100 positive affirmations for beauty

Beauty Affirmations are positive statements that you can use to tell yourself to boost your self-esteem and confidence. They are also used as a form of self-care and self-love. You can repeat beauty affirmations daily until you start to believe them, then notice your self-esteem and confidence increase as you start to love yourself. 

This article will cover over 100 beauty affirmations.

Beauty affirmations list

Beauty affirmations are related to your physical appearance and inner beauty. They are a practical self-help tool you can use to help you learn to love and accept yourself and practice self-care. Anyone can use beauty affirmations whether you are male and female. However, it’s important to use affirmations that resonate with you for them to work effectively. 

Beauty affirmations can be set into different categories which can be helpful if you want to focus on a specific part of yourself like your face. Here are a few examples: 

  • Beauty radiates through every part of me. 
  • My lips give me a beautiful smile. 
  • My eyes sparkle like stars.
  • I look and feel like a goddess. 
  • I am beautiful inside and out.
  • My inner beauty shines through in everything I do.
  • I radiate confidence and grace.
  • I am deserving of love and admiration.
  • My smile lights up a room.
  • I embrace my unique features and celebrate my individuality.
  • I am grateful for my body and all that it does for me.
  • I am comfortable and confident in my own skin.
  • I am worthy of self-care and pampering.
  • I attract positive energy and good vibes.
  • I am a magnet for compliments and admiration.
  • I am beautiful just the way I am.
  • I choose to see beauty in myself and others.
  • I am a work of art, constantly evolving and growing.
  • I take care of my mind, body, and soul.
  • I am confident in my own beauty, regardless of societal standards.
  • I am kind and compassionate, and that makes me even more beautiful.
  • I am confident in my abilities and talents.
  • I radiate love and positivity, making me even more attractive.
  • I am worthy of feeling beautiful and confident every day.

Body Image Affirmations

  1. I am grateful for my body and all it does for me.
  2. My body is beautiful and worthy of love.
  3. I embrace my flaws as part of what makes me uniquely beautiful.
  4. I choose to focus on the things I love about my body.
  5. Every cell in my body radiates beauty and vitality.

Inner Radiance Affirmations

  1. My inner beauty shines through in everything I do.
  2. I am filled with positive energy that illuminates my surroundings.
  3. Confidence and joy are at the core of my being.
  4. I attract positivity because of the light within me.
  5. My smile lights up any room I enter.

Self-Care Affirmations

  1. Taking care of myself is an act of self-love.
  2. I prioritize self-care because it nourishes my mind, body, and soul.
  3. Resting and rejuvenating allows me to be the best version of myself.
  4. Setting boundaries is essential for maintaining balance in my life.
  5. Loving myself means treating myself with kindness and compassion.

I am beautiful affirmations 

  1. I am crazy beautiful. 
  2. I am beautiful because I am me. 
  3. It is easy for me to believe that I am beautiful inside and out. 
  4. It’s easy for me to believe that I am an extremely beautiful woman.
  5. My natural beauty radiates through every cell of my body. 
  6. I see myself as an incredibly attractive woman because only I can define my beauty. 
  7. I am beautiful because I know I am a powerful goddess and beauty flows through every part of my being. 
  8. People light up whenever they see me because they see how beautiful I truly am. 
  9. I gravitate positive energy towards others wherever I go which makes me even more beautiful every day. 
  10. I am falling more in love with myself each day because I believe I am beautiful. 

Affirmations for a beautiful face 

  1. My glowing smile lights up every room. 
  2. My eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky. 
  3. I attract beauty in everything I see.
  4. I am grateful that I have eyes to see the magnificent beauty in the world. 
  5. I appreciate my nose to allow me to smell beautiful scents. 
  6. I love my ears because they give me the ability to listen to beautiful music and sounds. 
  7. I always see the beauty in things which reflects the beauty in my face. 
  8. My beautiful face glows in the moonlight because I am a beautiful soul. 
  9. I enjoy life and love to laugh which shows all over my beautiful face. 
  10. Everyone sees me as pretty and attractive because I have beautiful facial features. My eyes are my favorite part of my face. 

Beautiful skin affirmations 

  1. People are attracted to me because I feel confident in my skin. 
  2. I choose to eat a healthy diet and only eat foods that nourish my hair, skin, and nails. 
  3. I am comfortable in my body and feel proud of my skin. 
  4. My skin is smooth and glowing and reflects my natural beauty. 
  5. I take good care of my skin by only using natural skin care products. 
  6. I accept my flaws and love every part of my skin and body. 
  7. My skin is clearing up and healing because I am grateful for the power of my medication. 
  8. I drink plenty of water every day to keep my skin hydrated and radiant. 
  9. I am learning to love and accept my skin just the way it is. 
  10. I apply sun cream when the weather is hot because I care about my skin and want to protect it. 

I am beautiful women affirmations 

  1. I attract the opposite sex because I am a beautiful woman. 
  2. I dress beautifully and speak beautiful because I am beautiful. 
  3. My beauty reflects in my posture because I walk elegantly and gracefully. 
  4. I have an irresistible personality that shines through my natural inner and outer beauty. 
  5. Nothing makes me more beautiful than the belief that I am beautiful. 
  6. I am my kind of beautiful. 
  7. I was beautiful, I am beautiful, and I always will be beautiful. 
  8. I am a beautiful, sexy, and powerful woman and I love myself. 
  9. I’m not perfect but I still respect, value and love myself because I know I am beautiful. 
  10. I am the most confident, attractive, and beautiful woman to have ever graced this Earth with my presence. 

Self-love beauty affirmations 

  1. I look in the mirror and love what I see. 
  2. I treat myself with respect and loving-kindness because I love myself. 
  3. I accept my flaws and love every part of myself just the way I am. 
  4. I allow myself to see myself as beautiful. 
  5. I love the person I am becoming. 
  6. I am worthy to attract great things in my life. 
  7. I always have been enough; I am more than enough, and I always will be enough. 
  8. I am allowed to feel good about myself. 
  9. Each day I focus on my inner strength and healing. 
  10. I have the power to overcome the negative thoughts holding me back. 
  11. I truly love myself and believe in myself. 

Positive beauty affirmations 

  1. Each day my heart is filled with beauty, joy, and love. 
  2. I become even more beautiful with my positive approach to life. 
  3. The happier I feel, the more beautiful I become. 
  4. My inner beauty radiates positive energy into the world. 
  5. I feel more and more confident with each passing day. 
  6. I am a pure and beautiful soul and spread positivity around me. 
  7. Every time I walk into a room, everyone smiles at my presence. 
  8. Everyone is attracted to my beautiful, positive, and loving energy. 
  9. I am a true inspiration and inspire everyone around me to become the best version of themselves. 
  10. Every day I wake up, I express heart filled gratitude for how beautiful I am. 

Male beauty affirmations 

  1. My body is extremely sexy, masculine, and attractive. 
  2. My hair is healthy and thick which makes it easy to style. 
  3. My beautiful smile lights up my gorgeous face and eyes. 
  4. Women are attracted to me because I am incredibly magnetic and seductive. 
  5. I love my deep, sexy, and masculine voice. 
  6. I work out at the gym and eat healthy because I love and respect my body. 
  7. My teeth are perfectly white, perfectly aligned and sparkle when I smile. 
  8. I grow in confidence and power with my extremely attractive walk. 
  9. I see myself as a strong, sexy, and confident man. 
  10. I feel great in my skin and become sexier and more beautiful each day. 

Affirmations for beautiful body 

  1. I have gorgeous hands and feet which are a perfect size. 
  2. I love and appreciate every part of my beautiful body. 
  3. I look and feel confident and beautiful in anything I choose to wear. 
  4. I exercise and eat healthy to keep in perfect shape because I love curves and respect my body. 
  5. I become even more beautiful each day because my body is healthy, clean, and hygienic. 
  6. My height and weight are perfect. 
  7. I express so much gratitude each day for my beautiful and healthy body. 
  8. I love my sexy, gorgeous features and perfectly shaped face. 
  9. People often compliment me on my attractive body and good looks. 
  10. I love taking care of my fit, healthy and beautiful body. 

Affirmations for beautiful hair 

  1. I love my strong, healthy, and shiny hair. 
  2. It feels natural and easy to grow my hair. 
  3. My hair makes me look even more beautiful. 
  4. My hair is naturally thick, strong, and beautiful.
  5. I eat a healthy balanced diet to keep my hair healthy and nourished. 
  6. My expectations for hair growth are realistic. 
  7. My hair is one of my favorite features. 
  8. People compliment me on what amazing hair I have. 
  9. I use good quality hair products to protect my hair and keep it looking beautiful and shiny. 
  10. I can choose any hairstyle and still look and feel confident and amazing. 

Affirmations for beautiful lips 

  1. My sexy and seductive lips are one of my favorite facial features. 
  2. I can choose any color of lipstick and still look confident and attractive. 
  3. My lips are soft, subtle, and pink. 
  4. I use a good quality lip balm daily to keep my lips soft and hydrated. 
  5. My lips are sexy and subliminal. 
  6. I am forever grateful for my beautiful, soft, and natural lips. 
  7. I drink plenty of water each day to keep my lips soft and hydrated. 
  8. My lips show off my perfectly white and aligned teeth every time I smile. 
  9. I’m grateful for my lips because I get to have amazing kisses with the love of my life. 
  10. My sexy and seductive lips attract men and make them want to kiss me.   

beauty affirmations

What are the affirmations for beautiful eyes?

Your eyes are special and beautiful. Say positive things about them every day to feel more confident and love them even more. Here are some affirmations for your eyes.

  • My eyes are a reflection of my inner radiance.

  • The color of my eyes is mesmerizing and captivating.

  • I am grateful for the beauty that shines through my eyes.

  • My unique eye shape adds character and charm to my face.

  • I embrace every imperfection in my eyes as part of my natural beauty.

  • My eye contact exudes warmth and sincerity.

  • The sparkle in my eyes reflects the joy within me.

  • My gaze is magnetic, drawing others towards me with positivity.

  • My expressive eyes communicate kindness, empathy, and compassion.

  • My eyes tell stories that words cannot express.

  • The depth of my gaze reveals wisdom beyond years.

  • Every time I look in the mirror, I am captivated by the beauty of my own eyes.

  • People are drawn to my eyes because they radiate love and kindness.

  • My eyes are a reflection of the beauty that resides within me.

Do beauty affirmations work? 

Beauty affirmations are part of practicing self-love to increase your self-confidence and make you look and feel your best. Although it is important to remember that your thoughts reflect what you manifest. Beauty affirmations do work but you have to put the effort in by repeating them and saying them as you mean it until you start to believe them. 

They can work by cleansing yourself of negative beliefs you have about yourself and replacing them with self-love and positive energy. It is also important to set affirmations in the present as if you already believe them because the present moment is all you have, and it can help replace long-standing negative beliefs with positive ones. 

Affirmations for beauty that are realistic and focus on a certain trait like the skin or face are believed to benefit you the most because the brain associates this with changes that can be achieved. Statements like ‘I am attractive’ don’t usually work as many people find it difficult to believe. It is better to think of unique qualities you like about yourself and turn this into an affirmation as this will be easier for you to believe. 

However, affirmations may not work for everyone especially if you suffer from depression or anxiety because positive thinking alone may not be enough for them to work. You might require deeper work which should be done with a therapist to find the root causes of your negative beliefs such as low self-esteem by looking back at past experiences that may be triggering these beliefs. 

What are affirmations for beauty? 

Affirmations for beauty are positive statements related to your appearance. When you love yourself deeply including every aspect of yourself and your appearance, your beauty will shine through you, and you will carry positive energy that can radiate to others. 

Beauty affirmations can help you to do this by focusing on the unique qualities related to your appearance and repeating affirmations based on these unique qualities to increase your self-worth and help you to fall in love with yourself. 

There is an expectation in our society for women and men to look a certain way to be accepted. Don’t worry about coming across as being arrogant or self-centered though. People are attracted to people who love themselves and feel confident and have high self-esteem no matter what they look like. 

Feeling beautiful means that you are showing up as your authentic self and means that you accept yourself without feeling the need to be loved or accepted by others. People will be attracted to you as they notice your beauty and confidence. 

What you put inside your body and think about yourself is what you become. Beauty affirmations are a great self-help tool for feeling beautiful and loving yourself, but it is just as important to nourish yourself with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats like omega 3, and by drinking plenty of water. 

This will help you have long-lasting inner beauty by strengthening your hair, skin, and nails. If you feel beautiful on the inside, it will help you start to believe the beauty affirmations you repeat to yourself on the outside. 

Affirmations for beauty

How to use affirmations for beauty 

For beauty affirmations to work it is important to repeat them daily until your subconscious mind starts to believe them. Writing a list of affirmations that resonate with you can be more powerful than just thinking about them and saying them. Write them down on sticky notes and stick them around your mirror. 

There is no wrong time to repeat your affirmations, you can do them in the morning, afternoon, evening, or both. You must be able to allocate a specific time to them that suits you as they are more powerful when you take your time, dedicate your full attention, and don’t rush them.

Here is a list of how to use your affirmations for beauty daily: 

  1. Before, you look in the mirror, stand up straight and take three deep breaths. This will help you to relax and be focused on the present moment. 
  2. Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and smile. This can help the affirmations sink in as you are being constantly reminded of these affirmations. It can also help release any self-doubt you may have. 
  3. Say your affirmations out loud and repeat them 3-5 times. It is better to focus on 1-3 affirmations each day rather than a long list as it can get overwhelming trying to focus on too many at once. 
  4. Take another three deep breaths to allow your body to absorb your affirmations and positive energy. The happier you feel, the more likely you are to attract what you want. 
  5. You can also listen to beauty affirmations on audio while you sleep to reprogram your mind into believing you are beautiful. 


Now that you understand the power of beauty affirmations, it’s time to do something about it. Pick a strong affirmation that resonates with you and say it every day. Examples include “I am beautiful inside and out” or “I love and accept my unique beauty.” These affirmations can change how you think about yourself and help you love who you are. Believe in yourself and know that affirmations work when you put in the effort. Start embracing your true beauty now!


Can affirmations make your eyes look better?

Yes! There are plenty of affirmations specifically designed to enhance certain physical features like eyes. Some examples include “My eyes are captivating and full of life,” or “I am grateful for my beautiful eyes that sparkle with joy.” Find an affirmation that resonates with you personally and repeat it consistently to appreciate and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

Can affirmations actually change my appearance?

Affirmations don’t change how you look, but they do change how you feel about yourself and how others see you. When you love yourself and have confidence, affirmations make you shine inside and out, and that affects how you act and connect with others.

Can anyone benefit from beauty affirmations?

Yes! Beauty affirmations are for everyone. They can boost your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself. Try saying positive things about your appearance and see how it can change your mindset.


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