100 positive affirmations for abundance

Imagine if someone told you that anything you want, you can receive. All you have to do is ask the universe and believe. Sounds crazy, right? If it does, it’s likely because you’ve yet to cultivate an abundant mindset. 

Look around you. Every day, babies are born, seeds grow into towering jungles, and the fascinating creatures from swift dolphins to huge dinosaurs have inhabited the land you step on today. There’s no other way around the truth: you live in a limitless universe.

With an abundant mindset, you begin to see how anything is possible. And in comparison to the magical life you live every day, the dreams you may believe are crazy or unreachable are a piece of cake.

Abundance affirmations

What are abundance affirmations?

You’ve likely come across the phrase, “Relax! You live on a giant floating rock in space.” The first time you hear it, it humbles you to stop overthinking. Take a moment to realize the enormity of this truth once again. If all this can occur, a million dollars is simply a dot on the universe’s pinky.

Abundance is the reason why circumstances beyond your wildest imagination take place every day. The universe makes your seemingly insane reality possible because of its power of abundance. The power of abundance is a force you can tap into as well, simply because you were born from the nature of the universe. 

Abundance affirmations are the key to tap into this power. They are phrases of manifestation to help you see the universe in a more positive light, a bountiful source of energy that can materialize any possible desire into reality. With consistency, your emotional, spiritual and physical reality will change before your eyes into a better, brighter world. 

Why use abundance affirmations?

When you recite abundance affirmations, your mindset adapts to receive the wonders of the universe, such as the desires of wealth, love, opportunities, money, luck, and success. Even if you don’t believe the words you say at first, your mind will believe anything that you tell yourself repeatedly. With daily consistency and an intention to improve, simply speaking these words will reprogram your mind to manifest the desires you want.

How to use abundance affirmations?

It is important to say your affirmations daily. Reciting them out loud is also essential. The strength of your voice will drown out any current negative thoughts or limiting beliefs in your mind. The louder you speak, the more effective the affirmations are because you will feel the emotion of the words more deeply. 

Abundance affirmations work best when you look into your eyes in a mirror as you say each affirmation. This practice is called mirror work and will enhance the phrases you recite.

  1. Sit in front of a mirror or reflection as you say each affirmation. 
  2. Say the affirmation once while looking into your eyes. The first time you say it, try to understand the meaning of the words.
  3. Say the affirmation a second time — this time, louder. The second time you speak, feel the words in your body. Feel the power and energy of what it is like to be the person who has manifested the words you speak.
  4. The third time, speak the loudest. Visualize the affirmation this time. How does it feel to see the world you create in your head? Imagine you are the person there. Amplify your emotions and soak in this feeling.
  5. Ask yourself, “How am I thinking as this new person? What am I doing? Who am I around? What is life like? How do I feel?” 
  6. Attribute a couple of words to the feelings of the emotions in your body.
  7. Start the process over with the next affirmation.

What is the difference between wealth, money, prosperity, and abundance affirmations?

Wealth affirmations help you accumulate money over a long period. You may be inclined to use wealth affirmations if you own a business, are an investor, or want to create a generational income for your family. 

Money affirmations are useful if you have something more specific you would like to pay for, such as a car, a gift, or a fun vacation. If you just like the feeling of some extra cash in your pocket, these affirmations are also handy.

Prosperity affirmations refer to growth and success in life. These affirmations will incite glory from the universe in any form you may like. This may mean a promotion at work or a divinely-timed opportunity to travel across the world. 

Abundance affirmations are the most general yet hold an immense amount of power. They include a combination of wealth, money, prosperity desires, plus the rest of the universe’s glory. When you recite abundance affirmations, you welcome all the goodness life has to offer you. These are most helpful if you aim to remove limiting beliefs or would like to see a physical reminder from the universe that anything is possible.

What do you say when manifesting abundance?

When manifesting abundance, speak in the present tense as if you have the manifestation already. (Don’t forget that you already do have the manifestation. Affirmations speed up the process of reaching the version of you that has it in the future.)

Always refer to yourself as “I”. Manifesting abundance also works well when you speak to the Universe, God, or Source — using whichever one you feel most comfortable with using — to build a connection with the co-creator of abundance.

Another bonus tip: focus on the positive. It’s proven the more you persist and think on a subject — even if you’re complaining about something you don’t like — the more your life centers your life around that subject, which will invite these unwanted thoughts to manifest. To attract positivity in your life, speak about where you are headed.

Affirmations for abundance

Do abundance affirmations work?

Abundance affirmations work. And what’s wonderful is they work as much as you believe they do, and the more you recite, the more you believe! With time, your brain will be convinced to look for the manifestations taking place. Abundance affirmations rewire your brain to help you see them coming true. They start a chain reaction of goodness within your life that becomes more rapid and more miraculous.

Best abundance affirmations

The abundance affirmations you recite should be versatile enough to expand on various positive statements from wealth and prosperity to the immensity of the universe’s grace. The best abundance affirmations heal self-sabotaging beliefs, an essential if you want your manifestations to occur. These affirmations are targeted towards both emotional healing and successful growth.

Affirmations for wealth and abundance

  • I deserve to be rich. I deserve to live comfortably.
  • The more I spend, the more it returns to me in greater quantities.
  • I focus on my passions, talents, and God-given qualities.
  • Amazing opportunities somehow always find me.
  • I feel so blessed by the universe that I get everything I want.
  • I am aligned to the energy of a six-figure bank account.
  • I am productive and honor myself for doing the work I need to have my business succeed. 
  • My career fulfills my soul. I feel happy to do what I love while serving others.
  • I am the creator of generational wealth. My family and friends will be safely taken care of for many generations.
  • I embody the wealth of the most abundant businessmen and businesswomen in the world. 

Financial abundance affirmations

  • Money is everywhere. Money is easy to obtain, and it serves all my needs.
  • Favorable circumstances await me. I am excited to receive them.
  • I feel so grateful to have a constant stream of income. 
  • My financial abundance gives me a sense of purpose and makes a difference to others.
  • I am successful. My desire for money is a gift from the universe to hint at this truth.
  • I am so abundant. When I spend money, I give back to others and somehow, it finds its way back to me again.
  • I find money in the least expected places. I receive money from the least expected people.
  • When I see those who have been blessed with financial abundance, I thank the universe for a glimpse of what my future will be.
  • I know that money is a safe resource that will provide all my wishes and desires are met.
  • I inhabit the financially abundant version of myself. I think the same way they would think and do the daily actions they do.

I am affirmations for abundance

  • I am a money-making mogul. Anything I produce transfers into riches.
  • I am my dream person. I live in my dream world.
  • I am more than capable of achieving success.
  • I am faithful in my success. I am always doing my best. 
  • I am dedicated to my well-being. 
  • I am balanced, centered, and focused. I purge out the bad and manifest the good. 
  • I am proud of every part of my life’s journey because it has brought me to the present beautiful moment I am in now.
  • I am a blessing to other people’s lives. I have an impact on everyone I interact with, no matter how brief.
  • I am already rich and successful. All I need to do is find my way to this timeline.
  • I am a whole and well-rounded individual. I am a conscious creator of my story.

Manifesting abundance affirmations

  • I heal my limiting beliefs around the universe’s power so I can attract a more valuable life.
  • Everything I want is on its way to me in due time.
  • My faith in Source grows with every passing day.
  • I flourish in spaces where I am celebrated. 
  • I remind myself that all my limitless dreams are coming to fruition.
  • I have an infinite well of self-love for everything I have been through. My life is full of lessons and liveliness.
  • When I’m unsure of my life, I ask for guidance and meditation, and the universe responds.
  • I have peace beyond understanding. There is clarity and acceptance inside me.
  • My current circumstances do not affect my desired reality. I maintain a tunnel vision for the life I want.
  • As soon as I ask for a desire, the universe listens, packages my delivery, and sends it out.

Abundance affirmations while you sleep

  • My dreams of money manifest into a beautiful reality.
  • I sleep comfortably, knowing that my money always accumulates.
  • When my mind is open, I transcend myself to possibilities I can never imagine.
  • My subconscious is at ease and knows anything I desire is possible.
  • The peace of sleep eases my mind along with daily meditation.
  • I rest calmly every night. I feel the energy of alignment transforming my life as I dream.
  • My life is full of richness in every aspect. I have more than enough to keep me happy.
  • The Universe and I are co-creators of a magical life. At night, the gateway of my mind unlocks to create a wonderful reality for me.
  • I am always manifesting, even as I sleep. My dreams are a place for achievement and gratitude for the past day and the one to come.
  • Abundance Subliminals rewire my subconscious to build stronger relationships and invite in more money.

Abundance affirmations morning

  • Every day that the sun rises, I can count on my income to increase.
  • I seek inspiration from nature’s abundance. It is a reflection of my life’s abundance.
  • I wake up peacefully, knowing that the universe is taking care of me.
  • The universe adores me with every day I receive on Earth.
  • I am strong. I am capable. I can achieve anything I want.
  • With every passing day, I am getting closer and closer to my goals. It is a matter of time before I will reach them.
  • I feel rejuvenated today. Anything I put my mind to, I can achieve.
  • I am ready to start my day. I take time to show appreciation to my body and surroundings and continue to show love to the world around me.
  • I thank myself for honoring my body enough to get my blood flowing and take a few moments of silence before I go out into the world.
  • I let peace and calmness fill me at the beginning of the day. This state of tranquility allows greatness to enter my life.

Positive abundance affirmations

  • I persist with optimism throughout hard times.
  • I am a ray of sunshine that brightens others’ days.
  • Every bit of kindness I show to others makes me feel wonderful.
  • I enjoy life. I reap the benefits of this enjoyment in the form of miracles.
  • I do not compete with others. I grow from the person I was yesterday.
  • I treat myself and others with kindness and appreciation. As I do, I notice my world becomes a brighter, happier place for me.
  • I choose to have the best day ever. I only respond with greatness, and I thank the universe for blessing me.
  • I am aware of my triggers. I take a moment to recollect myself and return to a better vibration and respond accordingly.
  • Everything I desire is already in existence. I align to the version of myself that has these gifts.
  • The universe wants me to win. The universe keeps my breath flowing and my heart pumping to reach my desires.

Daily abundance affirmations

  • I am proud of my hard work and diligence.
  • I feel grateful for the rewards I have manifested in my life.
  • My purpose matters. I help and serve others.
  • My life path is just as essential as anyone else’s.
  • I allow negative thoughts to dissolve and disappear with ease.
  • I honor my individuality. I am completely fulfilled in my expression.
  • I set a daily intention for what I will accomplish. 
  • I have more than enough to offer. 
  • I have a beautiful purpose that benefits my career, my relationships, and my life.
  • I appreciate myself for my desire to be a successful mogul and create generational wealth. Every day, I work towards these goals.

Evening affirmations for financial abundance

  • I take care of my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.
  • I listen to my intuition. When I need to, I take time for myself to relax.
  • I honor my inner child in the comfort of my own home.
  • I allow all my feelings to come through, examine them, and let them go peacefully.
  • I clear my thoughts to connect spiritually and tap into my power.
  • I thank my body for providing for me throughout the day to make my desires come true. My ability to persist keeps me motivated.
  • I enjoy my presence doing nothing. I am always advancing, even when I am taking it easy.
  • It’s okay to feel disappointed, upset, or burnt out at the end of the day. I love myself in every emotion.
  • I adorn my vessel with self-care and respect before I sleep. I treat myself like the God of my world.
  • I heal on my own time. I fill my cup with kindness, gentleness, and forgiveness to further myself for the next day.

Law of attraction abundance affirmations

  • I vibrate at the highest possible frequency. 
  • I dwell on positive thoughts, positive thinking, and productive thinking.
  • I only do what feels good for me. When I feel good, I receive abundance. 
  • I give and receive love easily. Love returns to me easily as well.
  • My high vibe attracts a community of positive people.
  • I listen to my positive thoughts the most. All other thoughts do not serve me.
  • The most caring and compatible people are in my life. My energy influences my circle and makes them better people.
  • My higher self is always guiding me to walk my path. I live in joy, knowing I am always where I am meant to be.
  • I have a positive inner dialogue that gives me strength. The outside world’s opinions hold no match to my inner beliefs.
  • I focus on the fire of my passions and purposes. Others notice and are attracted to me.


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