100 positive affirmations for losing weight

Listen to your inner voice when you hop on a scale or look in the mirror. Does this voice serve you or harm you? Ask yourself at this moment if you believe that weight loss is simple. Do you think it takes an intense amount of discipline, drive, time, intention, or passion? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

Many people believe losing weight is nearly impossible, but it’s the exact opposite — it’s very easy. Using weight loss affirmations will help you see your body and the world in a more positive light.

If you’re reading this article, it’s time to rewrite your story. Everyone has a personal narrative they tell themselves about weight loss. This story may be that other people can lose weight easier than you or that every time you lose weight, you gain it back. These ideas are not necessarily true, but you will see their results in the real world if you believe they are. 

weight loss affirmations

The reinforcement of this belief in your mind, in negativity or weight gain, for example, will continue to make you believe in the impossibility of weight loss. 

The only reason why losing weight seems like a miraculous endeavour to you is because you identify with the nagging, negative voice in your mind. When you recite weight affirmations, you create a helpful voice that you begin to identify with. You operate from the idea that losing weight doesn’t take stress or strain. It is simply a matter of what you tell yourself.

What are weight loss affirmations?

Weight loss affirmations help you visualize the future version of yourself that you’d like to embody. With consistency and practice, you will notice yourself frequently tapping into the assumption that your ideal weight loss life is easy. 

More importantly, weight loss affirmations create a state of peace, joy, and love for yourself that you ultimately would like to feel. By law, when you can feel and imagine how you will be at the end of your weight loss manifestation, it has to happen.

As you align with the feeling, affirmations for weight loss will help you find the strength to work out consistently, adapt your diet, drink more water, and participate in more fitness activities. You become the fittest person that you would like to be. 


This could mean operating from the mindset of an occasional workout junkie or a full-time athlete. If a workout is less your style, affirmations targeted towards your nutrition are just as powerful. 

Weight loss affirmations are important because if you are struggling to lose weight, a limiting belief has been planted in you from a young age. This may cause you to believe that it’s hard for you to lose weight or that it may not even be possible for you. Affirmations undo these limiting beliefs. Ultimately, they will create the desire for a slimmer, healthier you.

Do weight loss affirmations work?

Weight loss affirmations work. Right now, it may feel like you’re doing everything in your power to lose weight yet see no progress. Take a moment to think about why you may have a love-hate relationship with diet and exercise. There are so many programs dedicated to it, yet not a single one is entirely full-proof. This is because your self-concept, influenced by the thoughts you think, must align with the actions and feelings towards exercise.

Affirmations change the self-concept you currently have of yourself from someone who struggles to lose weight to a person who easily sheds off the pounds. They also target your beliefs about how easy it is to lose weight and make it much simpler for you. 

Weight loss affirmations help you become aware of the story you tell yourself simply because you are consciously controlling it. When you’re in the driver’s seat of your weight loss journey, you can reframe the story others have told you in the past. 

Weight loss affirmations are aimed at those who wish to be a fitter, healthier, slimmer version of themselves. You should read this article for anything weight loss-related — if you want to change your physical body, improve your image in the mirror, or even if you want to lose a couple of inches off your belt. 

affirmations for weight loss

If you read this article, you will learn how to believe in the power of your words and see how it will manifest into actual weight loss. You will learn to think that weight loss should not be placed on a pedestal. It is easy, doable, and can be done by anyone. Weight loss does not require difficult work or strain. Once you decide that it is easy, it will be so. 

The law of attraction states that is not about what you do, but how you feel as you think about your weight loss. This is why exercise and diet are not as crucial in the initial stage. The state of being naturally happy and accepting yourself as you are will help you lose weight. 

Even though losing weight can be as easy or as hard as you make it to be, having a healthy body should be the ultimate goal before any weight loss occurs. A healthy body has a strong immune system that can fight off any diseases and keeps you feeling the best you can so you can achieve what you like. 

Once you believe and assume this to be true, your reality has no choice but to show you this proof. Like any other goal, weight loss is a gradual process that anyone can achieve. Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools to change your mindset about weight loss.

How to use affirmations for weight loss

  1. Decide who you are. Decide what goal weight you want. Know what you would like to look like physically and feel like mentally. Imagine in your mind’s eye how you would like to look.
  2. When you wake up, before you check your phone or get up for the day, sit and recite your affirmations. They will provide a drive for your day and help you be more clear-headed and rational in the best decisions to make around weight loss.
  3. Practice working out daily in the morning. In 66 days, it will become a habit and will help you say your affirmations better. As you work out, recite positive weight loss affirmations. Affirmations have a stronger hold when you move your body.
  4. When you feel a negative thought, interrupt the thought with a positive affirmation. Negative thoughts may happen when you see people you may feel jealous of or think about memories or negative words others have said about you. Be aware of these thoughts.
  5. Surrender to the feelings that occur when you recite these weight loss affirmations. Don’t suppress the feelings that arise because it creates resistance. This means letting go of the feeling you want to acquire and listen to what your body tells you.
  6. Let go of your weight loss affirmations after they are said. Do not continue to think about them persistently. Understand the Universe will grant them to you. If it helps, you may recite “it is done” after you repeat your affirmations. 
  7. Love and celebrate your body exactly as it is right now. Always talk about your body to others with positivity. Refrain from complaining. Remember that you will have the same body that you do now when you lose weight, so have joy in this!

List of affirmations for weight loss

These affirmations are for weight loss, exercise, nutrition, self-image, and limiting beliefs. Feel passionate as you recite these affirmations. It is essential to believe what you say as you repeat the words out of your mouth. It’s okay not to feel a high-vibrational emotion immediately. 

Be grateful because every day is a new day with new emotions. Say each affirmation multiple times until you feel the feeling of the manifestation as it occurs. As you continue to speak them, you will begin to find evidence of it in your world. Below you find 100 affirmations for weight loss.

Positive affirmations for weight loss

  1. My body melts down to its exact right way of being. 
  2. I celebrate my structure. My body frame is perfect in every single way.
  3. I have a loving relationship with my body.
  4. I accept my body for the shape and the phases it is in.
  5. I uniquely express myself. I have boldness and fire within me that slims me down.
  6. I feel comfortable in my skin. There’s nothing wrong with my body.
  7. I give myself a new meaning about how I am in the world. I take up less space in the physical and more in the mental.
  8. I feel what it’s like to look in the mirror and see a visualized permanent weight loss.
  9. I can wear whatever I want in public and feel amazing. I turn heads and bask in this delight.
  10. I eat the foods that I love and enjoy them. I am becoming the next-level version of myself daily.

Daily affirmations for weight loss

  1. I assume that I can have what I want. I know I can have what I want.
  2. I am in harmony with the healthy version of myself.
  3. I let go of obsessing over my weight. I let what is meant to happen.
  4. I wear whatever I want and feel comfortable. I feel amazing.
  5. I feel confident. I see in my mind’s eye how I will look.
  6. I attune to the radio station of weight loss. I dance to a new frequency. 
  7. I have my ideal body weight. I am impressed by how easily I slim down.
  8. I am a magician at mastering my own body. Losing weight feels simple, easy, and breezy. 
  9. I weigh less than I did five years ago. I will continue on this route for as long as I like.
  10. I feel good in a public setting. I feel good at the beach. I feel good at the grocery store.

Law of attraction weight loss affirmations

  1. I have the habits and behaviours of the version of me that has lost weight.
  2. When I feel bright, shiny, and happy, my body reflects that inner state naturally.
  3. I make peace with where I am. I release all resistance.
  4. I have unconditional love for myself when I look in the mirror.
  5. I am inspired by the action that will lead me where I want to be.
  6. I distract myself from thinking about my physical circumstances. I am a match for everything vibrationally thin and slim.
  7. I let myself desire to be skinny. This desire is in my life because it’s meant to happen.
  8. I hop on the scale with confidence and authority. When I’m in a good mood, the scale tells me what I want to see.
  9. I manipulate my energetic state to a higher vibration to optimize my weight loss.
  10. The Universe is malleable in every single way. I affect how my body looks. 

I am affirmations for weight loss

  1. I am strong and protected. My weight is not needed to be my shield. 
  2. I am sexy and healthy. I am active, capable, healthy, and energetic.
  3. I am in the best shape of my life. I am at a healthy weight and it feels great.
  4. I am so happy whenever I hop on the scale because I know I’ll see.
  5. I can let go of the excess and what is no longer needed.
  6. I can find the perfect balance of enjoying life and food to the fullest. I can enjoy everything at once.
  7. I am an athlete. I love the feeling of working out. I feel my limbs being elongated and my whole body being reduced.
  8. I am perfect and right, just as I am. My body is a divine creation of the Universe in all of its fitted glory.
  9. I am a person who eats in small portions and eats healthy. I love to eat healthily.
  10. I am my form of body inspiration. I am in love when I gaze in the mirror at how fantastic I look.

Affirmations to lose belly fat

  1. I feel weight shedding off as I work. I feel weight shedding off as I relax.
  2. I have an insanely high metabolism. eat whatever I want and never gain weight. 
  3. I have my ideal body weight. I have a tiny waist and a flat tummy.
  4. My stomach is flat and toned. I see the definition in my stomach forming.
  5. I feel thin after eating a huge meal. I see this proof in the mirror. 
  6. I feel my body morphing. I practice crunches and sit-ups in my free time for fun.
  7. My body is magical. Every pound I lose rapidly makes every other pound melt away as well.
  8. My belly is so impressive. It looks great in any shirt I wear and everyone’s eyes go straight to it.
  9. I have a muscular six-pack. It is so chiselled and defined that I love to show it off wherever I go.
  10. I feel my body being streamlined when I work out. I feel my body being tightened softly around my centre.

Morning weight loss affirmations

  1. I easily visualize my ideal self. I feel exactly how they feel.
  2. I am my own biggest cheerleader. I say positive things within my thoughts about my weight.
  3. I observe my negative thoughts about weight loss. I know they are not true.
  4. I deserve to feel good about my body. I already appreciate myself for who I am.
  5. I do not judge my body. I love my body. I let it melt away naturally. 
  6. I love my body and my body loves me easily. It gives me every desire I want to see manifested.
  7. I gain inspiration from looking at my vision board. I can’t wait to get into shape. 
  8. I move differently by operating with self-love. I handle myself differently by toning myself to the extreme.
  9. My vibe gets better and better. I attract people who love their bodies and work hard to improve themselves.
  10. I am amazing. I forgive myself for past judgments about my body and love myself entirely now.

Rapid weight loss affirmations

  1. I am so surprised at how quickly weight moves off of me.
  2. With every movement, I become thinner and more aligned to my centre point.
  3. I envision the person I want to be.
  4. I set an intention for the food I eat and the water I drink.
  5. I feel ready to feel like a model.
  6. I embrace my fit and nutritious self. I eat only the right things for me and listen to my intuition on what will make me thinner.
  7. I feel like a rail. I can feel my fat melting off of me even within this beautiful slenderness.
  8. Weight sheds off me with quickness and ease. I have the adrenaline of the fastest animal on the planet that motivates me to work out.
  9. I love my size. I am constantly losing inches. My metabolism is so quick, smooth, and efficient.
  10. I am a master at self-control. I don’t need to count calories because I know what is perfect for me. 

Weight loss affirmations while sleeping

  1. I fall asleep with the sensory vividness of my imaginative skinny self.
  2. My excess weight that’s no longer is needed sheds off of me while I sleep.
  3. I remove the resistance of judging others so I can feel better about myself.
  4. I shine through even in my sleep. My frame is so small, thin, and aligned.
  5. I shed weight in my sleep. My mind is calm and harmonious whenever my head hits the pillow.
  6. I have aspirations, not comparisons. My dreams match the physical reality of my svelte and able-bodied nature.
  7. I’m winning because all my toned manifestations come true. My body is working for me perfectly.
  8. I’m so excited to wake up to a skinnier and stronger version of me. I celebrate this excitement by sleeping comfortably.
  9. I am as strong as the hulk. I’m powerful enough to manifest weight loss.
  10. I am skinny through and through. I am at such peace knowing I am what I want to look like.

Spiritual affirmations for weight loss

  1. I have faith that my manifestation of weight loss is occurring. 
  2. I continue and persist with my beliefs that my weight loss is happening
  3. I use my limitless imagination to access the feeling of what I want.
  4. I am an actor in my own playwright. I act like a skinny person.
  5. I have a positive, grateful, and appreciative emotion predominantly about my body.
  6. I allow the Universe to unfold towards my skinniness. This is the only possible route I align to.
  7. I manage my emotions well to feel gratitude for life. I am grateful for my slight, narrow body.
  8. I am the creator of my own beautiful, fit world. I am only attuned to slim people and attract their energy in my life.
  9. I am everything that is. I am all the skinny, beautiful people that exist because I am God of my reality.
  10. I believe my desire is inevitable. I know I can be anything I want — muscled to slim to toned to flat.

Subliminal weight loss affirmations

  1. My body is naturally light. I look good and feel success in feeling good. 
  2. My old state is leaving. I now occupy a new state — a state of weight loss.
  3. My family and friends comment on how slim I look.
  4. My subconscious mind confirms the identity of weight loss.
  5. My body has a natural ability to change and evolve right now.
  6. I look at my body as kindly, optimistically, and flawlessly as I look at other people.
  7. My reality proves me correct every time I think of being slim. My thoughts are more powerful than I know.
  8. I replace all inner conversations with positivity, healthiness, and support.
  9. In the back of my head, I believe my weight will be shed off. In all corners of my mind, I am strong.
  10. The concept I have of myself is a slim, toned, and fit person. This is all I see in photos, in the mirror, and reflected in other people.


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