Goddess affirmations – 56 divine feminine affirmations

Are you searching for ways to tap into your inner goddess and awaken its divine feminine energy? Goddess affirmations may be just what you need. In this article, you’ll discover their purpose and how to use them effectively to empower and manifest dreams. You also find 56 goddess affirmations to use.

What are Goddess Affirmations?

Goddess affirmations are positive statements that highlight the qualities and attributes of the divine feminine. Goddess affirmations are encouraging words that help you connect to your inner goddess and awaken her divine feminine energy. They draw on principles of positive thinking and the law of attraction, which suggest that our thoughts create our reality.

Repeating these affirmations regularly can reprogram your subconscious mind so you attract more abundance, joy, and love into your life.

Goddess worship has been an essential element of human culture since antiquity. Many cultures view goddesses as representations of the divine feminine energy that births all creation and sustains life. By connecting to this inner goddess, women can access their power and creativity, enabling them to realize their aspirations.

What are some affirmations for goddesses?

  • I am a powerful goddess who creates her own reality.
  • I feel beautiful and divine inside and out.
  • I trust my instincts and listen to what my heart tells me.

What are morning affirmations for feminine energy?

  • I am an instrument of divine light and healing energy.
  • I release all fears and doubts and embrace my true self.
  • I honor and respect both those within me and others, for they contain a goddess that must be honored.

Divine feminine affirmations

  1. I embrace my inner goddess and radiate beauty and grace.
  2. I trust my intuition and honor my sacred feminine wisdom.
  3. My feminine energy attracts abundance and love.
  4. All relationships should be filled with kindness, respect, and love – these should be my goals in life!
  5. I am a powerful creator, manifesting my dreams with ease and joy.
  6. I nourish my body, mind, and spirit with love and self-care.
  7. My feminine power lies in authenticity and vulnerability.
  8. I honor my feminine cycles while celebrating my divine femininity.
  9. I am enough just as I am and deserve all life’s blessings.
  10. My feminine energy brings harmony, healing, and peace to those around me.

Feminine affirmations positive

  1. I honor and celebrate my femininity.
  2. I am strong and confident, trusting my intuition to achieve whatever goals I set for myself.
  3. My feminine energy attracts positive experiences and people into my life.
  4. My beauty lies within, both inside and out, which should be celebrated, respected, and appreciated!
  5. I choose to live in the present moment and seize all its opportunities.
  6. My feminine energy radiates joy, kindness, and compassion.
  7. I am worthy of success, abundance, and prosperity.
  8. I embrace my feminine essence and live my life authentically without apology.
  9. I embrace my inner goddess and trust my intuition.
  10. I let go of fear and embrace love, joy, and peace.

Powerful female affirmations

  1. I am a powerful woman, capable of realizing my goals.
  2. I am confident, resilient, and unstoppable.
  3. I trust my instincts when making decisions and make wise choices.
  4. I embrace my uniqueness and use it to bring about positive change.
  5. I am thankful for my past experiences and use them to grow stronger.
  6. I speak my truth with courage and conviction, believing I deserve love, respect, and success.
  7. I also empower other women by uplifting them and creating an encouraging community of great women.
  8. I choose to let go of fear and embrace boldness and bravery.
  9. I am a force that needs to be reckoned with, so let me use my power for good.
  10. I am beautiful, both inside and out.

Daily Goddess Affirmations

  1. I am a divine being of love and light, radiating beauty and grace.
  2. I embrace my inner goddess and follow my intuition.
  3. As an instrument of divine feminine energy, I bring healing and harmony.
  4. To honor my body as a sacred vessel, I treat it with loving respect.
  5. I am worthy of receiving love, abundance, and blessings.
  6. I release fear and receive love, joy, and peace.
  7. I am thankful for all the experiences that have molded me into the goddess I am today.
  8. I empower other women by elevating them and creating a community of goddesses who support and uplift each other.
  9. I am the creator of my reality, creating it with ease and joy.
  10. I honor my feminine cycles by tapping into intuition and creativity.

Goddess Beauty Affirmations

  1. I am a goddess, radiating beauty and grace from within.
  2. I trust my intuition and follow the guidance of my inner goddess.
  3. I am worthy of love, respect, and abundance, which I accept gratefully.
  4. I also embrace my feminine power to change the world positively.
  5. I am a vessel of divine energy, bringing healing and harmony to those around me.
  6. As an attractor for positivity and success, I draw in what I desire with ease and joy.
  7. I honor and celebrate my body as a sacred temple by lovingly treating it.
  8. I am the creator of my reality, manifesting my dreams and desires using the power of goddess energy.
  9. Through my voice, I share my truth and encourage others to embrace their inner goddess.
  10. I am an unstoppable force of divine feminine energy, unleashing my full potential and living life to the fullest.

How to Use Goddess Affirmations

  • Find a quiet space where you can be alone without interruption.
  • Take some deep breaths to relax both your body and mind.
  • Choose one or more goddess affirmations that speak to you. 
  • Repeat the affirmation(s) out loud or in your mind several times with conviction and feeling.
  • Visualize yourself embodying the qualities of the goddess, such as strength, beauty, grace, and wisdom.
  • Feel her energy flowing through you with confidence, joy, and love.
  • Repeat these affirmations daily, preferably in the morning or before bed, to strengthen your positive beliefs and attract more abundance into your life.


Goddess affirmations can be invaluable for women looking to connect with their inner goddesses and realize their aspirations. Repeating these positive statements can often reprogram your subconscious mind to attract more abundance, joy, and love into your life.



What if I don’t believe in goddesses?

Goddess affirmations don’t require belief in goddesses to be beneficial. The term “goddess” simply symbolizes the divine feminine energy within us, regardless of our beliefs or background.

Are Goddess Affirmations Only for Women?

Goddess affirmations are designed to uplift women, but anyone can benefit from them. Affirmations provide a motivational tool that encourages individuals to find their inner strength and boost self-confidence.

How often should I repeat affirmations?

Repeating these affirmations daily, preferably in the morning or before bed, is ideal. Doing so helps reinforce positive beliefs and attract more abundance into your life.


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