  • All the efforts that I put in my job are rewarded by monetary benefits as well as words of encouragement.
  • Each day I feel excited about going to my work place and give it my best shot.
  • My job matches my personality and it enhances all the unique talents I have.
  • I am capable of creating a lot of money by providing a lot of value through my work.
  • I am never worried about money; I simply follow my passions and money follows me as a result. 
  • My career growth is spectacular and I get the right opportunities at the right time.
  • My money supply is always flourishing and I am always thriving in my career.
  • I am always generously paid for my skills and talents by every person and organization. 


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