List of affirmations – 90 word of affirmations list 2022

Are you looking for a list of affirmations? Affirmations are short and simple sentences that you can repeat daily to feel more positive about your life.

You can use specific affirmations based on your particular needs. You will witness significant changes in your life when you use our list of affirmations. In this article, you will find I am affirmations and other positive affirmations. We list the best affirmations in many different categories.

Research shows that affirmations improve your executive function, including many positive benefits.

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Your mind is constantly conditioned by outside situations, surroundings, thoughts, emotions, etc. You can take charge of your mind through affirmations, and you can rewire your mind and make it work the way you want. And when your mind works the way it should, it brings phenomenal results.

Now that you have understood the basics of affirmations, you can use affirmation from our list of affirmations. Below you find I AM affirmations and other affirmations for various parts of your life.

I AM Affirmations list

Generally, most people always have a fixed image of themselves in their minds. That image gets so deeply engraved into their being personality. It becomes tough to transcend those limitations and act beyond their characters. 

That’s why you should always hold a very positive self-view about yourself. Not only that, you should always try to go beyond that. Here is a list of affirmations that will help you:

✓I am a champion, and I excel in everything that I do in life

✓I am full of inspiration and motivation to do what I need to do.

✓I am very healthy both in terms of my body and mind.

✓I have the necessary clarity to make the right decisions in my life.

✓I am very thankful to be alive and for being who I am.

✓I am very calm and peaceful in my mind.

✓I am an inspiration to others around me.

✓I am enjoying my life to its fullest.

✓I am leaving no stones unturned to achieve my true potential.

✓ I am full of joy and flowing with bliss.

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List of Positive Affirmations

Being positive is very important in life. It may not change your circumstances, but it definitely changes your response towards them. A trendy saying is, ” positive people have solutions for every problem, negative people have problems for every solution.”

So, you must always keep a positive view of everything in your life. A positive mind will make you more cheerful and hopeful toward life. Here is a list of affirmations that will help you:

✓All bad situations in my life are temporary, and they will pass.

✓My response to the situation is more critical than the situation itself.

✓I am always positive about every situation in my life.

✓I don’t let any outside concerns disturb my inner calm and peace.

✓I am very cheerful about how my life unfolds.

✓Every experience of my learning curve in life helps me learn something new.

✓I grow with the opportunities that I am presented with in life.

✓I am living a very positive and wonderful life.

✓Joy and bliss have always been constant companions of mine.

✓I feel very grateful to my loved ones for being a part of my life.

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List of positive affirmations for students

Student life is a very decisive stage in one’s life. This is the phase that determines how a person will spend the rest of his life. This phase outlines the directions we are going to take in the future. So, one must pay special attention to being a student and make the best choices.

However, student life is also a time to enjoy life, friends, and school. A perfect balance needs to be maintained. Here is a list of affirmations for students that will help:

✓I am taking all the necessary steps towards a happy and fulfilling life.
✓Studies are very important for me at this stage of life.
✓I thank all my friends for making my life awesome.
✓I am a champion, and I excel in whatever I do.
✓I can achieve anything in my life that I wish for.
✓I am enjoying this phase of my life to the fullest.
✓I forgive myself for all the mistakes that I have committed.
✓I am entirely healthy, both physically and mentally.
✓My life is exuberant and vibrant in all possible manners.
✓I make all the right decisions leading to the suitable destinations.

Affirmations for students

Daily Affirmations list

If you can make affirmations a daily part of your life, you can transform your life. You can use specific affirmations to manifest whatever you want in your life. 

Here are some daily affirmations that, if practiced daily, can easily change your life:

✓This day is going to be the best day of my life.

✓I am going to make something extraordinary out of my day.

✓I make life-changing decisions for myself.

✓Life is all about ups and downs, so there is nothing to worry about.

✓I always smile in every situation in my life.

✓I am energy positive, and I look for the good in each and everything

✓I am energetic from the outside and calm from inside

✓I make use of each and every opportunity that life presents to me.

✓I am blessed to have such a wonderful life.

✓In the end, nothing really matters.

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Daily affirmations

Self Affirmations list

Self-affirmations are affirmations that you affirm to yourself. Generally, one’s mind is conditioned with information that it has been fed since childhood. Self-affirmations are an attempt to rewire the brain without outside influences.

That’s why self-affirmations are very important. It gives you the charge of your own state of mind. Here are some self-affirmations that you can use:

✓I accept myself the way I am with all my faults and flaws.
✓I release my past and create my own future.
✓I don’t react; I respond.
✓I have peacefulness and calmness in my life.
✓I am entirely at ease with myself and with everybody else around me.
✓I am in charge of my own happiness.
✓I am unique in my own way and do not need to compare myself with someone else.
✓I am always looking forward to new possibilities and opportunities in life.
✓My life is full of adventures, which makes it extraordinary.
✓My life is the way I decide it to be.

Self Love Affirmations

List of Money Affirmations

The importance of money in today’s world can’t be underestimated. Indeed, money isn’t life, but it is also true that there is no life without money. If you observe, most of our struggles in life are related to money.

Nothing can substitute the efforts you need to put in to earn money. However, when you use positive money affirmations, you will increase the efficiency of your actions. Here is a list of affirmations for money that you can use to manifest money in your life.

✓I am a money magnet, and I can attract as much money in my life as I want.

✓I do all the hard work that is required to earn money.

✓I have limitless potential for making money.

✓I am receptive to the wealth and money that life is willing to give me.

✓I deserve to manifest wealth in my life.

✓I use the money to bring changes in my life and in the lives of others.

✓I am capable enough of managing any amount of wealth.

✓I use wealth for all the Positive purposes that benefit myself and others.

✓I look for opportunities to expand my capabilities to earn money.

✓Ultimately, I am satisfied with the amount of money I make.

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Money Affirmations

List of positive affirmations for Mental Health

Mental health has become a significant topic worldwide. Many experts predict that there could be a mental health pandemic in the future. When the illness exists in the mind, it is difficult to treat the body, so the issue needs to be addressed with the mind.

Meditation has been a proven aid for mental health. In the same way, affirmations can also help you immensely. Here is a list of affirmations for mental health that will help you keep a very stable mental health in any situation:

✓I am mentally strong and capable of handling myself.
✓All problems in my life are just my mind’s play, so I need not worry about anything.
✓Everything is temporary in life, so there is no need to fear loss.
✓Everything happening around me is just life’s play, and I should enjoy it.
✓Life is a big staged drama, and I am just playing my part.
✓Everything, including my body and mind, has been created in this world, so I should be happy about my creation.
✓I choose to forgive everyone for my own peace of mind.
✓Life will just go on, so there is no point in worrying over minor problems
✓I avoid toxic people in my life and choose to be with people who are wise and care for my well being
✓I look into the nature of my mind and try to understand the mechanics of how it works

Positive Affirmations for mental health

List of Affirmations for Others

Now when you know how to use affirmations for your own benefit. It’s time to extend the helping hand to others as well. There have been many types of affirmations discussed in this article. You can also suggest to others how to use affirmations to bring positive changes in their life.

You can suggest others use affirmations specifically based on their needs. Or you may also guide them to use everyday affirmations. Here are some affirmations that you can recommend others to use:

✓I am a good human being with positive intentions.
✓I always try to help others and bring changes in people’s lives.
✓Life has always been very kind and compassionate towards me.
✓I am full of gratitude towards life for giving me whatever I have.
✓I am delighted with my life and have no conflicts inside.
✓I always try to improve myself and make myself a better human being.
✓I am physically and mentally perfectly fit and well.
✓I am very calm and composed and flowing with joy from inside.
✓I have all the beautiful people around me to make my life a joyful ride.
✓I radiate positivity, love, and compassion around me.

Affirmations for others

List of Positive Affirmations for Work

Work is an inseparable part of our life. How you construct your life also greatly depends on the efficiency of your work. Your commitment to your work determines your success in your life. It is also essential to remain optimistic about your work. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy it.

Here is a list of affirmations for work that will help you become more efficient and positive about your work.

✓I love my work.
✓I excel at my work and always try to give it my best.
✓My work fulfills me and makes me complete.
✓My work has paved the way for success for me.
✓I immensely enjoy working with my colleagues.
✓This is the best job I have ever had.
✓I do my work with complete devotion and involvement.
✓I grab every opportunity that comes at work.
✓I always work on myself to improve my skills.
✓I am always open to new possibilities in my work life.

Positive affirmations for work


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