Law Of Attraction for Relationships-How to attract love 2023

Are you unsatisfied with your current relationship, or are you struggling to find a partner? Do you have negative thoughts and feelings about dating? Are you constantly expecting to be betrayed or broken-hearted? If you are reading this, you would like to create a harmonious relationship that is perfect for you deliberately. 

Do you want to know how to create a meaningful relationship? Do you want to know how to improve your current relationship dramatically? Do you want to feel passionately in love and happy? After reading this vital information, you will have learned how to positively apply the Law of Attraction in relationships.

You will learn how loving and approving of yourself will bring a shift to your manifested reality. You will learn powerful law of attraction relationship methods for self-love and self-respect. After reading, you will stop feeling desperation and loneliness. You will be so in love even when you are by yourself. The meaning of law of attraction states that when we love and approve of ourselves, we will attract harmonious, satisfying relationships that match how we feel. 

Everything will change in your relationships and romantic life after you have learned how to use the Law of Attraction in relationships.

What is The Law of Attraction in Relationships?

“What you focus on increases, that is the Law of Attraction at its core and my experience in my relationship too and it is what I witness with my clients”- Laura Doyle (World-class relationship coach)

What you choose to focus on in your relationships is what you get. This is the definition of law of attraction and relationships. The way you perceive your partner is the way your partner will show up in your experience. When you change your thoughts about another, the other changes through your new perception, life mirrors the beliefs we have about ourselves and how we relate to others. Adopt a new sense of worthiness because it is vitally important for a healthy relationship. 

If you perceive your partner as lazy, you will treat them as if they are lazy. You will speak to them as if they are lazy. You will only observe the evidence of them being lazy. You have attracted the reality of having a lazy partner. So long as you believe that they are lazy, they cannot show up any other way for you. 

You can not see them in any way other than laziness. It is important to begin choosing to focus on what you want, not what you are not wanting. As you shift your focus, you will begin to feel more freedom of choice than you ever have before. You will have so many choices of paths to take towards the relationship of your dreams.

law of attraction in relationships

When you bravely decide to change your belief of having a lazy partner to having a caring partner, your partner will change because your perception has changed. When you decide to believe that your partner does a lot to help you, you will feel gratitude for them. You will speak to them respectfully. You will only observe the evidence of them being helpful to you. 

Your newly attracted reality is that you have an attentive and thoughtful partner. So long as you believe and affirm that they care about pleasing you, they cannot show up any other way. I do recommend saying this law of attraction relationship affirmation often to your partner, “You are always doing so much for me. Thank you so much for everything you do”. 

The past is over. Even though you live in the present, your past has installed beliefs in you that have caused you to keep attracting the same negative relationships repeatedly. If you had negative experiences in your childhood, those experiences are what you learned about love. Maybe your parents were always fighting. Now, as an adult (even if you intended to not be like your parents), you will find yourself always fighting with your partner. 

Those experiences are over, and it is time to learn how to apply the law of attraction to bring new healthy types of love to you. You can be free now; you do not have to feel traumatized and hurt by those damaging types of relationships any longer. You are so worthy and so deserving of a new healthy relationship.

Your new knowledge of the Law of attraction for relationships will allow you to begin writing a new love story. Your old story may have been full of disappointments and failed relationships. It is important to become aware of exactly what that story is. It is time to write yourself a new story of confidence, abundant love, and a successful, harmonious relationship. Your old relationship story is no longer true for you because you know how to attract a better love story now.

Does The Law of Attraction Work on Relationships?

“Understand a person cannot be alone and lonely when they are in a gregarious loving relationships vibration”– Bob Proctor (Law of Attraction philosopher)  

In relationships, the Law of Attraction is always working and creating your experience. The Law is always at work, even when you do not realize it. If your relationships are negative, it is because your negative thoughts are attracting the negative relationship experience. When you approach your relationships with fearful thinking and expect the worst to happen, you will find evidence of the worst happening to you. 

If you want to see a change in your romantic life, your thoughts and feelings must change, and you must establish a sense of self-worth. You must make a shift from fearful thinking to love-based thinking. 

law of attraction relationships

When you understand how the Law of Attraction for relationships works, you can choose your thoughts to improve your relationships deliberately. You deserve to be in a great relationship, and you deserve to know how to create a great relationship. You are in control of your love life. If you want to stop being abandoned by others, you must stop emotionally abandoning yourself. 

Now that you know that the Law of Attraction is always at work take a look at the examples below of a negative versus a positive creator. 

Thoughts or affirmations that a negative relationship creator may think:

  • Men or Women only want one thing; they only want to use me for sex or money.
  • They would not love me anymore if they got to know the real me. I am broken.
  • I am never anyone’s first choice; only desperate people choose to date someone like me. 

Thoughts or law of attraction relationship affirmations that a positive relationship creator may think:

  • Men or Women bring so much joy to my life; I love that they are different from me, and even though we are different, we love and trust each other. 
  • People love getting to know me because I am a loving and caring type of person. 
  • Good people feel so lucky to be in my life and are choosing to be my partner. 

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, your expectations and beliefs are everything. You must validate yourself. Stop seeking your validation from others and begin seeking it from yourself. You will see the results of a harmonious relationship as quickly as you can expect and believe it to happen. 

Can You Attract a Specific person with the Law of Attraction?

“The thing that will bring you the absolute closest to attracting that [specific] person into your life, is to completely let that person go” – Aaron Doughty (consciousness and Law of Attraction teacher)

Law Of Attraction can lead you to attract a specific type of person. If you are focused on deliberately attracting someone caring, you will attract someone caring. Suppose you are unconsciously focused on people who are treating you poorly. In that case, you will attract exactly what you expect (people who will treat you poorly). You must become a match to the good person you want to attract into your life. 

Stop putting others on a pedestal and start putting yourself on a pedestal. You must become the source of your happiness before you can happily attract another specific type of person.

Can you attract a specific individual? Yes, if and only if they attract you (or someone like you) through their deliberate creation. You cannot create in another person’s experience or force another to be with you or think positively of you. They are the creator of their own life experience, just as you are the creator of yours. However, you will have vibrationally expanded when you become your best self because of practicing the Law of Attraction. 

Your new expanded self may be wanting a whole new set of qualities that the specific individual does not have. You may have outgrown your desire for that specific individual.

For example, you may have a specific person in mind you would like to attract. Maybe (for example) it is your ex-lover. The way you would intentionally use the Law of Attraction in this scenario is by focusing on this ex-lover’s positive memories and qualities. Focus on visualizing and feeling the good memories. 

The universe will respond by leading you to rendezvous with either this specific person or a new person who will have similar qualities and awaken similar feelings in your heart. 

law of attraction and relationships

To quickly attract true love, let go of your expectations of how and when and who you will end up with. What you want to attract is a feeling of immense happiness and worthiness. This feeling comes from inside of yourself and not from a specific person. You may believe that you will only feel valuable when a specific person loves you. This will lead the Law of Attraction to bring a lot of distress into your relationship experience. Neediness will not attract your lover in the way that you want. It will repel them.

How does the Law of Attraction work in relationships? 

“As your inner sense of love and romance grows, the right person to share in your increasing sense of intimacy will be attracted to you like a magnet” -Louise Hay (Motivational Law Of Attraction author) 

The Law Of Attraction works in relationships because it works in everything. What you believe about love is the type of love you will receive. What you are focused on about relationships is what increases for you. The Law of attraction will bring you a match to the type of person you are. If you have a victim mindset, the Law of attraction will bring predators and users into your life. 

If you feel lovable and know your value and worth, the Law of attraction for relationships will bring you people who love you and respect you. You must believe that you deserve the loving relationship that you have been craving for so long. You must believe that you are worthy of being cherished and adored.

You may have noticed that you quickly lost your power in your past relationships and your self-worth was diminished. When you stopped showing up authentically, and with intention, it caused your relationship to spiral out of control and feel tense. When you are feeling needy, you get the opposite of what you want most. You do not want to be a part of the drama of a negative relationship anymore. What you genuinely want most is a state of bliss and harmony.

You will magnetize an abundantly fulfilling relationship when you put the energy back onto yourself, cultivate your self-esteem, and chase your wildest dreams. You must focus on creating love inward first, instead of forcing it from the outer world. You must believe that you are magnetic, worthy of true romance and that you are incredibly attractive. Would you want to be with someone who repels, does not feel worthy, or does not feel attractive or confident? No! To adopt those positive qualities, you truly can do it because it is all about your mindset. 

If you want to attract the love you are craving into your life, you must first give yourself tender love and kindness. It is important not to go frantically searching for love from a negative mindset of lack or fear. You must heal your thoughts and learn to truly value yourself before allowing yourself to be available for a new relationship. 

Some actions you can take towards self-love is to put yourself before others, speaking kindly to yourself through law of attraction relationship affirmations (affirmations are so important for the Law of attraction), practice meditating on the feeling of love, and saying no to anything that disrupts the peace in your life (start to say yes to yourself and care for your wellbeing).

law of attraction and relationships

As you begin to nurture yourself with these new loving and supportive thoughts, you will call a nurturing and supportive relationship into your experience. When you feel worthy and valuable, you will only attract interactions with partners who see your worth and value. The way you think and feel about yourself is broadcasting the kind of love you are available for to the universe. Broadcast confidence because the most beautiful thing about you is your confidence. 

You must first be able to trust yourself if you would like to attract a trustworthy partner.

You may have noticed that you always end up in a similar relationship every time a relationship ends. Our past experiences seem like normality. We become addicted to what is familiar because it feels like reality. For example, you may find yourself constantly being cheated, or maybe you have been in a controlling and jealous relationship. or maybe you find yourself dating disrespectful partners who nag and complain all the time. 

These experiences are because of your vibrations to the universe through your thoughts, feelings, and expectations. It is never the other person’s fault; it is always about your vibration and what you choose to focus on. Your relationships cannot thrive until you begin to choose love instead of focusing on the problems. 

 The Law of attraction can improve your already existing relationships as well. You will not be changing the other person; you will be changing your perceptions and what you receive from them. You will be changing who you are and your beliefs, which draws out new responses from your partner. It will always feel better for you to give love and appreciation than complain and be full of hatred. Stop pushing your partner away with your resentments and begin attracting them to you like a magnet with your heart. 

When you stop focusing on the dislikeable aspects of your partner, the lovable aspects will grow, and your partner may feel pressure lifted off them. When there is no negative pressure (nagging, control, and manipulation) coming from you towards your partner, there will be room for them to develop more good qualities that you want to attract from them. Treat your partner as if they are already the wonderful person you want to be with. 

Only think about or speak about your relationship when you are in a good and loving mood.

How to use the Law of Attraction in Relationships

Below will be steps and ideas on how to use the Law of attraction in your relationships:

Step 1: Know what you want in your relationship. Be so clear about what you want and then write it down. Ensure that you are not thinking or writing about what you do not want, as this would negatively affect your experience.


  • Do you want to be with a happy, nice, caring, healthy, and patient person? 
  • Do you want to be with someone who will go on adventures and travel the world with you?
  • Do you want someone receptive to your specific sexual desires?
  • Do you want your current partner to change any behaviors or treatment towards you?
  • Do you want to get married and start a family with someone?

Step 2: Intend to be your best self because the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. Write down how you would like to show up in a relationship. When you are feeling your best, the Law Of Attraction in relationships will bring you the best. Affirm that you deserve and accept the best romantic partner. 


  • “In my relationship, I want to show up as happy. I want to be respectful to my partner. I want to give love and to be receptive to my partner’s love. I want to be a good receiver of gifts and compliments in my relationship. I want to be patient with my partner. I only want to say good things about my partner, and I want to only speak kindly to and about them. I want to be a good listener for them, I want to let them speak more than I speak. I want to give my partner trust and unconditional love and grace. I want to relinquish control of my partner and to be grateful for them. Those are my wants and how I intend to show up. Law Of Attraction will bring me a partner who is a good match for the person I am”.

Step 3: Visualize what you want.

Example for someone single:

Visualize a partner who is happy and makes you happy. Visualize how they treat you and how you treat them. Visualize the intimate moments you have with them. Visualize the activities you do together. Visualize everything you want. Tap your heart, and send these desires out to the universe. 

Example for someone who is already in a committed relationship:

Visualize your partner being happy and doing something they love. Tap your heart and send them love. Smile as you visualize. Visualize the happiest memories you have with your partner. Feel gratitude for everything they have ever done for you. Express your gratitude and appreciation to them often.

Step 4: Create the feelings within yourself that you want to feel in a relationship. If you want to feel cherished and adored, think about how you can give yourself that feeling. Could you buy yourself flowers? Could you say kind words to yourself? If you want to feel respected, how could you respect yourself? As you begin to create your desired emotions within your being, the universe will receive frequencies from you. You will attract matching frequencies from others.

Step 5: (If you already have a partner) Make a list of positive aspects and what you are grateful for about your partner. Read it every day. Add to it if you can. As you feel gratitude, your imagery of your partner will shift to your desired reality and your relationship will transform.

Step 6: Create a list of positive affirmations about worthiness and loving relationships and recite these law of attraction relationship affirmations daily. 

  Examples of empowering law of attraction relationship affirmations:

  • I was born worthy of love. My worthiness and value come from within me.
  • All of my relationships are blissfully loving and harmoniously perfect and happy.
  • I trust in the power of the universe to deliver a happy intimate relationship to me.
  • I am safe and secure. I am confident and self-assured in relationships. 
  • I trust myself to choose to be involved in safe relationships that are good for me and make me feel alive.

Step 7: Stop shopping for pain. Stop looking for the bad in others. Stop reacting to your fear. Stop watching dramatic movies and tv shows about disastrous love. Only focus on happiness and love. Stop googling negative things about dating and relationships. Only read the positive stuff about love.

Law Of Attraction Relationships Success Stories 

My personal story:

Every day I feel so blessed by what the Law Of Attraction has gifted me in my relationships. The Law of attraction has improved all my relationships (friendships, family, teachers, business, and my marriage). I will tell you specifically about my amazing marriage that was not always so amazing. If I could create a happy relationship in my life, so could you. 

Before I met my husband, I would attract abusive relationships in my life. I was attracted to abusive relationships because I felt like a victim, had zero self-love or self-respect, and felt unworthy and ugly. I was constantly being cheated on, betrayed, and left behind. I was focused on my misery and my hurt. I was full of anger and hatred and constantly wanted revenge. I was also an abusive person. I was jealous and fearful all the time. There was nothing attractive about the way I behaved. My behavior and beliefs kept pushing my partners away.

Eventually, I met the man who would one day become my husband. When we first started dating, I had not yet known about the Law of attraction. Things were wonderful at first. Then naturally, I started spiraling downhill into my old negative patterns. I was insecure and jealous and full of rage. I would lash out and say mean things to my partner. We would fight all the time. We both would betray each other often. We kept breaking up and getting back together. There was so much drama all the time.

I finally got tired of feeling pain and heartache all the time. I was ready for a change. I started researching and discovered the Law of Attraction. My partner’s mother even gave me a book on the subject of Law of attraction. I buried my nose in the book and into my research, and I began to change. As I began to change, our relationship began to change. It felt like a miracle. Finally, I was free from the burdens of the past. Finally, I could control the path I was on.

I started to heal and develop into a lovable person through my commitment to practicing the Law of Attraction. I learned new behaviors and stopped my old habits. I became trustworthy, and I started to trust him. I became a kinder, sweeter, more empathetic woman. He responded by becoming an amazing man because I was able to see his wonderful qualities now, and I became more receptive to his love. My personality changed. I became a good listener, calmer, and more relaxed. My looks also changed. I felt more confident and beautiful because of the Law of Attraction. When people look at me now, they can see how loving and happy I am. 

The relationship of my dreams was unfolding before my eyes. He proposed to me, and we got married. Since then, we have created such a beautiful harmonious life together. He treats me like a princess because I feel like a princess. We travel the world together. We had become new people, much better people than when we first met. We are so happy and supportive of each other all the time, because of my work with the Law of Attraction. There is no more drama. My life has become a peaceful fairytale. 

If I could go from feeling ashamed and unworthy of love to feel beautiful and worthy of amazing love, so could you. We all have had painful stories and painful experiences in relationships. Your story is not over. You are in control of the type of relationship you choose to be in. It is time for you to choose to be in a harmoniously blissful relationship.


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