100 Affirmations For Success

Your negative beliefs about yourself are stopping you from achieving the success you desire in life. The more negative your thoughts are, the more negative your life will be. Are you overworked and getting nowhere? Are you feeling stressed out? Are you disappointed by life? 

Do you think negative thoughts about finances, work, or other important areas of life? Do you believe that success is out of reach for you? Do you feel like a failure? Stick around because you will learn how your words and thoughts can bring success and fulfilment into your life. After reading, you will have the knowledge to begin utilizing specific and powerfully crafted affirmations for success to achieve your successful dream life.  

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What Are Affirmations for Success? 

An affirmation for success is a deliberately positive and empowering statement about success. After many times of deliberately thinking or saying a positive affirmation, you will eventually believe that affirmation. How will affirmations for success benefit your journey to powerful success? 

Your beliefs are powerful, and your beliefs will shape your reality by shaping your actions. You will take positive actions towards success when you believe that success is possible for you. Success becomes possible for you when you believe it is possible for you, and you will believe success is possible through affirmative statements for success.  

Every unconscious thought you have about success is an affirmation, even if the thought is negative. You will constantly find yourself struggling if your thoughts about succeeding are negative. Are you often complaining about how hard life is for you? If you believe that life is hard and you are constantly affirming it out loud through complaints, then of course, life will be hard. 

Positive success affirmations will benefit you by rewiring your brain to think positively instead of complaining. Complaining never brought riches into anyone’s life. The most successful people in the world did not complain about their way to success. They affirmed their way to success. The more positive your thoughts are, the more beautiful your life will become and the more triumphant you will feel.

How Do You Write Affirmations for Success?

You must be feeling incredibly excited to begin affirming success into your life! You must also be wondering how exactly to write your positive success affirmations? Affirmations for success work best if written in a positive and gratifying way using language that sparks your imagination. The best method to crafting your success affirmations is an easy to follow 3 steps method. 

  • Step 1: Write down a common fear, complaint, or belief that you have regarding success.

Example: “I do not have time to start creating my business because everything else is getting in the way of starting my business idea”. 

  • Step 2: Write down a statement that is positive and opposite of the negative statement.

Example: “I am ready and taking action towards starting my new business. I am making my business a top priority in my life.” (This is your new affirmation).

  • Step 3: Congratulations! You have now written a success affirmation! Write it everywhere. Say it often. Say it out loud and say it in your mind. This is your new belief. Affirm it constantly with deliberate intent. 

Do Affirmations for Success Work?

Yes, affirmations for success do work. Specific success affirmations will rewire your brain and cause you to take new actions in life that will lead to accomplishments. Positive success affirmations will work if you commit to using the affirmations. You can not just say an affirmation once then go back to your old beliefs. 

It would be best if you chose to be committed to your success affirmations. An affirmation of success is like a flower that begins as a seed. The flower will grow the more you water it. A success affirmation will grow more powerful the more you say it and the more you believe it. 

Your new affirmations of success may feel dishonest at first. These affirmations may even feel frustrating or scary to say. The more you affirm your success, the more you will see evidence of success coming into your life. Then you will observe that the affirmation is working for you, and it will eventually become your new reality. 

An affirmation is most powerful when it is said with intense positive emotion; you will have better results if you say your success affirmations whilst feeling an emotion of success. Be committed, consistent, and patient with your affirmation practice. 

Affirmations that are crafted intentionally for success will boost your confidence. Confident people easily magnetize success in their lives. You will grow more confident and more powerful while practicing your affirmations; you will begin to thrive and grow more prosperous; there will be evidence of success all around you all because you have chosen to believe your affirmations. 

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How to Use Affirmations for Success

Follow the steps below to ensure you get the best results from your success affirmations. Ensure that you say your affirmations with deliberate intent and even visualize success as you say them. Affirmations will teach you to trust yourself; you are the key to your progress. 

  • Step 1: Create your own or choose success affirmations from the list at the end of the article.
  • Step 2: Plan a successful affirmation practice that works for you.

Ideas for successful affirmation practices: 

  1. Type and print your success affirmations in beautiful font and colours, tape them around your home. Every time you look at them, say them out loud. 
  2. Write your success affirmations at the beginning of a journal. Commit to saying your affirmations every time you use your journal.
  3. Type your success affirmations in the notes section of your phone. Set a daily alarm to open your notes and read your success affirmations.  
  4. Choose some affirmations to have as the background on your phone and computer. You will read them aloud every time you use these devices. 
  5. Record yourself saying a list of your favourite success affirmations. Listen to this recording as you fall asleep and first thing when you wake up.
  • Step 3: Notice the results you are receiving in your life because of your success affirmations. Notice how you are feeling more confident and powerful. 

Success Affirmations List

You are now aware of the power of success affirmations and how to use them. Below is a list of 100 affirmations for success in various areas of life. You will choose from the list the affirmations that resonate passionately with the success you desire in your life. You are now ready to begin practising your new affirmations daily. As you say your chosen success affirmations daily, you will be delighted with how successful you become. You will be so happy that you decided to be committed to your success affirmations!  

Affirmations for Success

  • I am taking steps every day to live a successful and purposeful life.
  • Every moment of my life is meaningful, successful, and fulfilling.
  • Life brings me only successful and rewarding experiences.
  • I am noticing new opportunities for success everywhere. 
  • I deserve success and I accept success now; all my dreams are achievable. 
  • People can tell how successful and happy I am by my appearance and personality; success radiates from me. 
  • I am becoming more successful every day; I look forward to the joys I will receive in life. 
  • I have chosen to create my successful life; I am already committed to being a successful person. 
  • I visualize the success I desire daily; I successfully take daily action based on my visualizations. 
  • All the knowledge I need to become successful flows to me; I make decisions that are aligned with my fulfilling purpose. 

Positive Affirmations for Success and Wealth

  • I like knowing that I can create an infinite supply of wealth.
  • The amount of money I have multiplies every day; my name is associated with wealth.
  • I am a magnet for prosperity; money in all forms is drawn to me and I receive gifts graciously.
  • I choose to be receptive to various avenues of income; I expect to earn money every day because I have created multiple income streams. 
  • I successfully create increasing avenues of income and I welcome prosperity in my life.
  • I spend my money joyfully and gratefully because I know that money constantly comes back into my life; I am wealthy, safe, and secure. 
  • I live a successful and comfortable life because of the enormous wealth and prosperity I have attracted.
  • I surround myself with wealthy and successful people because they inspire me to become richer and more successful.  
  • I am financially secure because I know that my future is safe and prosperous to be wealthy and successful. 
  • There are many excellent opportunities for me to become wealthier, I enjoy money, and I love having money in my life; my wealth benefits the world. 

Positive Affirmations for Success at Work

  • I am passionate about my career; I love everything about what I do for work.
  • I choose to do work I love, and I feel successful doing work I love. 
  • I only experience success and positivity at work.
  • I am so grateful to be successful at work; I express this gratitude daily. 
  • I am motivated and inspired at work; my work brings me joy and satisfaction.
  • I visualize a successful career; I visualize being passionate and energized at work.
  • I enjoy working and I wake up every morning excited to start my day.
  • I know that my current work will lead me to many avenues of a successful life.
  • I think only positive thoughts about my work; I am successful and everyone respects and praises me. 
  • I put effort into my work and my effort leads me to success. 

Daily Affirmations for Success

  • I choose to be generous with my success today; everyone who meets me is left with a feeling of advancement.
  • I am so grateful to be vibrantly alive and flourishing today.
  • Divine success is drawn to me like a magnet today.
  • My personality is radiating with a magnetizing attitude of success today.
  • I will successfully begin creating my dream life today.
  • Everything I do today will be a success.
  • I will live today with gratitude; I will spend my day as if I have already achieved success.
  • I can take action today towards being a successful person; my actions reflect the successful life I desire.
  • I see evidence of my success all around me; right here and right now, I have success.
  • I recognize the success and triumphs I have already created in my life today. 

Morning Affirmations for Success

  • I am going to spend my morning with a feeling of success and freedom.
  • I will spend every minute of my morning working towards success.
  • I am energized this morning and ready to be successful. 
  • I am feeling confident and successful this very morning; I have beautiful ideas today.
  • I am committed to my dreams; I will visualize my dreams coming true today.
  • I deserve to have a successful morning that is full of joy and happiness.
  • I spend my morning well because how I spend my morning determines how successful my day will be. 
  • I will have a good morning and an excitingly successful and fulfilling day. 
  • I am grateful to be alive this very morning because my gratitude will bring me endless success.
  • This will be a perfect morning; I am feeling successful and happy; I know good things will happen for me today.

Affirmations for success in business

  • I have created a successful business that benefits the world.
  • My business operates with effortless success all over the world.
  • People love to support my business because my business does good things for people.
  • I am proud of the successful business I created.
  • My business brings me endless prosperity and joy.
  • I have an outstanding business that benefits society; my clients enjoy giving me money and my staff enjoy working for me. 
  • I am grateful to have a successful business that supports my family and me; we have attained a comfortable and rewarding life.  
  • Clients are magnetized to my prosperous business. 
  • I take action every day to bring more success to my growing business; my business has an excellent support system. 
  • The income of my business is constantly increasing; my business grows more powerful every day.

I Am Affirmations for Success

  • I am so grateful to be creating a life that is meaningful to me.
  • I am free to design the life of my dreams.
  • I am advancing towards all my desired achievements.
  • I am grateful for all the fortunes in my life.
  • I am equipped with the mental faculties to achieve infinite prosperity.
  • I am succeeding and achieving my desired results in life; my results inspire others.
  • I am deserving of limitless success because it is my birthright to add advancement to the world.
  • I am victorious because I am aiming for ongoing success.
  • I am visualizing a successful life; I am visualizing prosperity, satisfaction, and abundance.
  • I am allowing success to come to me; I allow everything to always work out for my greatest highest good. 

Positive Affirmations for Love and Success

  • I have a vibrant and successful love life; I am deeply admired.
  • I choose to think loving thoughts about everyone and everything in my life.
  • All my relationships are loving, harmonious, intimate, and successful.
  • I am a magnet for fulfilling intimate love and prosperous success.
  • I easily give love and receive love; my relationships with my friends and family are accepting and loving. 
  • I only attract successful, loving, and healthy relationships that bring me joy and satisfaction because I live in a loving universe.
  • I feel satisfied and happy with my successful love life; I am surrounded by love, intimacy, and joy.
  • I am delighted by the love I encounter daily; my heart is open and receptive to the love that surrounds me; love flows freely through my words and actions.
  • The people in my life love and respect me; they admire my success with loving gratitude and appreciation; I attract only good people into my life.
  • I am grateful for all the love in my life. I successfully find love wherever I go because I give love and grace wherever I go. 

Positive Affirmations for Interview Success

  • Interviews are simple and easy for me; my inner wisdom leads me successfully through the interviewing process. 
  • I am confident during interviews, and I always know exactly what to say.
  • During interviews, I easily stay calm, cool, and collected because I handle pressure well. 
  • I visualize an interview going well before the interview starts.
  • I am liked by whoever interviews me because of my radiant smile and joyful personality. I have phenomenal communication skills. 
  • My charisma shines during interviews; I always get the job I desire because of my charming personality. I am likeable. 
  • I am successful at every interview I am invited to; the interviewer is always impressed with me. 
  • I know that I am the best candidate for the position, the interviewer will be delighted by my credentials.
  • I have inner confidence that allows me to be successful during interviews. 
  • My interview will be a smooth process; the interviewer will be pleased with me. 

Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss Success

  • I love to exercise, and I love creating a strong body. 
  • I choose healthy food every day because I love healthy food.  
  • Every day, I am willing to take actions that lead to my goal body weight.
  • I quickly say yes to healthy food and no to unhealthy food.
  • I choose a healthy and active lifestyle that is full of passion and purpose.
  • It is easy for me to lose weight and it is easy for me to maintain my goal weight. 
  • I have fun when I take action to be healthy body weight; I choose a fun exercise for me; I have fun learning about proper nutrition. 
  • Weight loss is easy because I eat healthily and exercise every day; my body deserves the best treatment.
  • I have plenty of time every day to exercise, and I have time to cook healthy meals. 
  • I am grateful to have access to the knowledge I need to create a healthy body. 


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