10 Affirmations- Change Your Life With These 10 Most Powerful Affirmations Of All Time

We all have certain areas in life we want to get better at. These areas are often relationships, money, and wellbeing. This article is for you who wants to uplift any area of your life. A great way to shift your focus and begin changing your life is to practice 10 powerful affirmations

10 affirmations

This article lists 10  affirmations in various categories. You will feel uplifted as you read these 10 affirmations, and you will learn that you can create and change your reality through shifting your beliefs. 

10 most powerful affirmations of all time 

Below are some common categories that many people want to improve in. 10 life-changing affirmations are listed per each category. Choose the affirmations that resonate deeply with you and begin practising them deliberately to create significant life changes! 

10 positive affirmations 

Here are 10 powerful positive affirmations. These are great to repeat and study when you are feeling down and hopeless.

  1. My inner wisdom divinely guides and encourages me.
  2. It is my birthright to live a luxurious and premium life. 
  3. I get to show up as my most pleasing, most honourable self.
  4. I decide to feel happiness and ease in the present moment. 
  5. Living is effortless, fun, and a joyful adventure!
  6. I live blissfully in the present moment, knowing my exciting future is brilliant and glorious. 
  7. My blessed life is worth living; a sense of gratitude fulfils my body, mind, and soul. 
  8. The powerful knowledge within my mind allows me to create beautiful experiences. I learn more about living good life every day. 
  9. I adjust my thoughts to be positive and hopeful; my inner world shapes my outer reality.
  10. My delightful joy is overflowing; I radiate and share my overwhelming happiness with everyone I meet. 

10 money affirmations that really work

 Do you worry about money and think negatively about your bank account balance? These 10 money affirmations that really work are so powerful at teaching you to shift your focus from poverty to prosperity.

  1. I quickly and joyfully create multiple sources of passive abundant income.
  2. I live in an abundant universe; there are wealth opportunities everywhere. 
  3. I enjoy learning about money and success from brilliantly wealthy people.
  4. I see evidence of abundance everywhere; I give gratitude to my money. 
  5. I attract money to me and effortlessly multiply it.
  6. I surround myself with up levelled wealthy friends and learn from their life choices and actions. 
  7. I am receiving more money in my sleep than I spend when awake. I comfortably invest money knowing that infinite wealth is flowing into my bank. 
  8. I make intelligent decisions with money; I treat my cash with love. I only give money when It feels good and fills me with joy. 
  9. I only spend passive income; I have an abundance of passive income. I reinvest money I’ve worked for to create more passive income streams. 
  10. I only think and speak graciously about money and wealth. I never complain about the wealthy or judge money. 

10 daily affirmations – What are 10 affirmations you could say daily?

Everything you say and think is technically an affirmation. It is vital to make a daily effort to change all your negative thoughts to positive affirmations. The list of 10 daily affirmations below is an excellent place to start. 

  1. I choose strength. I allow no fear and no sorrow.
  2. All my power is in my ability to experience my present moment.
  3. I was born to manifest a beautiful experience; a good life is my birthright.
  4. I put myself first by practising self-care that deeply fulfils me. 
  5. The most important thing is that I am happy; happiness is my choice.
  6. I take responsibility for my feelings and actions; there is no one to blame. I have complete and total free will. 
  7. All is well, there is no arriving. My story is constantly being written, my path is continually unfolding naturally and gracefully. I flow effortlessly with life.
  8. Where I exist right now is an excellent experience. There is nothing I need to control or change; I am a human being. 
  9. I really am figuring everything out in the best way possible. I can relax now; things will all work out for my most significant benefit. 
  10. I am complete and healthy. I am vibrant and self-assured. I am living and proud to be living. I am good at life and grateful to be alive. I am deeply cared about, and I am important because I exist. 

Top 10 positive affirmations for success

Success is all about how fulfilled you feel and how important you feel doing what you’re doing. The top 10 positive affirmations for success below will help you to feel a fulfilled and an essential sense of purpose. 

  1. Infinite possibilities await me; I see multiple avenues for success.
  2. I ask myself, “what can I give?” not “what can I get?”.
  3. I can serve the world through my success. 
  4. My success is a gift to myself, my family, and the world.   
  5. I am a valuable, meaningful, and uplifting contributor to society.
  6. I pour my heart and passion into everything I do; I receive phenomenal results and lessons from everything I attempt. 
  7. I feel the impact of my accomplishments in my physical and spiritual realities. I see my success and feel worthy of it too. 
  8. Others are inspired by my accomplishments; they see the good I have created and are driven to do the same. 
  9. I am worthy of achieving great things during my lifetime; there is no limit to my ability to grow my success and abundance. 
  10. I am grateful for everything I achieved; I take pleasure in my accomplishments and enjoy my success in the present moment. My future is secure. 

10 morning gratitude affirmations

The best way to start is your day is from a place of gratitude, do so with these 10 morning gratitude affirmations. The best way to begin manifesting anything is by starting from a place of appreciation. 

  1. I am so grateful to be alive, thinking, and breathing today!
  2. I appreciate that my heart is beating, and my blood is flowing.
  3. I love everything about myself and everything about my world.
  4. I am grateful to know I have the power to make today amazing!
  5. I am aware of the beauty in my life; I relish in gratitude. 
  6. Life has been good to me; I am grateful for my life and will continue to live.
  7. I am thankful to have woken up in a comfortable bed; I notice all the luxuries around me. 
  8. I am gratified to know that there is a beautiful world for me to explore and discover today. 
  9. I am delighted to be a grateful person; I always look for the positives in everything.
  10. Today I will use gratitude and appreciation to combat any negative emotions that show up.  

10 positive affirmations to boost confidence 

These 10 positive affirmations to boost confidence will make you feel confident and ready to achieve greatness. Confidence is critical in creating a beautiful life; it is difficult to feel motivated to practice affirmations without confidence. 

  1. Everything is unfolding favourably for me; things just go my way. 
  2. I choose faith over fear regularly.
  3. I honour myself; I live my life through confidence and poise. 
  4. My self-esteem is high; I like myself, and I know others like me. 
  5. I am naturally calm, cool, confident, and collected. 
  6. I am a confident person; I look optimistic, my behaviour is confident, my thoughts are optimistic, I just radiate confidence. 
  7. I know that I am capable of accomplishing great things because of my confident demeanour.  
  8. The way I speak and move conveys that I am confident and assured of myself.
  9. I am confident in all my pursuits because I study, practice, and learn with my whole heart.
  10. I stand tall with a confident posture, I move with freedom, I speak with dignified elegance.

10 affirmations for self-love

Self-love is the most important love. Gain a more profound love for yourself through the 10 affirmations for self-love below.

  1. I say “I love you so much” to myself in the mirror every day. 
  2. I am uniquely beautiful; there is no need to compare myself to others. 
  3. I practice loving myself by allowing myself to be happy. 
  4. I am true to myself, and I hold compassion for my feelings. 
  5. I spend my time with others who inspire the best in me. 
  6. I deserve to live a happy, fulfilling life; I pursue my dreams with total belief in myself.
  7. I am willing to let go of past self-criticism; I will forgive and see myself with loving eyes. 
  8. I am at peace with myself. My self-worth comes from within me, not outside of me.
  9. I love everything that I do, and I love all the fantastic ideas I come up with. 
  10. I can live to my full potential because of the enormous amounts of love I give to myself.

10 affirmations for entrepreneurs

The 10 affirmations for entrepreneurs below are brilliant for the entrepreneurial spirit. 

  1. Bold and bright ideas are flowing into my mind.
  2. I celebrate my ideas and creativity; I love sharing my thoughts with the world. 
  3. I have invented multiple streams of exciting income for myself.
  4. I love that I work for myself; I have so much free time.
  5. I wake up every day with energy and focus on my projects. 
  6. I am aligned with my actions; I feel inspired by my projects and creations. I love to nurture my ideas.
  7. I see the full potential in all my business ideas, I am excited about promoting and growing my business. 
  8. I enjoy the life of freedom I have created for myself because I have benefited society.
  9. I take action from inspiration; being an entrepreneur is so fun and exciting for me!
  10. Through the law of attraction, I have been able to achieve great things in my business. 

10 affirmations for gratitude on a bad day

The quickest way to get yourself out of a bad mood is through an attitude of gratitude. Use these 10 affirmations for gratitude on a bad day to get yourself back on a happy track when you’re in a slump. 

  1. I have the power to turn this bad day around through gratitude.
  2. What I have now is enough; I appreciate the way my life is now. 
  3. When I’ve got a bad attitude, I go and practice gratitude. 
  4. I uplift myself through gratitude, generosity, and service for others.
  5. I am grateful that I can take time for myself to brighten up my mood. 
  6. I understand that every moment of my life is a moment to be grateful for. There is no need to worry about the future; all I need is here now. 
  7. I take a moment to breathe and notice all the manifestations in my life; I am grateful for them. 
  8. Other wonders can show up in my life when I am grateful for what has already shown up. 
  9. “Thank you, god/universe/divine, for all the symbols of abundance that have shown up in my life”.
  10. Gratitude keeps me connected to the divine source, which allows treasures into my abundant life. 

10 affirmations about love 

The only way to attract love in your life is to create the feeling of unconditional love within yourself. Use these powerful 10 affirmations about love to develop feelings of love within you. 

  1. Beautiful people come into my life because I am focused on beautiful things.
  2. I am constantly expressing gratitude to my loved ones. 
  3. I feel so blessed now that my life is full of appreciation and love.
  4. I am adored and loved by the people that I adore and love.
  5. Loving others is easy when I look for positive aspects in them. 
  6. The love I give to others is unconditional; I choose to love others because I know the feeling of love serves my highest good. 
  7. Being in love is good for me; it is safe to love someone and let my true feelings show. 
  8. I am a lovable lover; I love others because love is so good for me. Building relationships and connections bring me immense joy. 
  9. I allow the people I care for to fully be themselves; I celebrate them and uplift them. 
  10. I communicate flawlessly with the people I care about; I speak to them with loving grace and express my desires easily. 

Why use 10 affirmations?

Starting off with deliberately practising just 10 affirmations is a great way to begin your affirmation practice.

  • 10 is a small amount, to begin with, so it is easy to start your affirmation practice with.
  • Using 10 affirmations is the perfect number to create the shift towards positivity in your mind.
  • Saying just 10 affirmations only takes a small amount of your time and energy to commit to.
  • It is easy to remember 10 affirmations.
  • You can easily fit 10 affirmations into one page in a journal. 

How to use 10 affirmations in 10 simple steps 

  1. Read the entire list of affirmations above.
  2. Choose 10 affirmations from multiple categories that resonate with you.
  3. Write them down in a journal.
  4. Say the 10 affirmations every day.
  5. Begin to integrate them into your thoughts.
  6. Watch your beliefs change.
  7. Watch your reality shift.
  8. Your 10 affirmations are becoming your truths.
  9. Once all of your 10 affirmations have come true, add new affirmations from the list above.
  10. Repeat the steps.


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