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5 Affirmations – Top 5 Positive Affirmations To Change Your Life In a Day

In this world, we have always had two types of people- the ones who are completely satisfied with their lives and the ones who would be happy to live their lives differently. 

If you are not completely satisfied with how your life looks at the moment, and if you would like to improve your life, you should know that the change we are talking about here is possible. If you are living in poverty, you can transform that into wealth. 

If you are dealing with the lack of love, you can change that and manifest a love life you’ve always been wishing for. If you are unemployed at the moment, you can find a job. And so on. Every situation that you are not satisfied with can be changed.  

5 affirmations

To achieve that, we sincerely recommend using 5 Affirmations. Suppose you want to get the maximum out of using 5 affirmations. In that case, you need to pay attention to all of the details and follow all the essential rules while applying them. 

That’s why we’ve made a summary of all those crucial things related to using 5 Affirmations. Stay with us till the end of this article, and you will find out how to use 5 Affirmations in 2021 and beyond to create the reality you are wishing for. 

5 Positive Affirmations – What Are 5 Positive Affirmations?

Your reality is created with the power of your thoughts, focus, deepest beliefs, emotions, and vibration. If your views on something are negative, you will be attracting negative experiences. That’s why it is vital to create new, positive beliefs, and you can do that by using 5 Positive Affirmations. 

  • I am a positive human being. 
  • My mindset is positive. 
  • As time passes, my way of looking at things becomes more positive. 
  • As my mindset becomes more and more positive, I open up myself more and more to manifest incredible things and experiences. 
  • Having a positive way of looking at things makes me feel so good, and during those moments of feeling good, I am allowing all of my dreams to come true. 

5 Daily Affirmations

Suppose you want to take the maximum out of 5 daily Affirmations. In that case, it is recommended that you make affirming your daily ritual. You need to affirm daily and make affirming an indispensable part of your every day. 

  • To me, every new day is a new beginning. 
  • Every new day is a unique chance for me. 
  • Today, I am consciously choosing the thoughts that will bring me good emotions. 
  • Today, I will feel good, and that good feeling will bring me so many good things.
  • Today, I am fully aware that I am the one who is creating my life, and that’s why, from today, beautiful things will start appearing in my life. 

5 Love Affirmations

Love is something that we all wish for. Suppose you are dealing with some challenges in your love life. In that case, we suggest using the following 5 love Affirmations to change your negative beliefs on love. By creating positive thoughts on love, you will finally be able to experience the love you’ve always wished for. 

  • I deserve true love. 
  • I deserve to love and to be loved. 
  • Every day, I become closer and closer to experiencing that true love. 
  • I am not afraid to share the love with others because sharing love will make that love even more significant. 
  • Now, I am entirely ready to experience that genuine love I’ve always been dreaming of, and I know that true love is about to appear in my life. 

 5 Affirmations To Develop Confidence

Confidence is something that is deeply connected with your beliefs. If you are a confident person, you truly believe that you can manifest the things you wish for. To build your confidence, use these 5 Affirmations to develop confidence: 

  • I know how much I am worth. 
  • I know that I am capable of doing so many things the right way. 
  • As I’m getting older, I am becoming wiser, more thoughtful, more able. 
  • As I’m getting older, I am becoming more satisfied with my inside and my outside. 
  • As I get older, my confidence becomes bigger because I become aware of all of my qualities. 

5 Bedtime Affirmations

The vibration that we lie down in the evening is the vibration that we will have in the morning when we wake up. That’s why it is crucial to affirm with 5 bedtime affirmations before your fall asleep. 

  • Today was a good day. 
  • Today, I gave my maximum. 
  • Today, I’ve done my best, and I’ve become closer to the fulfillment of my wish. 
  • Now, I am at peace because I know that my desires are about to materialize. 
  • I’m in the best possible place right now, and that’s why I can fall asleep feeling good and relaxed. 

5 Morning Affirmations 

The vibration we wake up in the morning is one of the most important things for determining the flow of our entire day. If you want to attract and manifest positive experiences during the whole day, it would be good to start your morning with these 5 morning Affirmations the moment you wake up. 

  1. Every new day is a new chance for me. 
  2. Today will be the day when I will attract at least one good thing. 
  3. Today, the Universe is going to support every wish of mine. 
  4. I choose to live the whole day ahead of me feeling happy and satisfied. 
  5. Today, I will attract and manifest only the things and the experiences that are going to create positive emotions inside of me. 

5 Gratitude Affirmations 

Gratitude is one of the emotions with the highest possible vibration. That’s why it is essential to sense genuine appreciation. Use these 5 gratitude affirmations to feel grateful.

  • I am grateful for this life I am living. 
  • I am grateful for every new day. 
  • I am grateful for my body and my good health. 
  • I am grateful for all of the people in my life, for all the material things and experiences that I’ve had so far, and for the ones that I will be attracting in the future. 
  • I am grateful for the cognition that I am a conscious creator of my life and that I am the one who manifested all these things to be grateful for. 

5 Affirmations For Success 

Success is something that most of us would like to experience. For creating positive beliefs on success, you can use the following 5 Affirmations for success:

  • I can achieve big things. 
  • Every day, I can do something with success. 
  • If I am successful in one field of my life, I can accomplish the same thing in all the other fields. 
  • Every day, I am becoming more and more capable of becoming successful. 
  • For me, success is a natural state, and I am ready to start living my life as a truly successful person. 

5 Affirmations Of Self-love 

The key to attracting any other love is self-love. If you want to get love from others, then you need to love yourself first. Use these 5 affirmations for self-love.  

  • I am amazing the way I am. 
  • I am perfect the way I am. 
  • As time passes, I become more and more aware of my qualities. 
  • As time passes, I become more and more satisfied with how I look and who I am. 
  • I simply love the person I am, and I am not the only one who loves me. 

 Why Use 5 Affirmations?

 So, why is it essential that you use 5 Affirmations? 

  • By affirming, you will remove the negative beliefs that are blocking the manifestation of what you wish for. 
  • By affirming, you will create new, positive beliefs that will help you attract and manifest what you wish for. 
  • During and after affirming, you will sense positive emotions. 
  • During and after affirming, your vibration will become higher. 
  • All in all, affirming will lead to attracting only the things you truly wish for and not something you are afraid of or don’t want to experience. 

5 Steps To Make 5 Affirmations Work For You

If you wonder if these 5 Affirmations are going to work for you and bring positive results to your life, they definitely will, but only if you: 

  1. Affirming every day by using any of your favorite 5 affirmations.
  2. Choose the “right” 5 Affirmations that resonate with your inner being.
  3. Pay attention to the words from Affirmations, no matter if you write them down or say them out loud, and not repeat them “mechanically.”
  4. Sense the emotion while repeating these 5 Affirmations.
  5. Indeed adopt the words from Affirmations as your deep beliefs.


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