150 Positive affirmations for chakras

Do you want to learn more about chakra affirmations? “Chakra” in Sanskrit means wheel, usually imagined as a circle. Chakras are part of the human body and located along the spinal cord.

Chakras are psychic centers in your body as chakras cannot be seen with your naked eyes. Chakras are discussed in Yoga because they are closely related to the energy called “prana”. Prana is the energy acquired through regular and continuous practice of yoga asanas, followed by meditation.

Anyone who practices yoga regularly starts experiencing certain powers. It is in the same way, chakra affirmations are seen by spiritual masters.

Each chakra is seen as a lotus with several petals. The reason for visualizing them like a lotus is because lotus stands for spiritual knowledge. Yogis consider them as the energy centers of life & consciousness. Blooming of lotus means unveiling the knowledge that is hidden within us. Unveiling of the knowledge can happen with affirmations for positive thinking on chakras along with meditation practice.


A unique and interesting fact about the human mind is that you can train our minds in any way you want. The human mind is flexible. A yogi experiences a balanced mind with regular practice of yoga and meditation. Doubtfulness, indecisiveness, anxiety and fear can be overcome by bringing clarity of thoughts with the help of yoga.

All these happen as a result of the pranic energy flowing from the lower end of the spine towards the top. This happens as a result of affirmations on chakras. In this flow, the energy touches the glands in the endocrine system, corresponding to the chakra location.

Chakras can be awakened and balanced by practicing meditation along with good powerful affirmations, on any chakra.

With the help of chakra affirmations, the qualities connected with a specific chakra are unveiled and you start experiencing them. A channel is formed for the energy to flow, as a result of regular yoga and meditation practice. Energy flows through this channel from the lower spine towards the head. Once each chakra is activated with affirmations, you will start experiencing several qualities within you.

What are chakra affirmations?

Affirmation for chakras are used to awaken your chakras, unveil and experience the hidden potential within you. For example, if a chakra represents the quality of peace, love and harmony, using affirmations on that chakra will help you to gain these qualities.

As mentioned above, chakras in your body are responsible to carry pranic energy through a channel formed as a result of meditation or using affirmations. You will experience positive qualities connected with these chakras if they are aligned and balanced properly. 

It is like experiencing the power of love, inner wisdom, in all the activities we do as part of a routine. You start feeling a mental block if the flow of energy is blocked because of the imbalance of a chakra.

Chakra affirmations

You can easily experience all these qualities within and acknowledge them, if your chakras are aligned when you use Chakra affirmations. Continuous repetition of affirmations will create positive vibrations. 

Affirmations help you to position these qualities in your mind and their manifestation in all your routine activities. You start feeling the power within, confidence and the inner strength that was dormant for so long. It happens with increased awareness.

How to use chakra affirmations?

The first and foremost thing you need to do when you start using chakra affirmations is to identify the qualities you lack in your life.

Go through this article carefully, read the qualities of each chakra and see which quality or qualities you are lacking in your life. This will help you to understand yourself better from a positive viewpoint. This is the first step in using chakra affirmations in your life.

Most of the time, we all fall prey to negative thoughts creating a lot of stress because of silly reasons. If we are able to tackle this in our routine, the whole day will be much more productive.

Affirmations for chakra

Chakra affirmations help you to overcome these problems in your everyday life. You need to identify what is it that you need to balance your life. Then repeat affirmations connected for the respective chakra. When you focus on one of the chakras  you will heal that chakra and it is activated. Affirmations are positive statements that are easy to practice by focusing on the location of a chakra.

You might have observed one important fact connected with the mind – it can be trained in any way you wish. Chakra affirmation is one kind of such training – we can call it self-training. Any negative thought can be removed from the root with the help of chakra affirmation. 

Chakra affirmations are simple  to use – just pick one sentence and keep telling yourself the sentence consciously. Any time and place is perfect for this. But it is always ideal to find a suitable time in your everyday life.

By practicing chakra affirmations, it is a kind of acknowledgment you do to yourself.  For example, focusing on one of the chakras (Crown), you acknowledge that you are filled with greatness. As this continues to repeat in your mind regularly. Your mind believes that you are filled with greatness, compassion, etc. and helps you in a positive way.

Why use chakra affirmations?

Chakra affirmation helps you to understand your real inner self, your mind and its qualities. While there are a lot of ways to regain and balance the flow of energy through chakras, affirmation of chakras is the best and easiest method. The flow of energy will depend on the focus of your mind and the affirmation. When you focus on a specific chakra, your chakra is healed.

You can also use affirmations to rewire your brain waves for positive results. After you have practicing affirmations gradually for a few days, you will start experiencing the changes in your mind and in your attitude. 

If you are able to do this on a regular basis along with short meditations,  positive results can be experienced. People you interact with will certainly feel the positive vibe radiating from you.

Prepare a daily journal by writing down chakra affirmations and then repeat them every day to entirely change your life. Repeated chakra affirmations with a positive attitude will not only heal the energy at its center but also balance it physically too. 

Chakra affirmations create patterns in your subconscious mind. Your chakra gets healed with the vibrations created by affirmations. In turn they activate the centers in your brain.

For example, you feel pleasure when you do what you like. In the same way, affirmations creates changes in your brain. Even research says that a meditative mind along with practicing affirmations can relief one from mental pain. One of the most important things we need in life is to stay connected with what we need in life. 

Affirmations certainly helps in this regard. We realize that we are blessed enough to lead a peaceful life. We realize that we can manage with whatever we have.

What are the 7 chakras and their meanings?

Below you find the meanings for each of the 7 chakras.

Root Chakra

Secured feeling and being grounded.


Sanskrit name: Mooladhara
Location: Base of the spine.
Basic characteristic: Secured & homely feeling, financial stability in life, etc.

Balancing the root or Muladhara chakra can help you develop a feeling of security. It also develops confidence to meet the basic needs in your life from a financial perspective. Furthermore, you will feel grounded with a sense of attachment with your family in all positive ways.

Root Chakra is located closer towards the testes in males & the cervix in females. Root chakra is related to smell, passion, greed, anger, attachment, excretory functions & sex. It is also considered as the seat of the most powerful energy within you – the Kundalini. This energy flows from the root chakra towards the crown.

With chakra affirmations, you are actually removing the blocks in this journey. Root chakra is called root or “moola” which literally means the base of human existence. “adhara” meaning support, acting as the framework supporting the base. The chakra system in yogic philosophy starts with the Root Chakra. In this way too, this location is the root.

Sacral Plexus Chakra

Experiencing and understanding all the feelings & emotions in life.

Sacral chakra

Sanskrit name: Swadhisthana

Location: The lower abdomen, including the pelvis, womb, and genitals.

Basic characteristic: Being creative with playfulness, sexuality.

Swadhishthana Chakra is primarily influenced by emotions. This is second to the root chakra and you can see the relationship here with the root chakra. Swadhishtana chakra is responsible to connect you with emotions and feelings in you everyday life. You sense of taste, sensory pleasure, procreation, sexuality are also part of these emotions. Creativity, flexibility, expression with creativity, playfulness also manifests by awakening this chakra.

Physiologically, this chakra is connected with the kidneys & prostate gland. Hormones of this chakra create the masculine or feminine identity. This chakra defines the identity in which you express yourself to the external world.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Realize the power within you by activating the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Sanskrit name: Manipura
Location: Abdomen, between belly button up to the breastbone.

Basic characteristic: Sense of purpose in life, self-esteem, personal power
“Mani” means jewel or a precious stone. “pura” again means “city”. If you combine them both, it is called the “city of jewels”. It is in this location where the vital energy necessary for the body is developed and stored. Self-esteem, the attitude of fighting like a warrior, finding a sense of purpose in life is the qualities of this chakra.

Personal ego, dominating character, pride etc is revealed with the activation of this chakra. Some people become aggressive and fiery with the activation of the solar plexus chakra. At this point, you will start identifying yourself as an individual and find your place in this world. 

In the solar plexus chakra lies the passion & unconscious desires. All these are realized when the energy flows upward in the chakra system to reach the final destination.

Heart Chakra

Experience the love flowing from the heart by opening the Heart Chakra.

Heart Chakra

Sanskrit name: Anahata
Location: Centre of the heart (chest).

Basic characteristic: Expression of love and compassion, forgiveness for oneself and others around you.
As the energy flows towards the upper chakras, you start experiencing the qualities of the chakras. But you will gain intellectual discrimination in choosing the positive and negative. Anahata means connecting with yourself. When you say “yourself”, it is the inner divine being within you.

You become a witness to all the changes that occur in life. Compassion, empathy, love and selflessness are the qualities of this chakra. It is also connected with the will, sense of touch, skin, willpower, feelings, etc. Manifestation of energy in this chakra is visible in talented people like artists, painters, poets, musicians, etc.

The energy, as well as all the inspiration behind these, is seated in this chakra. You start experiencing the noble qualities with knowledge and wisdom. Caring for others, getting connected with all types of life, the feeling of oneness, etc. starts at this point. This chakra is also the connection point between the lower and higher chakras.

Throat Chakra

Express yourself with truthfulness opening the throat chakra.

Throat Chakra symbol

Sanskrit name: Vishuddhi
Location: The throat and the organs around like jaw, neck, mouth, thyroid.

Basic characteristic: Expressing yourself through along with listening power.

Speech is one of our main communication mediums. Manifestation of expressions in words, talking about your needs, telling the truth, everything happens through your throat. Your throat is also used to convey your intention. This location is also the center of immortality as per yogic philosophy. This is also called the chakra of purification.

The primary role of this chakra is to harmonize between positivity and negativity. The hearing organ – ears and speaking organ throat are closely related. It is like: what we hear and say are both related. If we look at the phrase – “deaf and dumb”it resembles the connection. 

All our thoughts, words & deeds are synchronized most of the time. Speech can happen only if there is thought, expression of the thought & listening. Usually, all  practices start with mooladhara end with vishuddhi chakra.

Third-eye chakra

Trusting your intuition by activating your third eye chakra.

Third eye chakra

Sanskrit name: Ajna Chakra

Location: The space between the eyebrows

Basic characteristic: Ego is released at this point by bringing more connection with intuition and inner wisdom.

The Ajna Chakra is the seat of second sight in the journey towards divinity. It is to unveil or know, obey and follow what comes as intuition. “ajna” means command. Yogis talk about the “siddhi” or psychic power, acquired with the opening of this chakra. This chakra is directly related to the trust you have in your intuitive thoughts. 

The location of this chakra is also the seat of the intellectual power & mental insights. High qualities found in an individual like visualization of what is heard, grasping power, focusing on whatever is being done physically, memory power etc. are controlled by this chakra.

Precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance perception at the subtle level is developed by balancing this chakra. As it is called as the third eye, the location of “ajna” chakra is the unification point of the energy developed by practicing chakra affirmations. By balancing this chakra, it is possible to control all you lower chakras.

Crown Chakra

Experience the divine by opening the crown chakra.

Crown chakra

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara
Location: The crown of the head
Basic characteristic: End of the journey towards enlightenment, divinity & blissfulness.

Sahasrara Chakra is the highest among all chakras. It is called the center of enlightenment, realized at the point of understanding the Self. It is believed that the individual is connected with divinity when the energy flowing from the base of the spine reaches this point. Your identity as an individual ceases to exist once you get connected with the inner divine.

The sight of transcendence happens at this point. Communion with the divine and unveiling the self is experienced at this point. An individual realizes that he/she is no more an individual, rather one with the infinite.

Chakra Affirmations

By this time, you would have understood why chakra affirmations are important in your life and how you can practice affirmations for your chakras. Chakra affirmations can not only help you in transforming yourself, but they help you to evolve too. Let us now start from the base.

An important fact that you need to understand before the practice is that chakra system is part of the human beings. It is the aid to evolve and transform. There is connection with religion at any stage.

Root chakra affirmations

The qualities of root chakra are essential for anyone who wish to lead a normal life. Everyone has dreams in life. It can be to acquire wealth, education, career planning, etc.

A person living a normal life will always have all these desires. To fulfill those desires in the right way and perspective, affirmation for root chakra will be of immense help. The first is to gain confidence in yourself. Once you are confident or convinced about your confidence, you start showing the qualities of being humble and satisfied with your own strengths, etc. 

You also feel financially secure, or else you will find a way to generate money through proper channels.

A connection with the beloved ones will create a positive vibe within you. Each of your achievements helps to boost your confidence within. As you continue to affirm yourself with these qualities, you will start experiencing a stable state of mind. 

You will also realize that there is a universal force that is supporting you in all difficult situations. Without such support how can you gain mental strength by being peaceful?

You will certainly gain much patience through these affirmations. When you look at the impact for the whole day, it will be much more rewarding in terms of promotion in career, healthy relationship with employees, etc. 

Whether it is a spiritual view or a materialistic view, the impact of these affirmations is going to be of immense help. Note that one can grow spiritually and materialistically together with such kinds of practices. Practice is always beneficial if done with understanding.

Below you find 15 root chakra affirmations:

• I am always humble.
• I am filled with humility.
• I am satisfied with what I have.
• I can live a peaceful life with great discipline.
• I am self-centered & grounded.
• I am mentally powerful.
• I am satisfied with my own capabilities.
• I am strong enough to manage all situations.
• I can always be stable and secure to live a normal life.
• I am secured financially to meet all my basic needs in life .
• I know that there is a universal force to provide me the essentials.
• I am personally connected with my family and its members.
• I am very strong physically & psychologically.
• I am physically strong with a healthy and well fit body.
• I am loyal to whatever I give and receive.
• Though I am slow, I am patient enough to do any task.

Sacral chakra affirmations

When your focus moves from the root chakra to the sacral chakra, your attitude towards life changes. You become more sensible with the strength, positivity and grounding you have acquired through the affirmations for root chakra. In the root chakra, you had acknowledged that whatever you get in life is a blessing.

Practicing affirmations regularly will bring more positivity in your life. Once you gain confidence in yourself, it helps you to handle situations with a positive attitude. Note that these affirmations are to be practiced every day. 

This means, your positivity will reflect in all your activities during the day. If you are to handle a tough situation in your family or at your workplace,, these affirmations will help you to respond.

When you realize that your reaction and response are controlled, you will start balancing your emotions. Balanced and controlled emotions will reduce stress, by increasing creativity. Creativity will reflect while executing your tasks and responsibilities – irrespective of whether it is in your career or in your personal life.

This will gradually increase your power of imagination. You can also be inspiring at times. When the mind becomes lightweight with such affirmations, you express yourself in a playful mood. Naturally, your patience increases along with a positive attitude.

Below you find 15 sacral chakra affirmations:

• I am sensitive towards different situations in life.
• I can control myself in any circumstances in life.
• I am balanced even in adverse situations.
• I know when to act and when not to react.
• I know when to wait with patience and being calm.
• I experience the sweetness of life flowing through me.
• I am able to radiate the joy from the sweetness of life.
• I am able to be playful and be creative with my loved ones.
• I have the energy in me with inspiration and creativity.
• I manage my emotions in a balanced manner.
• I can embrace both the pleasure and pain in a balanced way.
• I can be artistic with creative quality within me.
• I have gained the power of imagination.
• I am whimsical, lustful and equally unpredictable.
• I am sometimes chaotic too, consciously.

Solar plexus chakra affirmations

We all know that we are prone to mistakes. As you move upward from sacral to solar plexus chakra, affirmations will help you to gain much more energy. As you continue with the affirmations in the lower chakra with patience, you will also realize your changes. If you consciously look at the changes and evaluate them, it will make you grow over a period of time.

As you learn and grow with confidence, a conviction will help you to make the right decisions. 

Self-acceptance will make others believe you, your statements with determination. Social acceptance, finding your position in society are other qualities that you will experience once you reach this level. Skills to analyze your past and tailor your future will not only support you for a bright career but also in your personal life.

Yoga proclaims the hidden potential in human beings that can be unveiled with this kind of practice. This potential and the unlimited capacity that is already within you can be explored with the balancing of this chakra. 

When we talk about the potential within each one of us, it doesn’t mean that you are beyond nature. It is the human potential capable of doing wonders with conviction, confidence, determination and positive thoughts.

Below you find 15 solar plexus chakra affirmations:

• I keep learning about myself and keep growing.
• I have full acceptance of myself.
• I am fully aware that I have both strengths and weaknesses.
• I understand and is convinced about my unlimited potential.
• I am strong enough to stand with my personal power.
• I can make decisions with clarity, confidence and conviction.
• I have to be aware of my responsiveness in different situations in life.
• I can create changes in life with positive thoughts, words & deeds.
• I am self-motivated to achieve the purpose of life.
• I realize my willpower and determination.
• I understand my personal identity and my place in this world.
• I am egoistic and proud of what I am, sometimes dominant, for a noble cause.
• I am getting fully awakened into myself as an individual.
• I understand my boundaries as an individual in the society.
• I am able to judge myself and sometimes others.

Heart chakra affirmations

Love is something that can transform you completely. Understanding, acceptance, sacrifice, everything evolves with the experience of love.

Whatever you do with joy, turns out to be something that comes out of love. Transformation happens easily if the love is unconditional. It is not only with you but also with the people around you. If you are able to love others unconditionally, half the problems in this world will vanish.

Especially in a family, love is something which is essential. You can have a successful career with satisfying life only if your personal life is balanced. With love radiating from you, openness will also start manifesting in your words and deeds. Facing your challenges becomes easy if you are open to listen and love others.

Accepting yourself and others around you becomes easy once you start practicing heart chakra affirmations. You will realize that love can even drive away fear from your mind. 

Compassion, empathy, love, understanding, openness and acceptance are key qualities required to lead a harmonious life. 

Below you find 15 heart chakra affirmations:

• I love and appreciate myself unconditionally.
• I am filled with courage.
• I have an open heart to be loving to others.
• I am able to forget my troubled past.
• I can attract love from everyone irrespective of the situation.
• I can vent out resentment and let it go.
• I can radiate the powerful green light from my heart.
• I am the center of love and affection.
• I can get connected with all types of living beings.
• I have developed healing energy from my heart.
• I can imbibe oneness and peace.
• I am grateful to face all the challenges in life with love and an open heart.
• I release all the fear developed through situations.
• I can accept things and forgive others for any wrongdoings.
• I am grateful to get all the countless blessings in life.

Throat chakra affirmations

If you look back to the lower chakras and examine where you started, you will understand that it starts with individuality. A strong individuality with basic qualities to lead a normal life is the beginning. If we look at eminent personalities and their life, these stages are visible. Some are natural and some are with good intentions and purpose in life. It is possible to reach the spiritual heights for those who wish to evolve consciously.

At this point, one will start experiencing the divinity within. You start realizing the fact that all of those qualities that are manifesting are because of a universal force. For the manifestation of love, one of the qualities of the heart chakra, you need a medium to express love. 

It is through kind and compassionate words that you can express yourself with love. Love is not limited to the expression of our intentions through words.

Listening to others with patience is also part of compassion and love. You get countless blessings from the universal force to love yourself and love others with acceptance. Integrity and honesty with positive intentions filled with love make a person a complete human being. Attracting others through your speech is also possible with the help of  affirmations for throat chakra.

Below you find 15 throat chakra affirmations:

• I am filled with divine energy.
• I am able to convey my intentions clearly.
• I can convince others with my speech.
• I can communicate easily with confidence.
• I can speak and express my mind comfortably with words.
• I can listen to others without any difficulties.
• I express myself truthfully with positive intention.
• I do understand when to listen.
• I have the ability to convey and communicate clearly with truthfulness.
• I am creative and appealing.
• I communicate with integrity and honesty.
• I get nourished physically and psychologically with the blessings.
• I always love to share my divine experiences through speech.
• I am the truth, I survive in truth and I communicate it as well.
• My voice always matters with clarity.

Third eye chakra affirmations

With the continuous and regular practice of chakra affirmations, you start listening to intuitions. Interpreting your intuitions can always lead to success. Only a quiet mind will be able to listen to intuitions. Calming down the mind and quieting the mind with compassionate thoughts is the way to listen to intuitions. Reading and understanding others becomes easy at this stage.

Third eye chakra affirmations practice will take you to a higher level compared with other people. 

Below you find 15 third eye chakra affirmations:

• I am able to listen to my intuition and interpret it wisely.
• I can take decisions wisely.
• I have faith in my intuition.
• I feel connected to my inner divine self.
• I do let my inner wisdom show me the path.
• I trust my decisions and intuitive thoughts.
• I can easily quiet my mind in no time.
• I can experience my mental insights.
• I can visualize and concentrate according to my will.
• I do evaluate and understand myself.
• I am clairvoyant.
• I am able to perceive subtle thoughts.
• I feel connected with my inner divinity.
• I know that what I need is within.
• I am expanding my consciousness and awareness.

Crown chakra affirmations

There is always an end to any process. Crown chakra is the final destination of the energy you have been trying to flow upwards. The reality is experienced here. While we call it reality is not just the world you perceive through the senses. This is the point where the individual leaves the body consciousness and joins the infinite consciousness.

If you affirm this chakra continuously and regularly, you will experience that it is the same universal energy that manifests in every living being. You realize that you are no more a limited or confined individual, rather a compassionate and peaceful divine being. 

The same divinity is what you see in others too. Whatever is happening in my life is all positive and good for me, it is just an unfolding of a series of events. I am always feeling peaceful irrespective of the situation.

You can experience the manifestation of wisdom and knowledge to face challenging situations. As there is a strong affirmation asserting that you are beyond the physical body, it will help you cease the ego. Being unlimited, it is easy for you to manage others with you without any ego, mental conflicts, and unnecessary problems. Accepting yourself and others is just automatic and natural.

Below you find 15 crown chakra affirmations:

• I am one with the divine, I am guided by the divine.
• I am part of the infinite consciousness.
• I am omnipresent and not limited to this body.
• I am the creator of my world.
• I know that I am guided by the divine.
• I am compassionate and peaceful.
• I am connected with the universal power & energy.
• I see myself and the divine in all others.
• I get attuned to the universal wisdom.
• I want to nurture the spirit through experience.
• I can experience my rising consciousness.
• I can feel the unfolding of events in life as I seek.
• I am grateful to receive the help whenever I seek.
• I accept myself totally without any limitations.
• I experience that I am not just this physical body.

I am chakra affirmations

Positive “I am words” or affirmations is used to assert yourself that you are not just your physical body, rather one with the universal consciousness. You keep acknowledging the fact that you are not just your mind and ego. As soon as you realize that you are not your physical body, the mind and the ego, you will experience non-attachment towards the world.

The world is silly and mundane for you. When you affirm and acknowledge “I am not this mind and body, You are united with the absolute. You are now at the highest state in yoga, the Samadhi. It is the state of bliss, not separated from other living beings. You acknowledge that you are the creator of the world you see. It is all your own mental projection.

This will give you experience about the limited world. When you affirm yourself with “I am” the conditional love, you are in fact invoking the love and compassion within you. These dormant qualities will start manifesting once you regularly start affirming and acknowledging your qualities.

Note that chakra balancing starts from the root. It is a sequential flow of energy from the base of the spine towards the crown. You start thinking from a humanitarian level to help, serve others unconditionally with love and compassion. This will reflect in each activity in your everyday life.

Below you find 15 i am chakra affirmations:

• I am that “I AM”.
• I am not the body or mind.
• I am not the ego or emotions.
• I am not attached to this world.
• I am part of the universal consciousness.
• I am that Infinite energy.
• I am part of the Divine power.
• I am the embodiment of unconditional love.
• I am pure consciousness.
• I am the love and compassion.
• I am the creator of my own world.
• I am part of that Divine bliss.
• I am peaceful in uniting with the absolute.
• I am experiencing the blissful state, Samadhi.
• I am not separate from the other living beings.

Morning chakra affirmations

The best time to affirm yourself to acknowledge the qualities within you is during your morning hours. If the time is before sunrise, it is much more effective and impactful. The reason is that you wake up after sleep, your mind is almost near to empty. Thoughts are created in the mind only when you start interacting externally.

If you are able to instill affirmation thoughts before the entry of other thoughts, it will make them more impactful. The key importance of doing affirmation in the morning hours is that it will reflect in the routine. It will also make you much more aware of your affirmations.

Humility is what you need while interacting with others. This can reduce mental stress to a great extent. When you live in a fast and busy world filled with competition, it is important to have adaptive skills. That too is acknowledged in the morning affirmation practice. If you are well aware of your weakness, you will not get trapped in situations that you may not be able to handle.

Being independent is the most important skill you need as it will help you to move in life with self-motivation. Whether it is a career or personal life, you need to ensure that you are able to communicate well without any problems.

Below you find 15 morning chakra affirmations:

• I will be humble while interacting with others.
• I am confident in adapting to situations.
• I will manage all the activities with awareness.
• I will concentrate carefully on each activity.
• I have confidence in myself.
• I trust my strengths and will overcome weaknesses.
• I will be alert while taking decisions.
• I know where I stand with all my strengths & weakness.
• I will listen to my intuition in all aspects of life.
• I shall practice truthfulness & honesty in all actions and activities.
• I will be independent and self-motivated.
• I will be aware while reacting to different situations.
• I will communicate and express myself to others with clarity and confidence.
• I will manage and control my responsiveness.
• I will overcome fear complex easily with confidence and faith in myself.

Love chakra affirmations

We have already seen how the heart chakra affirmations work with love and compassion. Love shall not be misunderstood as an emotional attachment as we see in our life. Love is an attitude that manifests from within. You can love unconditionally only if you are able to love yourself. The first step to love yourself is to accept yourself completely.

Acceptance is as a whole, not just your strengths. We are not perfect in all sense. It is important to note that an individual while starting to practice affirmations may have some weaknesses. 

By the time you reach the heart chakra, affirmations of the lower chakras will create a lot of positive attitudes within you. We may still have weaknesses like responding to people with preconceived notions, prejudice, etc.

To come out from these mental conflicts and other weaknesses, you need to have strong affirmations on love chakra. First, you accept yourself, then dear ones in the family with all their shortcomings. It will later expand to other members of the family, friends and relatives, then the society as a whole. 

As you move up towards the crown chakra, you will reach the state where you can accept all the living beings seeing yourself in others. You will realize that it is the same energy, the consciousness that is present in all beings.

Below you find 15 love chakra affirmations:

• I love and accept myself completely as I am.
• I love my family just like myself.
• I love my fellow beings like myself.
• I love other living beings in this universe.
• I love my strength & weakness.
• I deserve love and wellbeing.
• I can love others effortlessly.
• I can receive love from others unconditionally.
• I welcome love with my heart open.
• I can attract love from whomever I meet.
• I am open to relationships based on love.
• I love my inner childish nature.
• I love accepting all challenges to grow.
• I believe that love can transform me.
• I am worthy of unconditional love and affection.

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