Law of Attraction Money Manifestation -Manifest money with law of attraction 2023

Are you interested in how the law of attraction can help you become a millionaire? Take a moment to gain some insight into this abundant universal force that is constantly at play. 

With the law of attraction for money, you can earn riches, wealth, income, and limitless success. Expect that when you change your mindset, you will create a greater world for yourself. Once you know the law of attraction, you’ll begin to improve your wellbeing and increase your financial abundance. In this article, you will read our 10 law of attraction money tips and learn how to use the law of attraction for money.

How can I use the law of attraction to manifest money?

Using the law of attraction money method, you can emotionally transport yourself to a potential reality where you have more money. When you add powerful emotion to this particular reality, you will logically and spiritually attract things that will lead you to this outcome. 

As you keep your vibrations high, wonders will come into your life to benefit your money needs. Your high energy may come up with the idea that may lead you to create a million-dollar business. You may come across someone who decides to donate you a lump sum of money to invest and become rich with. The possibilities are limitless, and there are infinite ways the Universe can provide money in your life.


The stronger your vibration is, the easier it is to attract everything you desire, including money. When you learn to recognize and master your emotions, thoughts, and decisions, you can create your vibration so high that you will attract what you like.

Have an open mind and know that everything is reachable. From a dream vacation to a multimillion-dollar lottery win, elevating your vibration will help you achieve the money you would like. Your current circumstances have nothing to do with where you will be tomorrow, let alone in one year, five years, or ten. When you hone in on making every aspect of your life as joyful as possible, you will see how money enters your life.

The law of attraction for money demands that you get comfortable without your manifestations. You may think, “But I want to get rich now. I deserve to get rich now.” You do. The Universe wants you to have desires; you have them for a reason — to achieve them. However, think about it as two oppositely charged magnets that gravitate towards each other. They are attracted to each other. 

The negative magnet is the comfort within your current circumstances. It simply understands that you are okay regardless of the outcome of your life. All your desires are attainable, and it’s essential to realize that you are perfectly fine without the money you would like. 

When you value the money you have in the future with your current timeline, you will see substantial progress. Remember, you’ve gotten this far. Once you grasp this, your present circumstances will magnetize the positive magnet, your manifestation coming to light.

How does the law of attraction manifest money?

Law of attraction is an excellent tool to implement while visualizing. As you visualize your desired reality, allow yourself to be in a positive state of mind. Imagine you have the money you would like. You must tap into all aspects of it — imagine how you would feel, what you would say, and how others would interact with this financially abundant you. 

Love this version of yourself, for it exists somewhere within you already. Also, understand this person is just as important as you are now. You had to be where you are now to get there. All you need to do is align to this timeline.

In the law of attraction, how you feel is the best indicator to help you obtain money. When you feel good and positive about everything — even the money you currently have –, the law states you will manifest more money faster. If you practice the exercise of feeling as joyful as possible every day, you’ll notice that more money-related opportunities start to sprout. 

Law of Attraction for Money

You’ll notice the law of attraction for money is working for you when the joy from receiving money, being wealthy, or achieving the launch of your business gives you the same feeling of your visualization. This is called matching energy. You are aligning to a higher vibration.

Many confuse the law of attraction with intensely believing you have to focus on what you would like to attract. While it’s essential to be clear about what you want, you do not need to stress. There are many people out there with more money than you that do not feel good about the amount they make. 

They compare themselves to their other coworkers and feel they cannot meet high expectations created by themselves or others. They stress and are anxious over it. At the same time, there are people with a lot less money than you currently have who are happy to be living their lives with the sustenance they have created. By staying diligent and improving your state of mind, you are doing wonders to achieve what you would like in your life.

How does the law of attraction attract money?

According to the law of attraction, you can end up living a different day by deciding to show up as a person with a ton of money. Imagine and embody this person’s qualities. 

One trick to start is to understand where you are vibrationally throughout the day. When you know how you feel about money, you will be able to tweak your emotions. If a life of richness and providence is what you want, believe that the emotions you feel from that desired reality are present in your future self. 

The version of you that has attained the money you wish to will feel easy, breezy, beautiful, confident, and assertive. These are the emotions you should try to cater to in the present.

If you feel down about the money you have right now, you expect the same results and make repetitive conscious and subconscious decisions that keep you in a state of lacking money. If you were to show up as the person who has an abundance of money, indeed, the decisions you make would begin to change. People will start to treat you differently and you’ll make small micro-decisions that differ from who you are now. You’ll choose to spend or invest your money differently and much more. 

Law of attraction money tips

Sometimes detaching from the situation and seeing how positivity flows in allows money to come as well. If you don’t believe this, think about a time in your life that you’ve felt joy and happiness without an influx of money in your life. As you improve your emotional state of being and focus on implementing high-vibrational emotions, your vibration will accelerate, leading to more money. 

The most powerful way for you to instantly elevate your monetary status is not to wait until things change. Be it now at this very moment. By law, reality will have to catch up to you. According to the law, this world has been created by your lack of certainty and self-love and self-belief in money. If you are to create a world where you show up at this assertive version of yourself, naturally, your world must change. You don’t attract what you want. You attract who you are. It starts with you. 

This may feel strange or comfortable at first but pretend at first. You will approach your day differently. By law, your life must undergo a massive shift as you maintain consistency in your vibration.

Does the law of attraction work for money?

The law of attraction has no limits when it comes to money. The key lies in knowing that any amount of money you desire is attainable.

One of the most common phrases you’ll find in the law of attraction is to place things off a pedestal. To develop a money mindset, think of the money you’d like to receive as equal in value to the money you already have. Initially, this may sound insane. How can you think of ten dollars as equivalent to a thousand? How could a thousand be the same as a million?

Though they aren’t the same, the law of attraction states each of these amounts can be obtained with the same amount of energy, intention, and focus. Both are simply numbers, no matter how many zeros follow. It takes no more power to win a million dollars from the lottery than it does to obtain money to pay the bills.

When we place a large lump sum of money on a pedestal, we view the world through a scarcity mindset. Putting money on a pedestal also makes your desire for money seem unattainable or that you must work extremely hard to get it, which is not true. 

Acting like we must hold on tightly to every penny also contributes to a scarcity mindset. One of the most harmful phrases people unconsciously use is, “money doesn’t grow on trees.” Phrases like these are used because people have yet to see this occur, but as they speak this, it creates a reality where it never can. When you act as if everything is on a level playing field, you leave the Universe to pour money into your life without stress or strain.

How to attract and manifest money with the law of attraction

The best way to attract money is to be aware of how you think about it.

  1. Catch yourself when you think of a negative thought related to money. These subtle thoughts often go unnoticed because we try to suppress them in day-to-day life. Pay close attention to when you feel jealous of someone else’s income or ashamed about your own. 
  2. Accept the low-vibrational feelings. Tell yourself these feelings are there because your mind has tried to protect you in the past. Your mind thought these feelings were necessary.
  3. Release them and say there is no need for them anymore, as you are protected. You no longer need to feel this way because money is in abundance.
  4. Allow yourself to feel good about money. View others’ successes as your own. Money is here to help you, serve you and provide everything you would like in this life. 
  5. Use law of attraction money affirmations that resonate with you and personally make you feel happy.
  6. Be grateful for the money you already have in your life. 

3-6-9 law of attraction money technique

The second way to manifest money using the law of attraction is to use the 3-6-9 technique.

  1. Open your manifestation journal to a clean page.
  2. Find a manifestation phrase that you would like to use. If you would like money, you can use a phrase like “I receive money everywhere I look” or “I vibrate at the frequency of wealth.” Make sure you use something that makes you feel good and that you believe can happen in your life.
  3. Write the phrase 3 times in the morning.
  4. In the afternoon, write the phrase 6 times.
  5. In the evening, write the phrase 9 times.
  6. Repeat this until you feel your manifestation come true.*

*It’s important to feel good when you use writing techniques. Do not continue if you are feeling under the weather. If the action becomes tedious, stop and find a happier activity. The law of attraction operates from your joy, so you manifest your best life quicker when you feel good.

5×555 law of attraction for money manifestation

Another writing technique is the 5×55 manifestation technique. This technique helps you get into the feeling of your manifestation by thinking about it with confidence.

  1. Grab a pen and paper.
  2. Find a money manifestation phrase that resonates with you.
  3. Write your manifestation fifty-five times for five days in a row.
  4. At the end of the five days, you may release your manifestation by burning each paper with a candle or ripping it up to let it go.

Subliminal law of attraction money affirmations 

Another technique is Subliminals. Subliminals are subconscious affirmations that are often set to music. When you sleep, you can play them to reprogram your mind with limiting beliefs. Help your manifestations occur quicker.

  1. Before bedtime, clear your space. Remove all distractions like your cell phone, TV, or media. Reading a book may clear your mind and help your subconscious be more readily available.
  2. Find a law of attraction money subliminal on YouTube. Approve to make sure that the messages are legitimate, safe, and related to what precisely you desire.
  3. Play the subliminal as you practice your nightly routine.
  4. Make sure the subliminal is at an appropriate volume where you can sleep comfortably. It should be at least eight hours long. 
  5. Play your Subliminals every night for at least 21 days. This method takes long-term exposure to sink in.
  6. After a time, you will notice you may be more receptive to positive risk-taking and better beliefs about money.

Script you life as the financially abundant you

Another technique to allow money to enter your life is to script your life as the financially abundant you. Writing has the power to help you ruminate over every word and feel the emotions stronger.

  1. Grab a pen and paper.
  2. Write from the version of yourself that is spiritually aligned. This may be your higher self or simply just you in a different timeline.
  3. Think as many questions to get as specific as possible. You may want to ask yourself, “In what ways do I act of service to others with the money I have received? What am I doing for myself with the money I have now? How has money changed my life?”
  4. Write all the answers to these in extreme detail. Think of any emotions, feelings, and sensations that come up in this world.
  5. To release the script, you may burn it, rip it up into tiny pieces, or fold it and keep it in a safe place.

Act as if you already have money

Another technique is to act as if you already have the money you desire.

  1. Pretend the money you already have is already yours. It may be in your bank account or cash form. 
  2. When you notice yourself retreating into your old patterns, say, “It is done.” 
  3. You’ll notice as you begin to act like a rich, financially abundant version of yourself, others will start to treat you as such. Eventually, the Universe will as well. 
  4. Tell yourself you deserve a life of riches and abundance. Show appreciation to the Universe with joy and happiness with what is to have your abundance of money. 

Keep your spirits high and reprogram your negative beliefs

  1. Watch inspirational videos of others who have gained riches and financial abundance. Allow yourself to feel proud of these people. Let them motivate you to believe that anything is possible.
  2. If you feel frustrated, upset, or angry about money, say the opposite phrase of the trigger. For example, a common limiting belief is, “It’s hard to receive money.” In response, the opposite mantra can be, “This is not true. I am able to receive money easily.”
  3. Repeat the mantras of your patterns of limiting beliefs daily. With time, your mind will start to ingrain them. You will see them coming true.

Journal your emotions with some shadow-work prompts related to money

  1. Open your manifestation journal.
  2. Title your page an open-ended question related to money. A simple one to get you thinking is, “How did money affect me as a child? 
  3. Be honest about how you feel. If your thoughts are too fast, scribbling them out is effective too.
  4. Continue this practice for at least ten minutes. You may notice repetitive themes and emotions arise, like doubt, fear, scarcity, or judgment from others.
  5. Throughout the week, read through your journal when you’re feeling optimistic about money. Observe that you may have consistent patterns about finances.

Reframe your emotional wellbeing around money

  1. Ask yourself why you want money to manifest into your life. Come up with three or four different answers.
  2. What feelings do you think money will give you? You may come across words like security, joy, or happiness.
  3. Make a list of everything you will do with the money you manifest.
  4. Understand you can tap into these high-vibrational emotions at any time. External things like money are not the root cause of your feelings. 
  5. Write down ways you can create these feelings for yourself in the long-term, short-term, and immediately. Visualization of your money may be a short-term solution to elevate your vibration.
  6. Refer to the list of your solutions when you have doubts about your law of attraction money manifestation.

How to attract money immediately – Use the 17-second manifestation technique

This law of attraction money manifestation helps you use your time smarter, not harder. Enjoy the life you’d like to create. 

  1. Set up a 17-second timer.
  2. Sit and close your eyes.
  3. Play the timer.
  4. Focus intently on the money you would like to manifest. You may imagine opening a check in the mail from a family member or 
  5. Repeat this process three more times. 
  6. Let it go. Go about the rest of your day without dwelling on when it will come. 
  7. Enjoy the feeling of bliss you feel after creating this money mindset.
  8. Practice this technique every day for a month.

Law of attraction manifest money affirmations

Below you find 20 law of attraction money affirmations.

  • My subconscious is ready to receive money.
  • I praise my abundance whenever I see it. I live in magic.
  • I master the art of letting go. Life is always working out for me.
  • I deserve to feel better about my finances.
  • I am receptive to money before it shows up on my doorstep.
  • I am in the flow of financial abundance.
  • No one else can control the money that’s meant for me.
  • Nothing is more important than feeling good.
  • I’m proud of myself for having brought this money into my experience.
  • I budget my money well. I am good at managing money.
  • I am at peace with where I am. I go with the flow.
  • All blockages from my subconscious are gone. I am free to receive money.
  • I have all the money I could need. I create both money and the time to enjoy it.
  • I am in this moment and that’s okay. I am not in competition with anyone for any resources. 
  • The money that I have feels good to me. I’m looking forward to the money that’s coming in.
  • The Universe is a greater part of me that loves me. I love myself to let abundance into my life.
  • Money serves me well and takes me to greater heights. I like the feeling of money.
  • My emotions are stronger than my brain. I am a master at deliberate creation.
  • My manifestations will soon come true. I vibrate at the frequency of abundance.
  • I welcome money with open arms. I have faith it will come into my life.
  • It is safe for me to dream big and release my fears about money. Opportunities are always coming my way when I least expect them. 


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