30 Affirmations for Karma

Karma is a Sanskrit word referring to the cause-and-effect principle. It means that your thoughts and actions create energy that can either benefit you or harm you in the future. In other words, what goes around comes around. Your positive actions and thoughts result in a positive outcome. In contrast, your negative actions and thoughts can lead to negative consequences. Here are 30 affirmations for positive Karma. 

Affirmations for good Karma

  1. With each nice deed I commit, good Karma follows.
  2. I am appreciative of the good Karma I experience every day.
  3. I have faith in the cosmos always to grant me my due.
  4. I drive away bad Karma and draw in good Karma.
  5. I decide to be kind to benefit from good Karma.
  6. I attract good vibes and good Karma to myself.
  7. I’m conscious of what I do and how it affects my Karma.
  8. Every nice deed generates good Karma.
  9. I give out good vibes, and good vibes come back to me.
  10. I attract wealth and blessings by practicing positive Karma.
  11. I deserve good fortune and abundance.
  12. I believe in the beneficial outcomes of Karma’s inherent law.
  13. I’m willing to accept all the good Karma that comes my way.
  14. I am appreciative of the lessons my Karma has taught me.
  15. I effortlessly draw good Karma and emit tremendous energy.
  16. I am aware of how my Karma is affected by my activities.
  17. I decide to cultivate good Karma and be a force for good.
  18. I have faith that the universe will eventually balance my Karma.
  19. I am conscious of the energy I release into the universe.
  20. I am open to receiving good Karma in my life.
  21. I believe in the power of good Karma and how it can change my life.
  22. I deserve all the good Karma the universe has in store for me.
  23. I expel all ill Karma and only draw in good Karma.
  24. I’m appreciative of any chance I get to raise my Karma.
  25. I firmly believe that success and wealth can be attracted by practicing good Karma.
  26. I draw good Karma and function as a catalyst for change.
  27. I choose to live a life that attracts prosperity and good Karma.
  28. I have faith that my good deeds will bring me good Karma.
  29. I’m appreciative of the good Karma that surrounds me.
  30. I’m ready to receive the wealth of good Karma in store for me.

How affirmations can impact your Karma

Affirmations for Karma you can use to attract positive energies into your life. When you repeat positive statements, aka “affirmations,” you can shift your thoughts and beliefs to better align with the affirmations for Karma you repeat. 

How to create and use affirmations for Karma

  1. Write your affirmations for Karma in the present tense.
  2. Use positive words to describe what you want to attract in your life. Such as “I am calm in this present moment.”
  3. Make sure to write personal and specific affirmations of your desired outcome. 
  4. Try to create affirmations for Karma where your desires also can benefit the people around you to align with the principles of Karma. 


Affirmations for Karma can be a helpful tool to attract positive energy and outcomes and, most importantly, to manifest good Karma in your life. Remember that what you put out into the world bounces back to you. You can create good Karma flows in your life as long as you focus on the positive. 





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