100 Heart chakra affirmations

When your heart chakra is not balanced, it will interfere with your feelings of love for yourself and others. The heart chakra is constantly viewed as the image of affection since it is supposed to be the home of genuine heavenliness or unrestricted love, i.e., the spirit. The heart chakra, as the name suggests, is situated in the district of the heart.

Things like rejection and cutting off friends lead to misery for the heart chakra. When your heart chakra is not balanced, you also lose trust and confidence to spread love in relationships. Your heart chakra is also out of balance when you lose a friend or family member.

You can use heart chakra affirmations to re-balance and bring back the harmony of love for the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. When you use heart chakra affirmations, you will re-balance your heart chakra with feelings of trust, courage, harmony, and love for yourself and others.

In this article, you will learn more about heart chakra affirmations and how to use heart chakra affirmations. You also find 100 affirmations for the heart chakra.

What are heart chakra affirmations?

Heart chakra affirmations are statements you repeat out loud or write down to heal your heart chakra and bring love and peace to your heart chakra. Using heart chakra affirmations is the best way to restore the spiritual energy in your heart chakra.

Why use heart chakra affirmations?

  • You can let go of bad feelings and feel free: Holding on to bad feelings such as hate or anger will send negative vibes to your heart chakra. When your heart chakra is filled with negative sensations, you will become less loving towards your friends and family as well as yourself. That is why you can let go and feel free when you use heart chakra affirmations. 
  • You will embrace intimacy and not fear it: Getting intimate isn’t simply about touch and making love. It is also about being sincerely open and vulnerable with your feelings and emotions. When your heart chakra is blocked, you are less likely to embrace intimacy fully and share your emotions. That is why heart chakra affirmations allow you to fully open your heart chakra and share your feelings and intimate feelings with others without fear.
  • You will enjoy others around you: When your heart chakra is shut, you will feel disconnected from people around you. When you use heart chakra affirmations, your heart chakra will become open toward other people and make it more enjoyable for you to be among people. 
  • You will feel less reliant on other people:  Your associations with individuals in your day-to-day existence directly result from your “need” for security, well-being, satisfaction, delight, or to expand your self-esteem. With a well-balanced heart chakra, you will become less reliant on others for your happiness and well-being. The best way to do this is to use heart chakra affirmations. 
  • You will let go of the associations from your past: Clinging on to memories from your past is a tiring habit that, in the long run, will not allow you to live in the present. This will block your heart chakra to cherish the present and future. When you use heart chakra affirmations, you will let the past be released from your heart chakra, and your heart chakra will become more present in the now. 

How to use heart chakra affirmations?

These 4 methods will help you to open your heart chakra when you use them together with heart chakra affirmations. 

1. Consume Anahata Incense and Essential Oils

Scent-based methods and heart chakra affirmations help the heart chakra recover and open its capacity to love. To open the heart chakra, use candles or incense with scents of rose, lavender, sandalwood, orange, and jasmine.

2. Use Positive Affirmations About Love

Positive affirmations for love help you break old patterns and habits that block your heart chakra. To open your heart chakra, use positive affirmations for love by repeating them out loud. For example: “I’m open to welcome love,” “I forgive myself as well as others,” “I love myself and everyone,” or “I have an open heart.” After some time of repeating heart chakra affirmations, you will be more open to love in your life. 

3. Practice Yoga Poses to Open the Heart chakra

Using specific yoga positions will help you to open your heart chakra when you use yoga poses together with heart chakra affirmations. For example, the camel pose and the upward-facing dog. 

4. Use Healing Stones With the Vibrational Love Energy

The heart chakra vibrates with the colors green and pink. Healing stones can repair the energy frequency of your heart chakra when you use healing stones together with heart chakra affirmations. Make sure to use healing stones like rose quartz or jade to unblock the heart chakra and attract reverence energy.

Heart chakra healing affirmations

Here are 10 heart chakra affirmations you can use to start restoring your energies in your heart chakra. Remember to say these heart chakra healing affirmations out loud and in the present or future tense. When you state heart chakra healing affirmations in the present or future tense, it creates the feeling that it is close to becoming real. 

  • I’m cherished, adoring, and loveable.
  • I transmit unadulterated love, light, energy, and sympathy.
  • I’m patient, tranquil, and quiet.
  • Love and magnificence encompass me and stream into my life openly.
  • I’m vibrating, cherishing energy and will consequently draw in this equivalent adoring energy.
  • I develop sympathy and boldness while being a guide of affection for everyone around me.
  • My heart is open, mindful, and sober.
  • I love and acknowledge who I am and will constantly pick love over judgment.
  • I include the power inside me to continue getting the hang of, developing, and developing personally.
  • I have positive and steady connections that fill my existence with significance and reason.

Higher heart chakra affirmations

Here are 10 higher heart chakra affirmations you can use to improve the energies in your heart chakra. The more you practice these higher heart chakra affirmations, the more open your heart chakra will become. 

  • I’m loveable.
  • I’m equipped to accept my requirements.
  • I emanate unqualified love to all (counting myself).
  • I’m available to give and get adoration and sympathy.
  • I love and acknowledge myself.
  • I emanate love surrounding me.
  • I draw in unrestricted love.
  • I draw in severe areas of strength for sound.
  • I trust my capacity to cherish.
  • I’m thankful for my capacity to trust.

Affirmations to open the heart chakra

  • I find love wherever I go.
  • I merit love and being cherished.
  • I love myself without limit.
  • Love surrounds me. It’s wherever I go.
  • I’m encircled by affection.
  • I draw great, cherishing, kind individuals into my life.
  • The force of affection is inside me.
  • I’m greeting love wholeheartedly.
  • I’m cheerful and appreciative of having cherishing individuals in my day-to-day existence.
  • I focus on my connections.

Positive affirmations for the heart chakra

  • I’m prepared and open to getting affection and gifts.
  • I’m incredible and lovely enough how I am.
  • My typical cherishing nature draws affection to me like a magnet.
  • Every one of my connections is presently adoring and amicable.
  • I’m prepared to get love.
  • My connections are all significant and fulfilling.
  • I have superb and robust companions.
  • Fellowships come effectively to me.
  • I banter well with a wide range of individuals.
  • I focus on my companions’ excellent characteristics.

Affirmations cause heart chakra to vibrate

A blocked heart chakra can not receive the feelings of love or spread love. When you use affirmations that cause your heart chakra to vibrate, you help your heart chakra to vibrate and allow you to feel connected to yourself and others. Here are 10 affirmations to cause the heart chakra to vibrate and feel more love, sympathy, and appreciation.

  • I’m entirely open to giving and getting love.
  • I truly deserve the most perfect love
  • I deliver and let go of all hatred.
  • I excuse myself for my slip-ups.
  • I feel sympathy for myself and others.
  • I’m thankful for everything in my life.
  • My heart is brimming with unqualified love for all creatures.
  • I decided to cherish every day.
  • I make adoring and robust connections.
  • It is alright for me to cherish and be adored.

Heart chakra anahata affirmations

  • I decided to be associated with great-hearted individuals.
  • My companions are allowed to act naturally around me.
  • I’m giving adoration access to my life.
  • I get love in overflow from everybody I meet.
  • I’m appreciative of all the adoration and love I get.
  • I merit satisfying connections.
  • My heart is open.
  • I’m drawing in trusting and adoring connections.
  • Genuine love begins with me.
  • I’m thankful for all the adoration and warmth I get.

Heart chakra affirmations meditation

  • I’m grateful for every one of the favors in my day-to-day existence.
  • I notice life’s little delights.
  • The past can’t hurt me now.
  • I’m safeguarded by a safeguard of affection.
  • Love, pardoning, and sympathy follows me wherever I go.
  • I draw in heartfelt, good individuals.
  • Kinship is simple for me.
  • I love being a power of good on the planet.
  • My heart is solid and open. My energy is clear.
  • My best is all that anyone could need. I walk the way of accomplishment.

Powerful heart chakra affirmations

The heart chakra is known as the seat of affection, and it is related to empathy, and genuine love. Rehearsing powerful heart chakra affirmations is one of the best approaches to restoring heart chakra energy.

  • I pardon myself for the missteps I committed.
  • I pardon the people who were heartless to me.
  • The brilliant approval of unadulterated love lights my heart.
  • I love myself, genuinely.
  • I love all creatures genuinely.
  • I discharge my sensations of disdain, hatred, and retribution.
  • I discharge the hard feelings I hold for other people.
  • I’m certain.
  • I’m autonomous.
  • I discharge sensations of outrage.

Love heart chakra affirmations

  • I see love wherever I go.
  • I genuinely deserve the commendations I get.
  • I genuinely deserve love and care.
  • I merit the affection I get.
  • I love myself and am available to cherish.
  • The more love I give, the more I get.
  • I love to give and get love.
  • I carve out an opportunity to feed my entire self.
  • I’m fundamentally crucial in my own life.
  • I decided to live at the time and take things every day.

Affirmations for blocked heart chakra

Here are 10 affirmations for the blocked heart chakra that can assist with opening up your heart chakra:

  • I genuinely deserve love.
  • I excuse myself and I pardon others.
  • I’m content with myself.
  • I acknowledge things as they are.
  • My heart is loaded up with adoration, happiness, and appreciation.
  • I pick love every day.
  • I generally show empathy for myself and others.
  • I transmit the love surrounding me.
  • I pick love over dread.
  • I’m joined with all creatures.


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