Manifesting Mantras – 100 Mantras for Manifesting in 2023

You already use mantras in your everyday life. You wake up in the morning, lying in bed staring at the ceiling, thinking about how much today will suck…

And then you tell yourself.

“I got this.”

That is a manifesting mantra. 

Or, you’re having a hard day, and you catch yourself singing a little tune that you’ve heard a little blue fish sing. 

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!” 

That can also be considered a manifesting mantra. 

On a more serious note, mantras have been around for thousands of years. The most famous and oldest mantras come from the Vedic scriptures, originating in India. 

Repeating these manifesting mantras or sounds is said to protect you from the suffering that comes with birth and death—one of the most famous is the “OM” sound. 

The world around you is filled with vibration. Have you heard this before? Everything is vibrating. And the ancients studied these vibrations. Heck, the scientist of 2022 studied vibrations. It is now a fact that everything in our universe is constantly vibrating. 

Chanting these manifesting mantras and putting these vibrations out into the universe will bring you inner peace, happiness, wealth, relaxation, concentration, union with the universe, or whatever you desire. 

If you are ready to dig deep into your subconscious and unlock the powers within yourself, then keep reading. 

Below you find how manifesting mantras work and 100 manifestation mantras that will help you transform your life. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually. You will be 100% transformed. You will witness your life and the life around you changing to fit your desires and wishes. 

The changes you see will seem miraculous. 

manifesting mantras

What is mantra manifesting?

Mantra manifesting is using sounds, words, or vibrations to help change your life. Mantras are practical tools. The term “be careful what you wish for” comes into play here.

When you start following the rules of the universe (as stated above, the universe is vibrational), amazing things begin to happen and will happen quickly. 

How do manifesting mantras work?

Repeating mantras over and over start changing your subconscious mind. This is what the Vedic scriptures taught. Many spiritual practices all over the world use mantras. 

Intention plays a big part in mantras working for you. You set your intention and repeat your mantra until it is instilled deep into your soul. This process changes your subconscious mind to believe you already have whatever you desire. 

Chanting causes changes in the brain, creating the opportunity for the left and right sides of the brain to synchronize. Your heart rate lowers, and your body relaxes, and this promotes healing and wellness in itself. 

We are so stressed out in today’s world. Constantly in a state of fight or flight. When a deer is chased by a predator and escapes, it goes back to grazing after shaking its body off. It re-relaxes itself. We do not know how to relax. Stress and tension lower your immune system and cause many health and mental problems. The mindset that everything is going to be okay. Chanting mantras helps get you into that relaxation mindset. 

You cannot manifest or set intentions in a stressed-out body. Chanting not only puts your intentions and starts attracting your desires but helps you get into a calm and concentrated mindset. 

Have you ever heard the term “What you put out, you attract”? That is how mantras work. You put those vibrations and thoughts into the universe, and like a mirror, it is reflected in you.

How to use manifesting mantras?

You can use mantras anywhere and everywhere. In the car, in the shower, at the grocery store, at a yoga class. Literally, wherever you want. It can be private and personal, or you can shout it from rooftops. There are a few steps you should take though:

  • Find your manifesting mantra. What is it you are trying to manifest into your life? This article includes many mantras you can choose from. Pick one based on your goals and desires of the moment. 
  • Focus. This can be hard for some. But you need to centre yourself. Focus on your body—the sensation of your clothes against your skin. The current events are going on in your presence. Focus on your breath. Feel the air filling your lungs. 
  • Exhale your manifesting mantra. On your out-breath, exhale your mantra. And then inhale. And exhale for mantra again. Feel every vibration of your voice. Slow and steady. 
  • If you feel yourself drifting into your thoughts, don’t beat yourself up over it; just return your focus to your mantra. This will be very valuable in the long run as you will start to have improved concentration in your life. 

Are manifesting mantras effective?

Repeating manifesting mantras will significantly improve your ability to centre yourself and concentrate. 

Why have mantras been written about for thousands of years if they didn’t work?

I once read a story about a Buddhist monk who gave a man a health mantra to repeat to his sick horse. A couple of days later, the horse was up and walking around. 

The word mantra is Sanskrit, meaning “mind support” or “Mind device”. It is intended to help you. It was created to help you. 

Powerful manifesting mantras to get what you want

Below you find 100 of the most beneficial and powerful manifesting mantras to help you get what you want—Abundance, Love, Jobs, Success, and Desires. These manifesting mantras help instil in your mind that you deserve everything you desire in life. You will only know if they work or not if you try them. Remember, consistency is vital. What you put out into the universe, you will receive. This has been known for many, many years. Call it what you will, Mantras, laws of attractions, Laws of the universe…

So get ready to unblock your energies, calm your mind, and start attracting what you want in your life. 

Manifesting Money Mantras

  • Money chooses to come to me.
  • I am Abundance. 
  • I am worth financial freedom.
  • I was born to prosper. 
  • I am thinking about my finances. 
  • I am thankful for my money and the money on its way.
  • Every dollar I put into the universe doubles and returns to me. 
  • I release any resistance and ill thoughts about receiving money and open myself to receiving Abundance. 
  • I have the power to create my financial freedom, and I am grateful for this power. 
  • I am aware of situations that arise that can bring me money. I will not be afraid to claim these opportunities.

Manifesting Love Mantras

  • Love surrounds me.
  • My soulmate is near.
  • I am loveable.
  • I deserve to be loved as I am.
  • I am open to all types of love.
  • I give love to others, so the universe blesses me with people who love me. 
  • My soul is ready for love, and I know the universe will bring me a healthy and happy relationship.
  • My heart is open to attracting my true love; I am grateful that the universe is bringing this person to me. 
  • I am opening my heart to a healthy and long-lasting relationship; I am deserving of this relationship. 
  • I am forever grateful that, Everyone in my life loves me unconditionally. 

Law of attraction mantras

  • The universe is my guide.
  • I attract miracles
  • I am a high-vibrational being.
  • The things I seek are also seeking me.
  • What I want, I already have. 
  • The universe always provides things and situations that are in my best interests. 
  • I am a magnet. What I want, I attract. The attraction is in me, attracting all that I desire.
  • I am vibrating on the same frequency I desire, so it will come to me. 
  • I know what I want. The universe is opening the doors for me to lead me to what I want. 
  • I will not allow minor things to get in the way of my transformation. I am grateful for everything that I have and that I am. 

Mantra for manifesting a job

  • The position I want is available.
  • I am an asset.
  • My perfect job is right in front of me.
  • I always get the job.
  • This job was meant for me, and I am meant for it.
  • I am a success. Success is in me. I cannot fail.
  • I remove any limiting beliefs keeping me from my goals. 
  • Every decision I make moves me toward my perfect career.
  • I am creating my perfect future life. I am attracting my ideal future career. My perfect opportunity is headed towards me. 
  • I am attracting a perfect job that allows me to be myself and express myself creatively. 

Sanskrit Mantras for Manifestation

  • Om Gum Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha (Remove obstacles for Abundance)
  • Om Kamadevaya Vidmahe Pushpabanaya Dhimahi Tannoananga Prachodayat (Manifest love)
  • AUM or OM (the universal vibration represents creation, manifestation, and destruction)
  • Om Eim Saraswati Namaha Om (Manifests Creativity)
  • Om Gam Ganapati Namaha (Removes obstacles)
  • Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha. (Wealth and Prosperity)
  • Sudarshanashtakam (Manifest all your dreams and ambitions.)
  • Har Har Bolo Namah Shiva (Focus on your health and wealth.)
  • Ashtalakshmi Stotram (Blessed with Abundance)
  • Baadhanivaraka (remove all mental resistance to success.) 

Mantras for manifesting Abundance

  • I deserve prosperity.
  • I am living an abundant life.
  • I am capable of success.
  • Wealth is mine.
  • I have trust in my affirmations for Abundance.
  • I chose the path of wealth and Abundance, and I walk it daily with complete trust in my affirmations. 
  • Money flows toward me in Abundance, frequently and quickly. It is coming to me now.
  • I thank the universe for all the Abundance that is a part of my life today. 
  • The Abundance around me is constantly in a state of expansion, growing every second of every day. 
  • I have access to the unlimited Abundance that is in the universe. 

Mantras for Manifesting Desires

  • I am magnetic, and I attract all my desires. 
  • I am perfectly aligned with the universe, and all my desires flow toward me effortlessly.
  • I am worthy of manifesting my desires.
  • I will soon manifest all that I desire.
  • Something I really want is coming. 
  • The universe supports my wants and desires, and everything I want is within reach. 
  • I am grateful that my heart attracts everything that I desire.
  • I have the power, ability, freedom, and knowledge to create the life I desire.
  • I let go of old, harmful, or limiting beliefs in my way of receiving everything I desire. 
  • I am a master at attracting everything I desire into my life. 

Manifesting success mantras

  • Anything is possible, and my success is inevitable.
  • I effortlessly attract success.
  • I achieve everything I set my mind to.
  • I am successful and happy.
  • I am becoming the most successful version of myself.
  • My love is overflowing with opportunities for success. 
  • When I look at my life, I see success all around me, my past, present, and future. 
  • Success can be found in every single aspect of my life, and I am doing my best to be more successful in each area. 
  • I can experience success in all areas of my personal life, and I will allow it. 
  • I am responsible for the decisions I make for my personal and professional success. 

Manifestation mantras for weight loss

  • I enjoy eating fruits and vegetables.
  • I will be active today.
  • I will be successful in my weight loss goals.
  • My scale doesn’t determine my worth. 
  • I am losing weight.
  • I will not compare myself to others; we are all on different journeys; my path is my own, and my success is my own. 
  • I am proud of my progress on my weight loss journey. 
  • I am consistently making better food choices and constantly developing better eating habits. 
  • If it were easy, everyone would be fit; it is a challenging journey, but I am not straying from the path I know will lead me to my goals. 
  • I will be consistent with my goals today. I will not give up. Today I will be healthy. 

Law of Assumption Mantras

  • I am the exception.
  • I am the writer of my own story. I can write about my life. However, I want it to be. I am the author and the main character. 
  • I already have everything I desire.
  • I am my best self. I am my true self. I am already everything I want to be.
  • I eat healthily. I am active. I am in my best shape.
  • I am rich, happy, full of vitality, and have achieved all my goals.
  • I am eternally grateful that the universe has given me everything I have asked for. I never lost faith that the universe would bring me everything I wanted.
  • I am grateful for the universe granting me everything I wished for: my wealth, my success, my dream car, and my dream house. I have everything I ever wanted. 
  • I am in charge of my life. I control the course of my life. I held my faith, and I am living my perfect life. 


Which is the most powerful mantra?

  • In the Vedas, the mantra “OM” is the most powerful. It is the sound of creation. The sound of the universe and all it embodies. 

What is the miracle mantra?

-Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur is said to be the miracle mantra. It eliminates obstacles concerning greed, lust, pride, ego, anger, and attachment. You should chant this mantra when you are in desperate need or need a miracle. 

Which mantra to chant for fulfilling any wish?

  • Om Gam Ganapataye Sarva Karya Siddhi Kuru Kuru Swaha. This is a mantra to remove obstacles and receive any wish you want

How do I find my mantra?

You need to decide what it is you need in your life. You can look up mantras online that relate to your goals or sit down with a pen and paper and write your own (recommended). 


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