140 Positive affirmations for men

Looking for positive affirmations for men? Men deserve their fair share of self-love and self-empowerment which is why we have compiled a list of powerful affirmations for men that can help all men convert their negative thoughts into positive ones. Practise them as much as you can and you’ll witness groundbreaking changes in your life. With that said, let’s dive into these affirmations.

Morning Affirmations For Men

Morning Affirmations For Men

Below you find 20 affirmations for men that can be used to uplift the mood every morning. 

  • I will seize the moment and have an amazing day!
  • My day is going to be filled with joy and happiness.
  • I will smash each and every one of my goals today.
  • I have complete and utter control over my life.
  • I am going to choose the life that I want.
  • I have faith that everything will be easy for me.
  • I will attract unexpected gifts and miracles from the universe.
  • Not one can stop me from having an amazing day. 
  • I am invincible and nothing can harm me today. 
  • I attract all the goodness the universe has to offer.
  • Other people’s opinions about me do not affect me nor do they control me.
  • I am the writer of my story and I will ensure I have the most amazing story to tell.
  • My strength and resilience is greater than any and all struggles I face today. 
  • I have the courage to face any and all obstacles that come in between my path to success.
  • I am fearless and I am ready to do anything it takes to become successful.
  • All failures are a stepping stone to growth and I will use them to become a better version of myself.
  • Today is my day and I will own it by doing all my work on time.
  • I deserve to have an amazing day filled with happiness, love and success.
  • I will stay away from all negative and toxic people who try to ruin my day.
  • I am grateful and blessed to have one more day in this beautiful and amazing world.

Affirmations For Men Who Want to Attract Women

Affirmations For Men Who Want to Attract Women

Below you find 20 positive affirmations for men that are helpful to attract women.

  • I have an attractive, alluring, sensual and likable personality.
  • I appear strong, confident, charismatic and charming around women.
  • Many women admire my strength, my skills and my wit.
  • I have a wonderful smile and an entrancing gaze that attracts many women around me.
  • I love taking care of myself and I love the person I see in the mirror every day.
  • I can feel myself grow more and more attractive daily.
  • I’m free from all insecurities because my body looks incredible.
  • I’m friendly and women find it easy to talk to me.
  • I can easily attract the attention of any woman.
  • My actions and my thoughts always attract women towards me.
  • I can understand and comprehend women’s body language easily and effortlessly.
  • Many women are eager to hang out with me and they enjoy making me happy.
  • I have mastered the art of attracting women towards me and I do it with ease.
  • Women find my looks and my personality enchanting and sensual.
  • I am a woman attracting magnet and I attract women daily, every second of the day.
  • My body language is masculine, impressive, irresistible and tempting to many of the women around me.
  • I am an expert at understanding women and I use my skills carefully with wisdom.
  • Women are always complimenting my fashion sense, my hairstyle, my confidence and my body.
  • I am always confident, charismatic and charming around women, especially the ones that I like.
  • I am an expert at flirting and seducing women, which is why women can’t help but be attracted to me.

Positive Affirmations for Black Men

Affirmations for black men

Below you find 20 positive affirmations suited for black men.

  • I am a king and I am worthy of all the peace and happiness present in this world.
  • I am better than what the media says about me.
  • I will use my skills and my talents and try to be the best version of myself.
  • I will not let any fear stop me from fulfilling my dreams and my goals.
  • I will outshine all my competitors in any work I do.
  • My intuition always guides me to make the best decisions.
  • I trust my gut feeling because it is always right.
  • I don’t have time to pity my life nor my situation.
  • I stand strong in the face of all obstacles.
  • Other men around me envy my strength, my intelligence, my athleticism and my infinite skills.
  • I analyze my decisions and choose to react positively.
  • I do not sell myself short and I believe in myself and in my abilities.
  • I always stand for the truth and act justly.
  • I support my brothers and help them achieve success and prosperity.
  • I love my skin colour and I love being black.
  • I am proud to be black and I believe that black is beautiful and lovely.
  • I am proud of how far I have come and everything I have achieved with my hard work.
  • I have come far and I feel accomplished daily.
  • Every day brings new success, triumphs, wealth, prosperity and happiness.
  • I am content with how my life is going and I’m grateful for every blessing that surrounds me.

Positive Affirmations For Depressed Men

Depressed men affirmations

Below you find 20 affirmations for men that are depressed.

  • I am an amazing human being and I deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life.
  • I do not compare my life and my circumstances with anyone else around me.
  • I matter to many friends and family around me.
  • Just because I am depressed does not mean I am broken.
  • Every cloud has a silver lining and I have faith that my life will come together. 
  • My future will not be a reflection of my past.
  • I have control over the decisions that I make and I will ensure that things get better.
  • I forgive myself for all the mistakes I’ve made.
  • I love my flaws and my imperfections, as they make me special and unique.
  • I release myself from the need to be perfect.
  • I am enough regardless of what I offer to people.
  • I have the power to add great value to the world and in the lives of the people around me.
  • I am slowly going to build a life that I love.
  • I am grateful for all the small and the big blessings present in my life.
  • I have the power to cut out all negative and toxic people from my life.
  • I am becoming stronger every single day.
  • I am grateful for the life that I have.
  • Things might not be easy right now but I have faith that they will get better slowly.
  • I am strong and I have the power to hold on.
  • I will push through this extremely difficult and tough time.

Positive Daily Affirmations For Men

Daily positive affirmations men

Below you find 20 daily positive affirmations for men.

  • I am brave and courageous and I work hard to achieve all my goals.
  • I have healthy relationships with the people around me.
  • I am loved by my friends and my family.
  • I feel valued and appreciated by my loved ones.
  • My hard work and my efforts don’t go unnoticed.
  • I do not let others take wrongful advantage of me.
  • I am always ready to make positive changes in my life that will help me become successful.
  • Every day I grow closer to my ideal self.
  • I will work hard until my dreams become a reality.
  • I treat people the way I want to be treated.
  • I respect myself and other people that are around me.
  • I prioritize my health and my well-being over any internal or external factors in my life.
  • I have the power to decide who I want to be and define the course of my life.
  • I am in control of my fate and my destiny and I’m guiding myself towards success and happiness.
  • Each and every mistake provides an opportunity to learn and I will not give up until my dreams are fulfilled.
  • I have infinite talents and I use each and every one of them to the fullest.
  • I add immense value to this world, with my talents, my skills and my existence.
  • I have an intelligent mind and a strong, athletic body that I use to help others around me.
  • I exude confidence in all social and private settings and other people envy my confidence.
  • Every challenge in my life helps me grow and I’m proud of the person I have grown into today.
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Alpha Male Affirmations

Alpha male affirmations

Below you find 20 positive alpha male affirmations.

  • I’m a handsome alpha male and I feel awesome daily.
  • I’m full of masculine energy that everyone admires and respects.
  • I’m powerful and I have the ability to control my life and steer it in any direction I want.
  • Other men envy my dominant and confident energy.
  • I am fearless and nothing can stop me from fulfilling my goals and my dreams.
  • I give off strong, confident and hyper-masculine vibes.
  • Love, romance and success flow to me naturally.
  • I am grateful and happy to be an alpha male.
  • I know how to assess the room and control it with my confidence and my demeanour.
  • I have the courage and the confidence to make decisions that are good for me.
  • My body language is hyper-masculine and people can see that.
  • I am assertive and I have the ability to make all decisions with ease and confidence.
  • I am authoritative and I have great leadership skills.
  • I have immense control over my emotions and I remain calm and composed in all situations.
  • I know that a true alpha is never scared to show emotion which is why I never hide how I feel.
  • I always choose to act wisely in every situation.
  • I am multi-talented and I always know how to turn a bad situation into a good one.
  • My ego is not hurt by other people’s opinion of me.
  • My masculinity does not depend on other people, other things or on any situation.
  • I am an alpha male and I do not get intimidated by other men around me.

Positive Affirmations For Men With Low Self-Esteem

  • I am an amazing person with many hidden talents.
  • I have all the abilities I need to fulfil my dreams.
  • I am strong, resilient, charming, charismatic and confident.
  • There is nobody out there who is as amazing as me.
  • I am not a burden on anyone in my life.
  • Success and prosperity come naturally and effortlessly to me.
  • I have the abilities and the skills needed to conquer any goal that I set for myself.
  • I deserve to have everything that I desire.
  • Confidence is my birthright and I practise it with ease.
  • I can feel myself grow more confident every single day.
  • I feel satisfied when I look at everything I have achieved in my life up till now.
  • My confidence does not depend on what other people think about me even if it’s my family.
  • Only I get to decide and define my self-worth. 
  • I am confident in my self worth and I am free from any and all insecurities.
  • People around me can’t help but admire my dedication, my determination, my commitment, and my work ethic.
  • I am full of creative energy and it shows in all the work I do.
  • I am a responsible man and I excel in every task and every job that I do.
  • I am not perfect but I am always working on becoming the best possible version of myself.
  • I am kind to myself and I choose to shower myself with compliments and praise.
  • I forgive myself for all my past mistakes and I release myself from the need to be perfect.


Why use positive affirmations for men?

Positive affirmations are not just for women. They can also help men view themselves and their lives in a more optimistic and positive way.

How to use positive affirmations for men?

There’s no specific way to do that. However, for best results make sure you’re standing or sitting in a quiet place, free from all distraction. Then repeat these statements loudly.

What are positive affirmations for men?

They are positive messages aimed at combating the negative self-talk that might go through a man’s mind.

Do positive affirmations for men really work?

Psychological studies show that positive affirmations have the power to change the self-concepts people have of themselves. It can also correct cognitive distortions and help people grow into empowered versions of themselves. So yes, they do work.

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