Affirmations for anxiety – 100 positive affirmations for anxiety

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about affirmations for anxiety. You will learn how to use and how to benefit from affirmations for anxiety. You also find 100 positive anxiety affirmations to change your life. 

What Are Affirmations For Anxiety?

Affirmation for anxiety are a practical and useful type of positive self talk that helps you get stronger and better at fighting anxiety. When you use anxiety affirmations you will achieve positive benefits for your mind and body and they also help you to relieve stress. Since people are facing problems every day, they tend to draw tensions from the outside world. This means that their body reacts with an anxiety attack because it is under stress.

You might not even realise that you live in a state of constant pain and stress and you might not clean your energy and mind from the negative effects from your outside world.

That is the reason why you should practice daily motivational affirmations. Affirmations for anxiety is a form of positive thinking that helps you stay calm and prepares you for your everyday problems and stress. Affirmations about anxiety are thoughts that bring you happiness and peace and helps you to relax after a long day. If your thoughts can lead you to have a panic attack, then your thought can also make you think in a positive way. 

The power of your thoughts is expressed through short positive affirmations that can heal your body and mind. Instead of imagining  worst-case scenarios, you can imagine beautiful, positive things, such as love and appreciation. Anxiety is nothing more than a state of mind caused by your outer world, which leads you to feel scared.

If you can have a panic attack just by thinking about negative things, then you can also heal your mind and body by think about positive things. That is how positive thinking affirmations work – positive thoughts lead to positive changes in your body and mind.

Why Use Affirmations For Anxiety?

If you want to make positive changes in your life, you should use affirmations for anxiety, because they are very helpful and useful. You get many benefits from using affirmations, such as a positive state of mind, stop your of panic attacks, going to sleep without any negative thoughts, no more fear and negative emotions, better problem solving skills, etc. 

Why would you torture yourself with terrifying thoughts and emotions when you can live your life – free from anxiety and fear? You can do it by implementing the art of positive affirmations into your life. If you have sleep anxiety, affirmations for anxiety will help you fall asleep. If you have sudden panic attacks at night, affirmations can help you to get rid of your panic attacks.

Also, if you want to stop worrying about your future or regretting your past, affirmations for anxiety will help you do so. Also, if you have problems with controlling your negative emotions, i am affirmations can teach you how to be patient and less explosive. You can learn to control your body and mind and stop your negative thoughts and actions. 

Affirmations anxiety

Another reason to start practicing affirmations for anxiety is that you can become a better friend, parent, or spouse. People around you suffer, if you suffer. Once you get rid of your problems and pain, people who love you will be very happy for you.  By affecting your actions and thoughts positively, you affect the whole world positively. 

Your colleagues will be happier if you no longer are tense or frustrated. Your friends will be happy to see you shine, and your family will tart having more positive thoughts.

You can help yourself and others by practicing daily affirmation quotes. You get many benefits from positive affirmations. At the end of your day, you will be proud of yourself for making the world a better place for yourself and the people you love. Positive affirmations for anxiety will affect you to start act more positively for various situations.  

If you feel lonely without a partner, you are certainly more likely to attract someone if you love yourself and if you are a positive person. 

How to use affirmations for anxiety?

Firstly, you need to be motivated and ready to start practicing affirmations for anxiety. This means that you need to be ready for change. If you refuse to change and you ask the question: do affirmations really work? then affirmations are less likely they work. You need to trust that you are strong and motivated to start a better life. 

To use affirmations properly, you need to make a plan with your goals. If you want to stop being anxious, you need to be aware of the reasons why you are anxious. Also, you need to choose the time and place where you want to practice your affirmations for anxiety. 

You should find a quiet and nice place that feels comfortable for you. For example, it can be your room where noone can disturb and interrupt you.

Being alone is really important, because then you can focus on yourself and on your affirmations for anxiety. You should practice your affirmations for anxiety at night, because then you have time and space to think and be alone. You can start doing your affirmations by telling yourself that you are calm and relaxed. There is nothing that can hurt you and you are safe.

Focus on your breath and your chest during your inhale and exhale to help you stay relaxed and release any tension. You need to let your body know that it is safe and that there is no pressure.

Affirmations for anxiety

Start relaxing your muscles, focus on your head and neck, release the pressure from your shoulders. Once you let your body relax, you will start noticing thoughts. Try to let your thoughts fade away and don’t force yourself to think. Start telling yourself that you feel good and that you deserve happiness and joy in life. 

Be aware that you are capable of being calm and that you can control your anxiety. Say to yourself that you are loved and accepted. If any negative thoughts appear, try to convince yourself that they are not real. Negative thoughts are the product of your mind, just like the positive ones.

Focus on your well-being and appreciate the fact that you are alive. Nothing can hurt you and everything is perfectly fine at that moment. You are in control of your mind and body. Keep the focus on your breath because you breath will keep you calm and relaxed. Say to yourself that you are healthy and that you feel better every day. 

Think about yourself as a positive person full of good traits. You are a good friend, parent, partner, and you deserve love. You are good enough and you are not afraid of the future, because that is just an image that makes you feel scared. The more you start obsessing about your future, the more scare and uncomfortable you will feel.

Anxiety affirmations

Be aware of your present moment by touching the sheets of your bed. You can touch your face and tell yourself: This is me. I am here. I am alive and I feel good. There is no tomorrow or yesterday, the only thing that exists is the present moment. Appreciate your breath and the ability to see, touch and feel. That will calm you and keep you on the ground.

Connect to the objects around you to stay in the present moment. Tell yourself that you are happy with what you have and appreciate the present moment. Nothing and no-one can hurt you while you are in the present moment. The fearful thoughts don’t exist when your are aware of the presence. 

Fear and anxiety are products of living in the past and future, and they are not reality. Be present and breathe deeply, releasing the tension and negative thoughts from your body and mind.

Do affirmations work for anxiety?

Yes, they do. Affirmations are positive thoughts that affect your state of mind and can help you stop being anxious. Anxiety is the product of negative thinking and it affects your body and causes it to be less healthy. If you can make your body and mind feel bad just by thinking, then you surely can change your mind into a positive place. 

The power of your mind is unimaginable. You can make yourself to believe that you feel bad and cause your body to get ill. When you use a list of affirmations you clean yourself from negative thoughts and bring health to your body and mind. If you practice positive thinking and stop thinking negatively, you can stop your anxiety attacks. According to Psychology Today, “affirmations can help us develop a more optimistic mindset“. 

How do affirmations help anxiety?

When you are affected by stress, your body creates a certain hormone called epinephrine, more known as adrenaline. Adrenaline causes your body to react to stressful situations and activates a flight or fight response. If you constantly expose yourself to stress by thinking about negative situations and scenarios, your body will produce more adrenaline. 

Anxiety causes your heart to beat faster, you start sweating and feel nervous and you will be anxious. If you imagine that something bad will happen, your body will produce adrenaline and act as if something bad actually has happened. 

If you can make your body stressed just by thinking negatively, you can certainly make your body healthy and relaxed by thinking positively. An anxiety attack is a physical reaction to your negative thoughts and it can be cured by thinking positively and making positive changes in your lives. 

Positive i am affirmation quotes helps your body to control your anxiety and stops the release of adrenaline. Good and positive thoughts affect your body to produce hormones, such as dopamine, which affect your body and mind to feel pleasure and happiness. 

Below you find a list of affirmations for anxiety.

Morning Affirmations For Anxiety

Below you find affirmations for anxiety about mornings.

  1. I am proactive and I will finish my obligations.
  2. I won’t run away from my responsibilities and I will finish them with joy.
  3. I am ready for this day. This day will be great and I am happy to be able to make the best of my day.
  4. I am healthy and full of joy. Nothing can make me feel anxious.
  5. I feel love for family, friends, and other people. I feel love for nature and myself. I am in love with life.
  6. I’m brave and I can handle any challenge today. I am not scared of expressing my thoughts and I have the right to express my opinion.
  7. I am ready for this day and I can control my feelings and thoughts. I won’t let anyone make me feel bad and stop my feeling of happiness.
  8. I am ready to make a change today. I am ready to feel good about myself.
  9. I won’t let myself get wrapped in negative thinking. I won’t let myself feel anxious. I am not anxious.
  10. I accept myself and I love who I am. I am a person who deserves love and respect. I am strong and brave.

Affirmations For Social Anxiety

Below you find affirmations for anxiety related to social situations.

  1. I love people and they can’t hurt me. I am not scared of social interaction and I like talking to people.
  2. People don’t want to hurt me. They won’t look down on me and I can handle a conversation with people.
  3. I will start a conversation with someone today. I can do it and that is what I need.
  4. I am not scared of other people and their opinion. I love myself and I don’t need to be accepted by others if they disagree with me.
  5. I am ready to take action if someone disrespects me. I am not afraid to tell my opinion because I have the right to do so.
  6. I deserve to have a good social life. I deserve to make new friendships and to show how great a friend I can be.
  7. I will not hide and I deserve to show people how great I am.
  8. Others are not better than me, we are all the same. I deserve respect and I will receive it.
  9. I am not afraid of being judged. I don’t care about negative opinions and I will focus on positive things today.
  10. It is okay to act differently from others. I am the way I am and there is no reason to be ashamed of that.

Affirmations For Covid Anxiety

Below you find affirmations for anxiety about covid.

  1. My immune system is strong. I am healthy and free from worries.
  2. I am not afraid of this virus. Everyone is going through the same problems and I am not alone in this.
  3. It is okay to feel confused. This is a global problem and everyone is trying their best to make the world safer.
  4. I am doing everything I can to help the world deal with the coronavirus. I am not alone in this and I do the best I can.
  5. I can’t do much, but I follow the rules and I keep my distance. This is the first time I experience the pandemic and it’s okay to feel a little bit worried.
  6. This pandemic will be over soon. Everything will fall back in its place and I will be safe.
  7. The fear is not going to help me. Only positive thinking can help me get through this situation. I am not afraid and I do my best to keep others and myself safe.
  8. I am happy to be alive. I live my life the best I can and I don’t waste my time worrying.
  9. I am not alone in this. Everyone is going through the same and we are all together in this pandemic. We will fight corona and live normal lives.
  10. I won’t listen to other people who are bringing up the tension. Panic won’t help me be better. I don’t panic and I can handle any situation.

Affirmations For Anxiety At Work

Below you find affirmations for anxiety about work.

  1. I love my work. I am happy to be able to earn money and see my colleagues. I can do it and I am capable of finishing any task.
  2. I can take advice from my colleagues or boss and don’t have any prejudice.
  3. I am here because I deserve it. I do my job excellently and I am satisfied with my work.
  4. I won’t listen to negative people and I will focus on my job. I am here to work, not to waste my time.
  5. I won’t bring negative experiences from work into my bed. I won’t stress myself out because of work. I won’t mix my personal life with the professional one.
  6. I will use my time at work to get new experiences and become better. I won’t waste my time on unnecessary things and I will save my energy for after-work.
  7. I won’t take negativity from my colleagues, the boss, or customers. I am here to do my job, not to interact with drama-people.
  8. I need this job and I will take as much as I can from it. I am glad to be able to work and gain money.
  9. The work is good for me. It is making me feel useful and proactive.  I can make a progress at this job and I am grateful for that.
  10. I work for myself. I care about myself and this work is helping me achieve my goals. I can always get a better job because I am resourceful and competent.

Health Anxiety Affirmations

Below you find affirmations for anxiety related to health.

  1. My body and mind are healthy. I am not ill nor sick. I feel good and I am good.
  2. I am not afraid of illness and I can overcome any health problem. I am strong and well and I won’t overthink the possibility of getting sick.
  3. I am in control of my well-being. I think positively and I feel great. I won’t scare myself with negative thoughts and I can control my body.
  4. I love my body and I take care of it. There is no reason to think that I am sick. I am healthy and I know it.
  5. My body and mind are strong and full of happiness. I am happy and glad to be healthy and I appreciate myself.
  6. I won’t hurt my body by neglecting it. I can take more care of myself and I respect my body. I deserve to be healthy and I am healthy.
  7. If I really doubt my health, I will see a doctor. Nothing is wrong with me and I can always check-up on my health with a professional.
  8. I have plenty of opportunities and my body can sense all the beautiful things in this world. I am healthy and ready for living my life free from fear.
  9. My thoughts are positive. I love my body and I love myself. I am feeling safe and sound. I protect myself from negative situations and thoughts. I am strong.
  10. Life is beautiful and I am grateful for being able to enjoy it. My body receives good energy and is happy to be here. I am happy to be alive.

Affirmations For Exam Anxiety

Below you find affirmations for anxiety about exams.

  1. I am ready for this exam. I studied hard enough and I have the proper knowledge. Nothing can go wrong and I will show my knowledge to my professors. I am ready and I will succeed.
  2. This is just an exam. My life doesn’t depend on it and I am not afraid of failure. I will succeed in this and I deserve the highest grade.
  3. The grade is less important than knowledge. If I studied enough for this exam, there is no reason to be afraid of the grade. I will get what I deserve and there is nothing wrong with that.
  4. I am happy for this opportunity to show my knowledge. I will try my best to answer the questions and I will succeed. I am here because I choose to be here.
  5. No-one can force me into anything. I choose this exam and I gave my consent for this. Nobody made me do anything. This is my free will and it will bring me many benefits.
  6. I am not anxious. I don’t have a reason to be scared. This is just an exam and I chose to do it. I am in control.
  7. My hard work got me here and I will show my true knowledge. I am glad to be able to test my knowledge on this exam and I am happy to have that opportunity.
  8. I do this for myself and nobody else. If I get a bad grade or fail, it just means that I should study more. No matter what happens in the end, it is for my good.
  9. I am ready for this exam. I am bigger than this exam and I will easily pass it.
  10. I chose this exam and I am prepared now. Nothing can stop me and I feel encouraged.

Positive Affirmations For Anxiety And Depression

  1. I accept this feeling. I am not scared anymore and I let myself feel what I feel. I am not rejecting these thoughts and I accept everything I feel and think.
  2. I let myself be. I release the tension and I breathe in the fresh air. I breathe out all the negativity and I feel good. I am bigger than anxiety; there is more to life than this. I can do it.
  3. I deserve to be happy. I am happy. I am aware of my negative thoughts and I choose to let them go. I believe in myself and I know that I am strong.
  4. I am not my depression. I am more than that and I know it. People love me for who I am and my depression can’t take it away. I love other people and they love me. I am ready for change.
  5. I don’t feel sad for myself. I congrats myself for being this strong and for getting up every day. I am proud of myself and my strength to keep going.
  6. I am trying my best and I am proud of myself. I am dealing with my condition every day and I appreciate myself for it.
  7. Everything I do, I do for myself because I love myself. I am worthy and I deserve love.
  8. No-one is perfect. I am not perfect. I am the way I should be and I will learn something out of this situation. I will get stronger and bigger and I will be happy.
  9. I am in control of my thoughts and actions. Everything I see and know comes from my mind. I won’t let negative thoughts overwhelm me and let me down.
  10. My brain is responsible for how I feel. I can change the way I feel and I can get better. I am getting better.

Daily Affirmations For Anxiety

  1. Today, I will be braver. I will help myself get better. I care for myself and I love myself.
  2. I am ready to fight anxiety. I am ready to break free and start living a happy life. I deserve happiness and peace.
  3. I am in control of my body and mind. I can control my reactions to negative thoughts. I am stronger than negativity. I am safe and grounded. I love my reality.
  4. I deserve a new chance. I deserve to love myself. I am worthy. I respect my body and mind and I won’t hurt myself. I am helping myself.
  5. I am healthy and happy. I am good. I am brave and energetic. I am ready for a change.
  6. I don’t feel fear. I am not anxious. That is not me and I won’t let myself get destructive. I have a reason to live.
  7. I am not alone in this. There is plenty of people in much worse situations. I can get through this. The world needs me, people need me, I need me.
  8. My mission in this world is to spread love and happiness. I am full of love for myself and others and I am happy for that.
  9. My weakness is my strength. I need this experience to get stronger and better. There is a reason to be alive.
  10. Feelings, good and bad, make me feel alive. I am here. I am accepting myself for everything I am. I love myself.

Positive Affirmations For Sleep Anxiety

  1. I will give my body and mind rest. I will let my body and mind get energy and rest.
  2. My body needs to relax. I am helping my body to get less tired because I love myself.
  3. Nothing can hurt me now. I am at peace and I feel relaxed.
  4. Sleep is preparing me for a better tomorrow. I will let myself rest and gather positive energy.
  5. I let the thoughts go. I let myself sleep. I am right where I’m supposed to be. Everything is going to be alright.
  6. I love my body and I let it get sleep. Sleep is good for me and I am feeling sleepy.
  7. I accept my thoughts. They disappear and appear and I let them be. I am where I should be, in my bed, preparing to sleep.
  8. I am in my bed and I am letting my body and mind rest.
  9. I don’t push myself to stay awake. I let the day finish and I am going to sleep.
  10. This is the right time for me to sleep. I am where I want to be and I am giving myself to relax and sleep.

Affirmations For Driving Anxiety

  1.  I am a good driver. I trust myself and I am skilled enough.
  2. The fear won’t help me drive. I let the fear go and I fully trust my driving skills.
  3. I am safer in my car. I am doing the right thing and I know I am a good driver.
  4. I am not afraid of driving. I am not anxious and I love driving my car.
  5. I chose to drive and I can handle the traffic. I am doing a normal everyday activity. Everything will be okay.
  6. If I am careful and I pay attention, nothing bad can happen to me.
  7. My skills can save me from a potential accident. I am good enough and I am not scared of other drivers.
  8. I need this car. It gives me many benefits. I love driving my car.
  9. I can always pull over and stop driving.
  10. Nobody is forcing me to do anything. I don’t have to drive. But, if I want to, I can.

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