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Affirmations for women – 80 positive affirmation quotes for women

In this article, we will talk about the importance of affirmations for women; what are they, why do they work and why to use them; how and when to create them, and we will let you know some examples that will help you to become aware and learn how to create yours.

What are affirmations for women?

Happy women affirmation

Affirmations are a powerful tool for reprogramming your subconscious mind and obtaining what you want. As a woman, this is a very powerful thing that will help you to empower yourself, grow your self-esteem and feel much calmer about yourself, as well as your flow with life.

An affirmation is a sentence that confirms the existence or truth of something. These positive statements can be applied to any aspect of your personal life that you want to improve. For example, if your focus is on professional success, improving health or eliminating bad habits, positive affirmations for women can become a powerful tool if you use them regularly.


Why use affirmations for women?

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a neuroscientist famous for his Ted X talks that focus on the reconstruction of our brain´s neuropathways to form new habits and behaviors in our lives. Affirmations can be powerful because they physically alter your brain. When you use them you can become more positive, healthy, and compassionate and turn your thoughts into a reality.

However, Dr. Joe Dispenza says we can repeat statements over and over again without any change in our mentality or vibrating energy; do you know why? Because you have to feel them. The most important component is your high emotions put to your affirmations so that they can really have the desired effect for you.

Repetition is the key and Dr. Joe Dispenza is clear in his message; positive statements must be repeated over and over again in conjunction with your high emotions to build a new structure in your brain and your vibration.

women in forest

Your brain is powerful and constantly functioning; it acts like a magnet and, you decide to put this power to work for you! If you’re interested to get a little more on this topic, you can find more valuable content on the website of Joe Dispenza.

When you create positive statements, you are making statements to your subconscious mind to absorb your statement and treat it as your reality. It reminds you that your brain doesn’t differentiate between what is real and not real. If you repeat your statement frequently your brain will accept them as real and those statements will become a reality in your conscious mind.

I read an amazing book and it focuses on our subconscious mind. If you want to know more about this topic, here is the name and the author: The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Murphy, Joseph. He was an incredible author and a New Thought minister.

When to use affirmations for women?

At this point, I am sure you want to use statements. Or even create your own. So the following question may arise: When should I use positive statements? The ideal time to use positive affirmations is when you can find time and a place where you can get enough peace to relax completely.

The best time to reprogram your subconscious mind is to read them aloud before bedtime, in bed, before you fall asleep. You can also read affirmations for women when you wake up and. In the afternoon or in a meditation session.

Affirmations made for women

How to use affirmations for women?

You can use your affirmations in your meditation sessions. It’s a practical option worth considering, as in a meditative state, the waves in your brain change to be calm to receive your positive statements.

Women affirmations

In short, the main thing is to repeat your affirmations three times a day.  It would be great if you could repeat your affirmations in front of your mirror so you can see your reflection while you are affirming your new belief. Try to affirm your affirmations out loud as they will become much more powerful. Because you are listening to yourself; but of course, if you prefer, you can write them too, if you are in a good state and relaxed state.

You can say your affirmations in silence in your mind as well. You can even implement them into your day and repeat them mentally while you’re on the bus, shopping or with your friends! If you choose to write your affirmation statements, ideally you should take a few breaths before writing. Just to give your brain a message that you are calm and what you are going to write is true and real.

How to write affirmations for women?

When you are in a calm state, think about a point in your life that you want to improve.

Always begin a statement with I AM. Or simply start your affirmation in the first person.

Make sure to write your statement in the present tense.

You can write your affirmations as many times as you want, although we recommend that you write each statement at least three times.

If you feel you have to write a few more, it is up to you! The important thing is that you are really focused on your statement.

Accompany your statements with visualization! This increases your positive feeling because you’re seeing yourself as the person you’re already claiming to be in your statement. If you are claiming that your bank account is overflowing with money, visualize your bank balance with huge amounts of money!

Daily affirmations for women

Best affirmations for women

Your mind has been programmed with affirmations and beliefs that you accept as truth. Either consciously or unconsciously. Perhaps as a child, your parents told you that the good girls should not behave in a certain way; or maybe you heard that life is difficult, that without hard work you won’t be able to get money or become successful because you are a woman.

All of these statements will become the truth in your conscious mind because you at one point accepted each statement as true. To change your beliefs, all you need is consistency. Remember that repetition is the key, and that everyone has their own process. Repeat your affirmations a minimum of 21 days, although it would be great if you repeat them daily.

The more positive thoughts and affirmations you use in your day to day life, the fewer negatives thoughts you will have. When you have fewer negative emotions, it will be easier for you to reach a high vibration.

Finally, below you find several examples of affirmations for women.

Daily affirmations for women

Below you can find affirmations for women that can be used daily:

  • Today is a wonderful day that inspires me. I find peace in every situation.
  • Today I trust myself and I trust life. I have the right to achieve the goals I have set.
  • I’m better today than yesterday. I have permission to get out of my comfort zone and chase my dreams.
  • Today, I will make difference for myself and others. It’s easy for me to positively impact people’s lives.
  • All positive options are open for me here and now. I’m open to them.
  • I deserve everything good that the universe has to give me today. I accept it and I get it now.
  • I have the power to create positive things for today and tomorrow. I live in a beautiful momentum.
  • Today I choose to be strong and courageous. I choose to qualify for all the blessings of the day now.
  • I claim my right to have a prosperous day. Life is easy and simple here and now.
  • I can get anything when I tell my mind what to do. It’s easy to meet my goals.

Happy women affirmation

Affirmations for women’s health

Below you can find affirmations for women about health:

  • I’m healthy right now. My body is naturally beautiful and healthy. I say thank you for my health.
  • I understand and accept that health is the natural state of my being. That’s right, and that’s who I am.
  • I accept health and well-being right now in my life. I deserve to be a healthy woman.
  • I recognize that it’s easy to stay healthy. My food consists of healthy and nutritious options.
  • I am a body that radiates health, energy, and happiness every day. I accept a healthy life.
  • I am the universal intelligence that keeps my whole organism healthy.
  • I am the representation of a healthy and energetic body.
  • I love eating healthy foods. They fill my body with health and joy.
  • I accept health and joy at this time as my natural state every day. I feel grateful for my good health.
  • I am in excellent mental, physical, and spiritual health now. I’m a woman who radiates health.

Affirmations for women's health

High-Value Women affirmations

Below you can find affirmations for women that are of high value:

  • I’m a unique and valuable woman. I recognize my courage and it is also perceived on the outside.
  • I am a unique being. People compliment me for my appearance and my accomplishments. I’m proud of the woman I am.
  • I behave like a valuable woman. My habits correspond to a woman of high value.
  • I’m enough to be valuable here and now. My skills and appearance are enough for me to see and feel my value.
  • I’m totally valuable and powerful. My mentality corresponds to that of a strong, courageous, and valuable woman.
  • My experiences correspond to those of a joyful and valuable woman. I feel fascinated of the woman I am today.
  • I love the steps I take and the words I say. I am courageous, I inspire and I rise.
  • I feel overflowing with positivity. Every day I experience people that add even more value to me.
  • It’s easy to see how powerful I am, and it’s easy to recognize my worth. I deserve to be recognized here and now.
  • I recognize my courage, and therefore I understand that accessing my energy is a privilege. Only abundant people come into my life.

High Value Women Affirmations

Women’s empowerment affirmations

Below you can find affirmations for women about empowerment:

  • I am in a perfect time to make all changes that dictate my heart. I feel empowered now.
  • I own my destiny. It is in my hands to create my reality and the life I desire.
  • I know how to approach my situations positively and efficiently. I stay calm and empowered.
  • I deserve a peace of mind, health and good relationships, as well as balance in all areas of my life.
  • I deserve the best chances in the universe because I’m one with God. I give myself the right to empower myself.
  • I am the balance and abundance of my daily opportunities. I feel totally blessed.
  • I’m a magnet that draws to the best of life. It’s easy to create a successful life.
  • I trust life and appreciate all my accomplishments. I embrace challenges because I’m brave and powerful.
  • I free from all thoughts and feelings of lack and limitation. I accept myself as the powerful woman I am.
  • I trust me because anything is possible here and now. I release the result and trust my inner power.

Women's empowerment

Positive affirmations for women

Below you can find affirmations for women about positivity:

  • I feel at peace with my body and accept it as it is. I am unique and special in every way.
  • I’m a strong, confident woman and I’ll just keep getting stronger day after day.
  • I love living in my unique female body. I irradiate beauty, joy and light to the outside.
  • I’m attractive the way I am. I don’t need to change anything because I am divine right now.
  • I am patient and I maintain my confidence in the flow of life. I know everything will come as planned.
  • I respect the needs of my body and treat it with the kindness it deserves.
  • I choose to release love, happiness and gratitude today. My world is beautiful and I choose to focus on the
  • positive.
  • The decisions I make are always the right ones. It’s easy to hear my intuition.
  • Today I’m much happier than I ever thought I could be. I’m happy to be who I am.
  • Countless blessings are happening in my life now. I allow life to fill me with joys.

affirmations about positivity for women

Love affirmations for women

Below you can find affirmations for women about love:

  •  I decide to love myself more every day. I decide to love myself as I am.
  • I take responsibility in my life and take care of creating love from within. I am pure love.
  • I forgive the past, and I focus on the bright loving future that creates my heart.
  • I am respect, trust and pure love, so that’s what life gives me back in total harmony.
  • I feel satisfied in my relationships. My partner seems to come from a fairy tale.
  • I see in my partner’s eyes the same love that I have myself. I feel overflowing with love.
  • I fill every corner of the world with my pure love that I feel from my sincere heart.
  • I deserve and agree to receive compassion and love from my world. I feel loved and respected now.
  • I am feeling romantic love here and now. I feel loved, desired and respected now.
  • I am love, peace and joy.

affirmations about love for women

Affirmations for black women

Below you can find affirmations for women that are black.

Black Women Affirmations

  • I am a gift and I feel powerful, respected and loved. I feel confident and unstoppable.
  • I have and feel the right to use my voice and share my opinions. I’m respected here and now.
  • I feel confident with who I am and I feel safe enough to achieve my goals.
  • I accept and deserve to receive love and support from abroad. I eliminate limiting beliefs here and now.
  • I am an incredible woman with incredible creative energy. There is infinite power within me.
  • I get respect from me and my world here and now. I choose and go to respect.
  • I see the world as a just and wonderful place. I feel free and empowered.
  • Only I can create my life experiences. I choose to take responsibility for my life now.
  • I’m unique and perfect the way I am. I get compliments and compliments every day.
  • I have the right to claim the abundance of this universe. I’m one with everything here and now.

Positive affirmations for moms

Below you can find affirmations for women that are moms:

affirmations for moms

  • I am the perfect dedication, love and education for my children now. I feel safe being a mom.
  • I have the time to enjoy my family and children. I feel grateful.
  • I feel that my children love me immensely and I know that they feel loved and respected by me.
  • My children grow up healthy and strong every day. I feel confident in watching them grow and thrive.
  • I have energetic, intelligent, healthy, happy and respectful children. I feel blessed.
  • It’s easy to share time with my kids. I’m happy to be able to spend time on their side.
  • I feel like an excellent mother. I irradiate safety and calm. I receive praise for how I educate my children.
  • My children are affectionate with me. They make me happy and I make them happy. They tell me I’m the best mother in the world!
  • I can give my kids everything I want. Our abundance is limitless and I feel free.
  • My work allows me to enjoy my children and be able to spend enough time with them.

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