How does the law of attraction work scientifically?

The law of attraction is one of the 12 universal laws that tell you, whatever you are thinking is what you are going to attract into your physical reality. It is one of the most powerful universal laws which is eternal and always works and always will. Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, it is always in process. If you have positive thoughts in your mind, you will attract positive things and circumstances into your life but if you hold negative thoughts, you will most likely be attracting negative things and events. 

Also, there is an entire science behind the law of attraction and how it works. In this article, you will learn many different scientific approaches, theories, and evidence that proves the existence of the law of attraction. 

How does manifestation work scientifically?

The universal law of attraction and the way it works is completely a process of manifestation and how it works. Manifestation is itself an ability to bring your thoughts into the physical or tangible form. 

One of the best examples of manifestation is when you plant a seed in the ground and water it, you truly believe that it will begin to grow one day and it does. Similarly, this is how manifestation works too, all you need to do is to clearly decide you want to manifest, believe as it has already been manifested, and then finally take action according to it and it will manifest into your life. 

Manifestation is also scientifically proven, which says that positive emotions enable you to think creatively and broader your perspective which ultimately takes you to the path of manifestation. According to the research of a well-known scholar in psychology, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson shows that positive emotions like love, happiness, gratitude, and joy promote new ideas and creative actions which open the door to new possibilities and opportunities. 

Similarly, another leading professor in psychology, Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky has carried out research that shows that it is only happiness that leads to success and nothing else. It also clarifies that if you want to manifest the things you want, you must feel good and happy.  

How does the law of attraction work scientifically?

The law of attraction is completely focused on your thoughts, feelings, and actions. All these three things must be done simultaneously to activate the law of attraction. The science behind the law of attraction tells us that the thoughts you think are a form of energy and when you think a thought, your brain emits a powerful frequency of that thought which is directed towards the thing you are focused on and attracts it into your life. 

There are two types of frequencies that interfere in your life, the high frequency, and the low frequency. The high frequency or vibration is known as the positive energy that is emitted through your mind when you are in a healthy emotional and good feeling state. Whereas, low frequency refers to the negative energy your mind emits when you feel negative emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness, etc. 

Many scientific researches and studies have proved the existence of the law of attraction. A study in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B in 2009 showed that it is possible to predict an outcome of a hypothetical situation before it occurs with great accuracy. 

The mental practice practices such as gratitude, affirmations, positive thinking, visualizations, etc. also proved to help in the process of manifestation by using the law of attraction.


Is there scientific evidence for the law of attraction?

The law of attraction comes up with the principle “like attracts like.” What you focus on consistently attracts into your life whether it is good or bad. Many scientific theories provide evidence for the law of attraction. According to Albert Einstein, “Everything in the universe is energy.” Everything which is present all around you including you and your thoughts is just a vibration. If you look at any object or thing under a proper microscope you will see different waves of energy. 

The scientific concept of energy provides evidence for the law of attraction. When you focus on a specific thing, you direct your energy into it, and similarly, when you visualize your desire you direct a powerful frequency of energy from your mind towards it which helps you attract that particular desire into your life. 

In sports, psychology plays a very important role in visualization which is also known as a mental rehearsal. According to researchers in sports psychology, a paper published in 2017 came up with an explanation that people of any age, sex, or athletic talent can use the visualization method to improve their performance at the level of their cognition, behavior, and emotion. 

The research also showed that athletes can improve and control both their physical and psychological functions simply by visualizing them in their minds. Hence, the study scientifically proves the law of attraction. 

Does science support the law of attraction?

Yes, science does support the law of attraction as this universal law talks about attraction. The whole universe possesses the forces of attraction, everything is attracted to another thing. For example, bees attract flowers, a person attracts another person, or small kids attract toys, it’s all about attraction. 

According to science, there are many different forces of attraction such as magnetic force, gravitational force, electrostatic force, etc. All these forces are based on different universal laws and the law of attraction is one of those laws. 

In quantum physics, energy is the basis of everything, the smallest particle which is called an atom contains energy. Hence energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can transform into different forms. Similarly, the thoughts you think are in the form of energy which manifests in your life by taking a physical form. 

One of the most famous quotes about energy was quoted by Albert Einstein – “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics” 

Neuroscience of manifestation

The process of manifestation is greatly linked with neuroscience. Neuroscience is the study of neurons and the neurons in your brain respond to every thought you think.

 According to neuroplasticity, when you think of a specific thought and consistently focus on it, your brain creates new neural pathways where the neurons send signals to the brain, as a result, you keep on getting more information in the form of thoughts or ideas regarding the same subject you are focused on. 

This creates a powerful magnetic attraction between you and your object of attention in the form of a feeling, and that feeling changes your behavior where you act according to it, and finally leads to the manifestation of your thought. 

A female psychologist, Dr. Deann Ware explained, that when there is frequent communication between the brain cells, so the connection between them gets stronger, and the transmission of messages to the brain in the same pathway becomes faster and faster. The daily habits or complicated tasks that you do automatically such as reading, driving a car, or exercising are due to the formation of neural pathways. 

Your act of focusing allows the brain to activate its circuitry and as you pay attention over time, you keep the brain circuits active. The constant focus also changes the structure of your brain. 

Neuroscience and the law of attraction

In terms of neuroscience, the process of the law of attraction has been proven to take place inside the brain. There’s only one energy field to which the whole universe is connected, and the same energy field is also connected to your brain. Therefore, the law of attraction has become a subject of neuroscience. 

Everything that happens in your life has a neurological basis behind it. For example, when you suffer from any disease or illness, it is because you gave too much attention to it rather than focusing on wellness. When you continuously think and talk about illness, you create new neural pathways in your brain that give it messages based on your illness, and your brain begins to create the cells of various diseases.

Any type of manifestation that takes place in your life, is first takes place in your mind in the form of conscious or subconscious thoughts. 

Also, there is a study in neuroscience that discovered another type of neuron, known as mirror neurons. These neurons are directly in accordance with the law of attraction where these neurons mirror the behavior of someone you observe. When you observe someone taking any specific action, your brain gets activated and it encourages your body to take action. Therefore, when you radiate with high vibrations, it creates positive responses in others also. 

What does the law of attraction state in science?

In science, the law of attraction states “like attracts like” which means, every single thought that you think attracts more like thoughts about the same subject. Your thoughts are electric and the emotions you feel are magnetic, and once they are combined, they make an electromagnetic field around your body. 

The law of attraction explains that you can change your electromagnetic field by changing your thoughts and then you will attract a new reality. Your thought has to match the feeling and you need to hold that feeling long enough to allow the manifestation to take place. 

Atoms contain energy in the form of different charges that vibrates on different levels and therefore it takes different forms. Along with energy, atoms also contain information, so your thoughts are a form of energy that carry information on different subjects. These scientific statements are generally used in physics and quantum mechanics. 

According to the basic law of energy, when you vibrate at a specific level of frequency, at the same time you also attract back a similar frequency or vibration. 

The concept of the law of attraction also has a deep origin. It was first presented by the most famous Greek philosopher Plato, who said “Like, tends towards Like”. This message exactly meets the modern concept of the law of attraction “like attracts like”. 

The phrase “Law of Attraction” was first used by a Russian mystic Helena Blavatsky in her book in 1877. In the book, she explained the law of attraction in terms of an attracting power lying between the components of the spirit. 

What are the 3 laws of attraction science?

The 3 laws of attraction in science are: 

  • Like Attracts Like
  • Nature Abhors a Vacuum
  • The Present is Always Perfect

The law of attraction “like attracts like” explains that any thought you think attracts more like thoughts. For example, if you think and continuously focus negatively on someone you truly hate, you will attract more negative thoughts about that same person. You will keep on getting new negative ideas and thoughts related to the same person. 

Similarly, when you think and feel about any wonderful event which had ever taken place in your past, your mind encourages you to further think about more of those happy moments and further take action to live that way in the near future too. 

Your thought attracts similar thoughts and then encourages you to take action in accordance with those thoughts until they manifest in your life. 


The law of attraction “Nature abhors a vacuum” talks about thermodynamics. It explains that it is not possible to create a completely empty space because atoms are all around everywhere and instantly fill any empty space. 

The best example you can see is cleaning your room, when you clean out your room by emptying your junk and find it full of other materials and stuff after a few weeks or a month. It is not a coincidence, there is a universal law of attraction behind it. 


The law of attraction “the present is always perfect” explains, your present moment is the most important moment. The tip to using this law is to make your present situation as perfect as you can. 

For example, you have some financial issues and the job you have is not worth paying all of your living expenses easily which is keeping you frustrated. But, instead of complaining about how difficult and painful it is for you to live and pay your expenses, you can think in a broader way and look for other opportunities to maximize your income. There are endless possibilities present for you all the time, you need to create some goals and work on them to make your present situation better than before. 

Have peace with your present situation and work on finding other sources to earn along with your job. In this way, you can activate the third law of attraction.

What is manifestation in science?

Manifestation in science can be commonly understood as the placebo effect. It works on the idea that if you think in a certain way, you will attract similar experiences and circumstances. The placebo effect works similarly to manifestation, for example, when you are suffering from any type of illness and focusing on becoming better day by day with firm faith, your body will release endorphins which will provide you ease with your illness gradually and you will begin to feel better than before. 

Also in psychology, manifestation is an idea that tells that you materialize your desires by using the power of your subconscious mind. When you hold a particular thought or belief in your mind for a much longer period of time, it enters into your subconscious mind which is responsible for processing that thought to manifest it into your physical reality. 

According to research, 95 perfect of your reality is created by your subconscious mind. As the subconscious mind never rests and is always activated, manifestation also takes place at every single moment in your life. Hence, your subconscious mind plays an important role in manifestation. 

What is the Law of Attraction in physics?

The theory of the law of attraction is based on quantum physics. Quantum physics explains that the world is made of countless atoms, and each of these atoms contains energy charges which can be used to affect each other and are capable of infinite changes. 

Similarly, the law of attraction assumes the human mind to be composed of thoughts that are in the form of charged atoms. The thoughts like atoms are attracted towards the same kind of thoughts. Hence, the law of attraction states “like attracts like”. 

Quantum physics law of attraction

The law of attraction teaches you that whatever you focus on you attract it into your life. While quantum physics explains that nothing is fixed, there are no restrictions or limitations as everything vibrates in the form of energy. 

According to Isaac Newton, the universe is made of discrete building blocks which are solid and unchangeable. On the other hand, quantum physics teaches in a spiritual context that there are no separate components, in which everything is fluid and always keeps on changing. 

The physical world is the world of energy that is constantly in vibration. It is through your thoughts that you can transform this energy into a physical reality. Therefore, you can create your reality with your thoughts. Quantum physics thus tells that you are an empowered creator of your life and your world. 

According to Einstein, the formula he presented which is E=mc2 explains the relationship between energy and matter, and hence both of them are interchangeable. It proves that everything in the universe is energy and it can be transformed into different forms.  

Quantum physics also says that what is happening inside of you is determining what is happening on your outside, your reality is shaped by your thoughts. It also provides an idea of possibility – nothing is fixed in this universe and therefore everything is possible. By using your thoughts you can into existence anything you desire. 

Law of attraction science experiments

Following are some science experiments below that proved the existence and process of the law of attraction:

  1. In the summer of 1993 in Washington D.C, around 4000 people participated in Transcendental Meditation to meditate and spread the energy of love and peace over 6 weeks to reduce the high crime rates in the area. The scientists and researchers found that during and even after the experiment, the crime rates decreased by 23%. According to the analysis, the study estimated that if those 4000 participants could meditate for a longer period of time, the crime rate would decrease by 43%.


  1. A Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer conducted an experiment having 70 to 80 years old participants where she changed the environment to see how they felt. She created an environment based on the 1950s era, where the participants felt young. The participants were told to recall the 50s time, while the second group of participants who had worn the clothes of that time period, only saw the images of their young age, and were able to take care of themselves. As a result, both groups got improvements in physical strength, thought process, vision, and hearing, while 43% of the participants from the first group got improvements in their intelligence scores. 63% of the second group experienced improvements. Hence, this experiment proved the law of attraction – if you act as though you are young will help you feel younger.
  2. A Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto had done a water experiment where he affirm positive and negative phrases directly to the water. When he used positive phrases, the water crystals became artistically pleasing, but when used negative phrases, the water disfigured into molecular forms. 

Hence, the experiment found that words have power as they hold vibrations. You and your life can be greatly affected by the words you speak either positively or negatively. 

Do psychologists believe in the Law of Attraction?

Yes, psychologists do believe in the law of attraction. In psychological terms, the psychologist explains the law of attraction in terms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is a psychological treatment that states that your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and actions are all interconnected and everything that starts in your mind is based on a single thought. 

If you think positive thoughts you will behave and act positively, but if you hold negative thoughts in your mind you will behave and act negatively. Everything depends upon how you think, and hence there are great similarities between CBT and the law of attraction. 

The law of attraction can be used as a form of CBT, although in comparison the law of attraction is a new thought philosophy based on spiritual ideology. But most psychologists understand can easily understand the law of attraction and how it works while seeing it through the context of CBT. 



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