Financial Affirmations- 100 Affirmations for Financial Abundance

Most people are constantly worried about their finances and the price of living. Most people are jealous and hateful of others who have created financial abundance in their lives. Are you one of those people? Are you envious of the rich? Are you worried about your income? Do you have constant negative fears about money? This article is especially for you.

This article is for people who want to make significant positive changes in their finances and their financial mindset. Do you want to feel rich? Do you want to feel financially secure? Do you want to relax about money? 

Keep reading if you’re going to learn how to feel empowered and in control of your wealth. Keep reading if you’re going to create a prosperous financial future because financial affirmations are an excellent first step to take to living your dream life. 

financial affirmations

What are Financial Affirmations? 

A financial Affirmation is an affirmation deliberated crafted to bring intentional and positive financial changes into your life. As you begin deliberately saying a financial abundance affirmation, your financial beliefs start to change. 

As you change your beliefs about money from negative to positive through the use of affirmations for financial wellbeing, you will see evidence of abundance flowing easily and relaxingly into your life. 

Your new beliefs/affirmations about money must be positive despite the reality you notice.

Negative financial affirmation: All my investments are failing. I keep losing money. 

Positive financial affirmation: I am learning to invest my money wisely and my income is constantly improving. 

Do Financial Abundance Affirmations Work?

Your financial abundance affirmations will work as well as the effort you put in to practice them. They will not work if you read the financial affirmation once, then return to affirming your old negative money beliefs. Affirmations help you stay focused on your vision and feel optimistic about your future. Positivity always brings more monetary success than negativity. 

How to Manifest Financial Abundance 

  • Step 1- Visualize. 

Visualize the life you want to create, how you want to feel, who you want to be, the amount of money you want to have, where you want to live. Positively visualize everything related to your financial dreams.

  • Step 2- Believe. 

Believe that abundance is possible for you. Believe that your affirmations will work. Believe in your ability to create phenomenally positive finances.

  • Step 3- Practice and Focus.

Practice and focus on being the financially abundant person that you believe you can be. Practice and focus on your affirmations, say them deliberately, write them down, read them daily, use them intentionally, visualize them, really focus on your affirmations and integrate them into your belief system. Become your new affirmations. 

  • Step 4: Take Action.

Take action that your affirmations have inspired. For example, if your affirmation is, “I easily save money,” start saving money.

  • Step 5- Be grateful and Enjoy the Journey

Be grateful, extremely grateful, when you see any evidence of your affirmations coming true (and if you believe your affirmations will come true, they will). You deserve to take time to enjoy the money you have manifested and be grateful for it. You can always make more money. The present moment is always to be enjoyed and experienced. Enjoy your journey. You are already rich.    

100 Examples of Affirmations For Financial Abundance

Below are different categories of 100 affirmations crafted to bring someone financial wellbeing and abundance. Choose the affirmations from the list that resonate deeply with your financial intentions, and add them to your daily affirmation practice.   

Financial Abundance Affirmations

  1. I earn a lot of money by living through my purpose and doing what I love. Money comes as I chase my passions. 
  2. I enjoy spending much of my time thinking of ways to become more financially abundant.
  3. My bank account is overflowing with wealth because I offer valuable services to the world. 
  4. I can lovingly give to others because I have received so much financial abundance.
  5. It is just as simple to manifest a large amount of money as a small amount of money. 
  6. My imagination is always working on ideas for financial abundance and increase. 
  7. I value and love small coins as much as I appreciate and love millions of dollars.
  8. I see myself attracting more and more wealth and I am willing to give it away often to help others.
  9. I am receptive and open to all avenues of income, success, and profit.   
  10. All the information and resources that I need to become financially abundant are showing up in the right places at the right time.  

Financial Freedom Affirmations

  1. I am wealthy enough to be able to be, do, or have anything I desire.
  2. My income allows me to afford all the luxuries I want and all the necessities I need.
  3. I am free to take risks. The financial dangers I take bring substantial rewards to me. 
  4. I am the architect of my life. My financial income reflects the life I intend to create. 
  5. I have earned enough money to wake up every day with the freedom to do whatever I want.
  6. I am becoming aware of the beliefs that have blocked the flow of money in my life, and I am now choosing to change those beliefs.
  7. My mind is open to the concept of money flowing into my life. I want to prosper, so I choose a prosperity mindset.
  8. I am prosperous wherever I go and my wealth is constantly increasing. 
  9. I live in a positive and freeway because there is so much abundance in this world.
  10. The more I express my true self authentically and creatively, the more financially free I become.

Evening Affirmations For Financial Abundance

  1. Before I sleep, I will take time to visualize a life of financial prosperity. 
  2. I know that tomorrow I will wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to receive money.
  3. Tonight I choose to surrender and relax. I feel hopeful about my financial future. 
  4. I let go of and forgive everything that happened today. My future will be fulfilling and prosperous. 
  5. I am thankful that I lived another day and had all the money I needed to enjoy it.
  6. I am satisfied with the wonderful financial surprises the day brought me. It is now time to rest and gratefully reflect.
  7. As I rest and sleep, creative ideas to make money will flow into my imagination. 
  8. I believe that I did my best to manifest financial abundance today with the knowledge I have. I will gain more understanding tomorrow. 
  9. I choose to take time to meditate and reflect on the monetary decisions I made today.
  10. The path to living my abundant life is shown clearly to me. I can relax now. 

Positive Financial Affirmations

  1. I am a wonderful person. Money allows me to do wonderful things for the world.
  2. Money is an instrument for me to create beautiful experiences.
  3. I earn wealth by transforming people’s lives in positive ways.  
  4. I experience mindfulness and awareness of my financial wellbeing. 
  5. I easily and effortlessly attract money, prosperity, and abundance.
  6. I deserve to live a rich and fulfilling life.
  7. I have a healthy love and respect for money. It is easy for me to earn and save money.
  8. I can manifest money as quickly as I believe I can. 
  9. I only speak and think about the joyously positive aspects of money and finances.
  10. Gratitude always brings me more abundance, and so I willingly choose gratitude.

Financial Affirmations To Start Your Day

  1. Today, I will look for evidence of abundance and prosperity in my life. 
  2. I am brainstorming and coming up with beautiful ideas to manifest money today!
  3. I feel highly motivated and I am ready to make wise financial decisions today. 
  4. I intend to take steps today towards manifesting a brilliantly abundant future. 
  5. My mind is focused on intentionally creating wealth and freedom today. 
  6. I have so much gratitude for my current financial state. I look for the good in my day.
  7. I am proud of the daily routine I designed. I designed it with financial growth in mind. 
  8. I am aware of the actions I need to take today to create opportunities for abundant wealth.
  9. I am carefully crafting my identity to reflect a financially abundant person I admire. 
  10. I will be at peace each moment of this day, knowing that I am financially safe and earning considerable amounts of money.

Biblical Financial Affirmations

  1. I praise God for all the financial blessings in my beautifully prosperous life.
  2. I trust in the Lord, and so I relinquish control of my financial worries and stresses. 
  3. I have learned from the Bible to be grateful for what I have.
  4. I honor the Lord with my wealth and thoughtful sacrifices. 
  5. Even as I grow richer and more prosperous, I will always make time to worship God.
  6. My loving heart and belief in God lead me to all of life’s treasures. 
  7. I do not worry about the future finances because I know God will be there to provide for me and protect me. 
  8. I know that happily giving to those in need will allow me to reach the treasures of heaven.
  9. I am financially kind to the needy and honoring of God. 
  10. God blesses me for making money in honest and loving ways. 

Affirmations to the universe for Financial Abundance

  1. Dear universe, lead me to all available avenues to earn more income.
  2. I ask the universe to allow me to make money in fulfilling and exciting ways. 
  3. I am supplied with an infinite stream of revenue. There is no end to the universe’s wealth. 
  4. I was born rich. The universe provided me with everything I needed to live from my day of creation. 
  5. I do so lovingly when I spend money because I know that money always returns to me from the abundant universe. 
  6. I am deeply aware of the universal law of attraction and how to use the law to manifest financial wellbeing.
  7. The universe has been leading me to fantastic financial growth opportunities. 
  8. I deeply understand the way money flows through this loving and abundant universe.
  9. I witness evidence of the financial abundance of the universe every day.
  10. I am in a constant state of gratitude for the monetary blessings of the universe.

Financial Goals Affirmations

  1. I believe in my ability and unstoppable power to reach my financial goals.
  2. I am on a journey to reaching my financial goals and living my wildest dreams. 
  3. I choose to admire and spend time around people who have already achieved my financial goals. I learn from their actions in life to manifest my wealth. 
  4. I am making infinite amounts of money, I spend it in fulfilling ways, and I get to keep so much of it. 
  5. I affirm, declare, deserve, and allow my financial goals to manifest.
  6. I am deeply appreciated and well-compensated in all the work I do.
  7. I trust life to supply all my needs and desires in great abundance and lead me to my goals. 
  8. My confidence in my abilities and my determination will allow me to meet my financial goals.
  9. I reach my financial goals through profoundly fulfilling and enjoyable methods. 
  10. I push past my fears and limitations and allow myself the freedom to reach my financial goals, dreams, and ambitions. 

Financial Debt Affirmations

  1. I am noticing that I am beginning to make more money than I spend.
  2. I am in the process of creating a future of financial freedom by saving my money and quickly paying off what I owe. 
  3. I am reprogramming my mind to think prosperous thoughts. I learn from the past. 
  4. I am highly creative. I can turn any bad financial situation into a good one very quickly. 
  5. I can enjoy life right now, and I am safe right now. I have a clear mind to figure my financial situation out. 
  6. I am the master of my life. I am in control of my financial situation. I can make my situation amazing. 
  7. I am changing my outlook on money, and I believe that prosperity is available to me. 
  8. I allow myself to relax about money because I trust myself to earn enough to survive and thrive. 
  9. The more relaxed I am about my current finances, the quicker I can discover ways to improve and create stability. 
  10. I allow my worries and fears about money to melt away. I now feel hopeful and excited about the future of my finances.  

Financial Growth Affirmations

  1. I have created and am continuing to develop multiple sources of income. 
  2. The amount of wealth in my bank account increases throughout the day and night. 
  3. The essential services and products I have made have rewarded me with substantial income. 
  4. I earn more money when I am asleep than I spend when I am awake.  
  5. The wealth of others inspires me, and I enjoy asking the wealthy for valuable advice.
  6. I constantly find new fulfilling ways to increase my income and add value to my name. 
  7. There is no limit to the amount of money I can earn. It is all about how much I believe I can earn.
  8. As my awareness of how finances work is expanding, my life significantly improves and grows more abundant. 
  9. I wisely and mindfully invest my time and money with a growth mindset. 
  10. I am planning for a future that is full of increasing wealth and endless prosperity. 


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