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Do you have questions about The Law of Attraction? Here you find 44 questions and answers about The Law of Attraction. Read below to find your answer. 

The Law of Attraction

1. Is the Law of Attraction biblical?

The Law of Attraction is considered a spiritual and energy-related manifestation that helps people achieve their goals. According to the Bible, when you think positively, good will come to you. However, the Law of Attraction is not mentioned in the Bible because people use it nowadays.

The Bible doesn’t preach attracting good things in life but practising good behavior for a higher good. The Law of Attraction is more selfish because it doesn’t have to include others and their well-being.

2. Is the Law of Attraction a sin?

The answer to this question depends on what you find as a sin. Many people think some actions are sins, but others don’t. So, the answer to whether the Law of Attraction is a sin or not lies in your thought. However, use the Law of Attraction to achieve success based on someone else’s damage.

The Law of Attraction can be sinful. However, suppose you don’t hurt anybody, and you don’t have harmful intentions. In that case, the law of attraction can only bring good, and therefore it is not a sin.

3. Is the Law of Attraction scientifically proven?

Some studies tried to prove that the Law of Attraction is genuine and not just a product of our imagination. But none of them had hard scientific evidence. However, there are some points that scientists use to describe the law of attraction.

4. Is the Law of Attraction bad?

Wishing the best for yourself can’t be taken as a bad or negative thing. Even though nobody can tell you if it will work, positive thoughts and emotions certainly can’t harm you. You can only get benefits from attracting the good things for yourself, and it can’t affect you badly.

However, from a moral point of view, if you want something bad to happen, it will bring you peace or material gain or anything else, then it is not a good thing. However, there is no proof that anything terrible will happen to you after implementing the law of attraction.

5.Can the Law of Attraction change physical appearance?

If you want to be skinnier or gain weight, you can use the Law of Attraction. Anything you want, you can do it. Your body listens to your mind and that is why you can affect your physical appearance.

6. Can the Law of Attraction change eye colour?

Well, if it could, then it means it would be scientifically proven. Since the Law of Attraction is not scientifically proven, we can’t claim that your eye colour will change. There are many illnesses and diseases which can make your iris change its colour. Also, some hazel eyes can become darker as we grow old because of the dark pigment melanin. However, it is proven that your iris can change colour when you experience intense emotions such as fear, passion, love, anger.

The reason for that is the expansion or constriction of pupils due to a hormone. This can make a slight change in the eye colour because melanin can spread on the iris and make the eye lighter or accumulate and make the eye colour darker. The Law of Attraction is a meditation that can stimulate your thoughts and feelings, making your eyes change colour.

7.Can the Law of Attraction attract a specific person?

The Law of Attraction functions on your inner conscious mind and your intuitive power. So, if you consciously want to attract a person that might not be for you because your inner self knows you need someone else, then the Law of Attraction won’t help. This method is not hypnosis of other people to make them do what you want.

The point of the law of attraction is to attract something meant for you, even when you don’t see that it is good for you. That is why gratitude and awareness are essential to understand what we need in our lives.

Of course, if you are attracted to someone, it means that you already know who he/she is, and there is no need for attracting them in your mind. You already found them, so try to get close with them face to face. The law of attraction is used when you are clueless about the source of something, and you want to make it get closer to you so you can realize what it is.

8. Can the Law of Attraction be used for evil?

Negative energy can be felt just like good energy. When a happy person comes into your room, you can feel his/her positive energy. The same happens with negative people who have harmful intentions. Attracting evil is not something many people would do.

However, if you think negatively, feel destructive emotions and express them to someone, it would certainly affect them. But, people have their sheet of positive energy that prevents any negative to interrupt them. So, calling for evil might not be the smartest thing to do because it can only make you feel bad.

9. Can the Law of Attraction overcome astrology?

The law of attraction does not know your destiny and signs. Compared to astrology which has patterns of behaviours and predicts your future while describing your characteristics based on stars and constellations. 

Firstly, you are in control of the law. You make your law and what you want to attract. So, it means that even if there are bad things in your life, you can make a change and attract the good things, unlike astrology, where everything is the way it’s meant to be, according to the stars. Therefore, the law of attraction is not predetermined, and it doesn’t have a destiny. You can create your future just the way you want it to be.

10. Can the Law of Attraction help depression?

Yes, the Law of attraction can certainly help you with depression. Depression is a challenging condition that needs to be treated. Still, the medicine can’t help you as much as your positive attitude can. If you imagine that you are healthy, happy, free from pain, you will be more likely to become healthy, happy, and pain-free. 

The power of your mind and energy is enormous, and precisely the way your mind made you feel sick can make you feel healthy and good.

The Law of attraction is a skill people use to overcome their problems and attract happiness hidden inside them. Once you realize you have the power to change your life, you will stop living in the past or future. You will start living in the present moment.

11. Can the Law of Attraction increase height?

There are beliefs and studies which suggest that we can control our autonomous nervous system. The nervous system controls our glands that secrete specific hormones such as adrenaline, growth hormone, etc. Suppose you focus your attention on the specific place in your head where your pituitary gland is located. In that case, you can affect the secretion of growth hormone, making you grow in height.

Many people believe that our mind is the most powerful thing on Earth and that we can achieve everything we want. Suppose you practice your meditation about the law of attraction. In that case, you will likely receive many benefits from that.

12. Can the Law of Attraction work without action?

The law of attraction is an action of the mind. Our mind needs to be active to make a wish or a thought. The thoughts we have affect our body and mental stability, which further affects our life situation. In the means of no action, of course, you don’t have to be physically active during the meditation. Still, your mind needs to be active in a specific way that helps you to focus on the object, emotion, person you want to attract.

13. What does the Law of Attraction mean?

There is a significant amount of energy circulating in this world, and that energy has a frequency. So, it is thought that our wishes also have energy and by increasing our energy, we can attract those things. Sounds very complicated, but it isn’t at all. Everything that functions has its energy and magnetic field. That said, everything can be attractive to you, and that is the definition of the law of attraction.

14. When was the Law of Attraction discovered?

The Law of Attraction was discovered in the 19th century and has stayed until now. In 1877, the term “Law of Attraction, was mentioned by Helena Blavatsky in her writings.

15. When does the Law of Attraction work?

In the book “Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion” by Emile Coue, you can find many letters from people who healed from severe diseases and became healthy. They are proof that the law works when you decide it will work. They practised the law of attraction by meditating and changing their perspective and the way they see themselves. They imagined that they are healthy and relieved from pain and suffering, and it worked for them.

Emil Coue was a pharmacist who claimed that thought is more important than medicine. He believed that people could change their lives by thinking about the change without taking any medicine. It is called the placebo effect, and it is scientifically proven.

16. When to do the Law of Attraction?

There is no specific time in life that is recommended for practising the law of attraction. The best time for you to start doing this meditation is when you feel ready and in need. If you feel the need to practice the law of attraction, then you should do it. However, if we speak about a time during the day, it is best to do it when nothing can draw your attention from your practice.

The best time is in the morning. Before your day starts and you have to face all the stress during the day or at night, you can think about anything at peace before you sleep. The law of attraction can be influential during the night and your sleep because it affects your subconscious mind when you play a guided meditation. Also, it will help you relax before going to bed and make you feel better after a long day.

17.Why is the Law of Attraction not working?

There could be many reasons for the law of attraction not to work. However, the reason can only be found within you. Suppose you are about to attract billions of dollars overnight without taking any action to do it. How do you expect it to happen? It would be best if you were realistic and fair. 

The law of attraction is called that way because there is a specific law that you need to follow. For example, if you don’t focus enough or ignore your meditation, there is no chance it will work. Also, suppose you constantly sabotage yourself by being angry, sad, or irritated. In that case, you don’t make enough space for the law to work.

18.Which Law of Attraction book is best?

Many books discuss this topic. However, we made a list that consists of the best books about the law of attraction.

1.The power of now, Eckhart Tolle, 1997.

2.Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion, by Emile Coue,1922.

3.Becoming supernatural: How the ordinary people are doing the uncommon? By Dr Joe Dispenza, 2017.

These three books are all published at different times and prove that people are still interested in this topic. They will give you a guide and a reason to start practising the law of attraction.

19. Who discovered the Law of Attraction?

In 1877, the term “Law of Attraction” appeared in print for the first time in a book written by the Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky, in a context indicating an attractive power existing between elements of spirit. The first articulator of the Law as a general principle was Prentice Mulford.

20. What are the signs that the Law of Attraction is working?

Well, the first sign should your personal feelings and thoughts. If you notice that you feel much better, optimistic, and happier, it means that the law of attraction works.

Also, if you notice that you have more money, friends, or a better connection to your family, it is the law of attraction at work. If you wanted to have a partner and practised the law of attraction and started liking someone or seeing someone, it means that it is working. Even if you don’t see that it is working, it doesn’t mean that it’s not.

21.Proof that the Law of Attraction works?

If you are looking for scientific proof, then you won’t find it. But, some examples of people who became healthy after using the law of attraction for health. Many people believe they can do something, or get better, or survive a deadly disease.

In Dr Joe Dispenza’s book Becoming supernatural, you can find some examples of how ordinary people are uncommon. Joe describes how his students who listened to his advice became healthier. There are many examples of people who got better after implementing the law of attraction in their lives.

22.Why doesn’t the Law of Attraction work?

Maybe you are not trying hard enough, or you don’t believe in the law. Of course, it can be that you are not focused enough or that you don’t truly want something. Try to analyze yourself and see a potential problem – lack of motivation, disbelief, weak desire.

23. Why the Law of Attraction works?

It can work because your mind is impressive, and you don’t know many things yet. But, what we do know is that when you impact something, it will react. So, when you impact your body positively, it will react positively, and another way around. If your will is strong enough, it will make your energy more robust, and that way, you will attract something you want. Read more on how to use the law of attraction.

24. Why the Law of Attraction fails?

There are many reasons why some people can’t manage to achieve their goals by using the law of attraction. Firstly, if the persons’ will is too weak, it won’t work. If the person is too self-centred and egoistic, it won’t work. Suppose you have negative thoughts and you can’t focus on the law of attraction. In that case, the manifestation is less likely to happen. To achieve your goal and attract something, you need to be in the right place with your wishes.

If you are afraid of them, they won’t come true. If you are not sure, then why you bother doing it? You have to be sure that you want something, why you want it, and let your mind focus on it.

25. Will the Law of Attraction bring my ex back?

The law of attraction listens to you. If you had a strong wish or a desire, you could manifest it in your material world. But, if you don’t want to put your energy and time into your meditation, nothing will happen. It works with everything, including your ex. If you feel you still love him/her and you know he/she is good for you, there is no reason for him/her not to come back.

But suppose you had a toxic relationship that was bad for both of you. In that case, there are minimal chances that you will succeed because your energy and subconscious mind will tell you that it is not suitable for you. Sometimes the things we wish the most don’t come true because they are not the best for us.

26. Will the Law of Attraction work?

Only if you believe it will work. You can’t start practising the law of attraction based on other people’s opinions who tell you it won’t work. If you know how it works and what it serves for, and you want to succeed in it, then you shouldn’t think of failing. The less you believe in it, the less likely you are to get something out of it.

27. Does the Law of Attraction work?

Many people claim that the law of attraction manifestation has helped them to become a different person. There is documentation of people who practiced the law of attraction and stopped suffering, being ill, and become very healthy. Also, some people believed they could do anything and manifest specific things to achieve their goals. Many scientific types of research for specific cures include a group of people placed in a group called a placebo group.

These people think that they benefit from the Law of Attraction, even if they are not.

28. Does the Law of Attraction work for love?

Love is the center of the universe. Almost everything we do involves love. Love for friends, family, partners, animals, job, hobby, etc. We are the best at the things we love the most. So, if you feel universal love and want to meet someone who will become your partner, you can manifest it. It is easier to attract love when you already love yourself. 

If you are capable of loving, you will find a person to love. If you practice the law of attraction for love, you need to know that you already have that love within you. If you are full of negative emotions and thoughts, it is less likely that you will meet true love. Positive affirmations for success start from you and your state of being. So, being in a positive state of mind can help you achieve your goals and find love.

29. Is the Law of Attraction a lie?

It depends on how you see the law of attraction and what you expect from it. If you expect to wake up rich and famous, it will lie to you. But, if you understand the principles of the law, you will realize that it all depends on you. A lie is a relative thing, so is the truth. If you believe in a lie, it will become the truth.

And if you don’t believe the truth, it will become a lie. You can decide whether the law of attraction is a lie or not because it can’t be universally proven. Only you can feel your emotions and thoughts and see if the meditation works for you. But, if you are pessimistic about it and don’t want to believe in it, it won’t work and will look like a lie to you.

30. Is the Law of Attraction dangerous?

No, it is not supposed to be dangerous, and it is believed that positive thoughts can’t harm.

31. Does the Law of Attraction always work?

Your mind is controlling your life. If you let your mind think about failure or negative things, it will become your reality. But, if you believe in good and you want to feel good and be happy, and that your desire is more potent than your fear and self-doubt, you will succeed. So, it will work when you genuinely want it to, which means it won’t work if you are not ready and prepared.

32. Is the Law of Attraction bullshit? 

For some people, it is for some not. It depends on the things you believe in and the experiences you had. Also, it depends on the knowledge about the Law of Attraction. The point is, even if it doesn’t work, it can’t bring you harm. If you think positively, there are bigger chances something nice will happen. Bad things don’t happen to bad people. They just happen.

33. What does God say about the Law of Attraction?

He is the one who makes the law work. If you have strong faith, it will work. God wants everything good to happen to you.

34. What does the bible say about the Law of Attraction?

God never says, don’t have dreams, hopes, wishes. He said don’t have mean, negative, destructive thoughts about others and try not to hurt anybody. By manifesting positive things in your life, you are not doing anything wrong. It is not considered magical or witchcraft. That said, the Bible is telling you to be kind, respect others, share the love, and these are the same things you are going to manifest by practising the law of attraction.

35. Difference between the Law of Attraction and witchcraft?

Witchcraft is not based on your true self and is often connected to magical experiences and things that are not found in our souls. The law of attraction does not include any objects or magical mantras that will make something happen. It is based on our need to feel and be better and achieve something to become better. Witchcraft uses spells and words to put a spell on something or someone, and it is trying to affect other people’s lives.

The law of attraction does not have any spells, and it is not trying to fraud anyone. It is just simply you trying to find your peace and happiness by imagining the good things you want to happen. Also, a person who does witchcraft is thought to be a witch. A person who does the law of attraction is a person who works on themselves and grows spiritually.

36. Is the Law of Attraction scientific?

It is not scientifically proven but it was the subject of scientific studies.

37. Is the Law of Attraction against God?

We all know that God is Almighty and he gave us everything. So, when you try to attract what is good for you, it can’t be against God because he wants the best for us. If you use it properly, there will be nothing ungodly in that and will give you peace and a stable mind.

38. Is the Law of Attraction the only law?

There are few laws of attraction and they consist of three:

1.Like Attracts Like

2.Nature Abhors a Vacuum

3.The Present is Always Perfect

39. Is the law of attraction not absolute?

It is real, but it is not absolute. It can’t work on anything and immediately. It takes a lot of time and patience, as well as common sense. Not everything you can wish for is acceptable or normal, and nobody grants that it will become true.

40. How does the Law of Attraction work?

The law of attraction is a mental action that involves imagining things you want and attracting them by your powerful wish. It is said that if you want something hard enough, it will come true. But, it is also said that you should be careful what you wish for, because it may come true. Meaning that you should be aware of your thoughts and power of attraction because you don’t want to attract bad things.

41. How to use the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction should be used when people are in a bad situation and want to make a change or if they want to attract good things in their life. You can use it just by thinking about what you want and need, or you can follow several steps that will make it more likely to become the truth. Firstly, you should be patient and disciplined. If you do it just once a month, it is less likely to work. And, if you did it for a month and it didn’t work, it means that either you were doing it wrong or not patient enough.

The law of attraction is based on your deep wishes and desires, and it works like a magnet for the things you want. To achieve the benefits from the law of attraction, you should first have a strong will. That means you need to imagine the life you want, the prosperity, and you have to embrace it like it already exists. It would help if you kept doing it for a few months, or even more, depending on you.42. Law of karma vs the Law of Attraction, which one is true?

The law of karma and the law of attraction intertwine. By wanting good and noble things for yourself and others, you are cleaning your karma. Think about that.

43. How strong is the Law of Attraction?

As strong as your wish. If you are strong and have a strong faith in what you practice, it is more likely to become the truth.

44. Is the Law of Attraction real?

If you believe in it, it is accurate. And if you don’t, then it doesn’t matter. The law of attraction, just like the placebo effect, is the thing that your mind and energy can control. If your mind wants to believe in it, it will work.

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