Law of Attraction Miracles – How To Attract Miracles Using The Law of Attraction 2023

Suppose you find yourself in some hopeless situation. In that case, there is a big chance that your mind has a deep belief that “only a miracle can help you” to get out of that. Unfortunately, you are not the only one. Many people have a deep, strong belief that “miracles don’t appear often”, and that is exactly what they witness in their everyday life. 

According to the Law of Attraction, you create your reality based on your deep beliefs. So, if you believe that “there is no way that you will witness a miracle, you will experience precisely that. But, on the other hand, if you think that miracles can happen more often, you will keep manifesting different miracles from time to time. 

Struggle with a “no-way-out” situation? Here is an excellent piece of news: you can start attracting miracles the moment you start believing that you can attract them!

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And if you stay with us till the end of this article, you will learn how to attract miracles using the law of attraction. We are going to share with you different methods for attracting and manifesting miracles into your life. We will help you create a new, strong, deep belief that you have the power to create miracles in your life!  

Simply follow the tips and tricks in this article for attracting and manifesting miracles using different law of attraction miracles methods, and soon enough, you are going to witness the first miracle you’ve created by yourself! Soon enough, you are going to be amazed by the result! 

How does the Law of Attraction attract miracles?

So, how can you attract and manifest a miracle with the help of the Law of Attraction? Well, you can do that the same way you are attracting and manifesting all the other things in your life. The Law of Attraction has a formula for attracting and manifesting desired things. The formula is: to feel good and to vibrate high (of course, with a few other things). 

The things in charge of the events and experiences in your life are your thoughts, focus, deep beliefs, emotions, and vibration. When you decide to focus only on positive things, you choose only positive thoughts when your deep views are positive. In those conditions, you will feel good, and you will experience positive emotions. That good feeling is going to place your vibration high on the emotional guidance scale.

With that high vibration, you are attracting only those things that you want to experience. Suppose you’re going to attract miracles with law of attraction in your life. In that case, you need to believe that you can attract and manifest those miracles indeed. You need to act and feel like you are already experiencing them. 

And that deep positive belief together with the positive emotion will instantly create a high vibration. After that, you only need to spend some time vibrating high. It is a matter of time when the desired miracles will manifest in your everyday life. 

Can miracles happen with the Law of Attraction?

As a conscious creator of your own life, you have the power to experience anything you want and anything you ever wished for. No matter how “big” or “small” your wish is. To the Universe, there is no difference between “big” and “small wishes.” 

The Universe can’t tell you are attracting and manifesting something “tiny” or are you attracting and manifesting something “huge” that you perceive as a miracle. To the Law of Attraction and the Universe, an enormous wish that you see as a miracle is the same as any other wish. 

how to attract miracles using the law of attraction 2021

Can I manifest any miracle with the Law of Attraction? 

As we mentioned above, the Law of Attraction and the Universe don’t recognize the concept of a “miracle.” The concept of “miracle” is something that we, human beings, created. In your mind, miracles are very hard to achieve. But not to the Law of Attraction and the Universe.  

To the Law of Attraction and the Universe, miracles are easily reachable. All you need to do is believe that miracles can happen and that you deserve to experience them. Your job is to feel like you have already manifested them and vibrate like they are already a part of your life! So yes, with the help of the Law of Attraction, you can manifest any miracle. And to achieve that fast and easy, you can use some of the Law of Attraction methods for creating miracles. 

Law of Attraction manifest miracles methods

Below you find 5 law of attraction miracle methods. 

 1. Attract and manifest miracles by Telling the new story

Ok, so, at the moment, you are in a hopeless situation. Something terrible has happened to you, and you can’t see the way out of the problem. You can only “predict” negative outcomes from your situation, and only a miracle can get you out of that. What can you do? Well, you can start telling “the new story.” 

Tomorrow, when you get up, instead of imagining negative things that may happen in the future. Turn around the flow of your thoughts and start “making up” the positive things that can happen instead. Start making up the potential positive scenario. Take a few moments to think about the flow of the future events if the desired miracle would happen. If a miracle appears right now, how would you feel? 

Think about that, and start acting as the law of attraction miracle has already happened! Some of you may observe that as “lying to yourself.” But, listen to this: you are lying to yourself no matter if you focus on the positive or the negative things that can happen! You are making up both scenarios when you are observing your future. 

That’s why we suggest that you start making up the positive scenario. Simply start telling the new story! Relax, and concentrate, and merely think about how your life would be. A miracle would appear and solve the situation you are dealing with at this moment.

Spend as much time as you can during the day focusing on that new story. Act as that new story has already happened. While talking to other people, tell them that the thing you wished for has already happened, tell them that you’ve experienced a miracle. 

Behave as you’ve already manifested a miracle, feel the emotion of that, and those good emotions will place your vibration high on the emotional guidance scale. Soon enough, that high vibration is going to bring a miracle in your real life. 

 2. Attract and manifest miracles with Visualization

Don’t you believe that you have the power to attract and manifest miracles with the law of attraction? If you are not sure that you are that powerful, take a few minutes and close your eyes. Imagine a big white car with leather seats. Imagine yourself opening that car and entering inside. 

Imagine yourself sitting in that car and placing your hands on the wheel. This was just a simple exercise to show you that you can easily imagine whatever you want when you close your eyes. Instead of visualizing the previous situation, visualize the miracle you want to attract and manifest

No matter what miracle you would like to witness, close your eyes, and imagine everything, every single detail! While imagining yourself experiencing the desired miracle, sense the emotions. 

You are probably feeling happy, relaxed, calm. All those emotions are creating a certain vibration. In this case, those positive emotions are helping your vibration to grow. And with a vibration that high, very soon, you are going to transfer that miracle from your mind into your real life. 

3. Attract and manifest miracles by Remembering the miracles from the past

Suppose you are wondering why do you have difficulties with attracting and manifesting miracles daily. In that case, we must say that the things that are stopping the miracles from appearing in your life are your deep beliefs. 

If you want to allow miracles to appear more often, you need to change your deep negative beliefs. And one of the fastest ways for doing that would be if you simply take a moment to think about the miracles you’ve experienced in your past. 

Try to remember all of the miracles you’ve once experienced. We bet that there were a lot of situations when you’ve succeeded in creating miracles! Well, if you succeeded in attracting and manifesting a miracle at least one time, why wouldn’t you succeed in doing that again and again? If you did it once then, you know that it is possible! 

4. Attract and manifest miracles with the EFT technique

One of the most successful Law of Attraction techniques is the EFT technique, better known as the “tapping technique.” By tapping certain spots on your body, together with saying out loud different positive sentences, you can modify your deep negative beliefs and adopt new, positive beliefs that will help you speed up the process of attracting and manifesting desired things. 

While you repeat your affirmations, tap different spots on your body that are related to the law of attraction miracles you want to manifest into your life. 

 5. Attract and manifest miracles with using Affirmations

Using a list of affirmations is one of the most used Law of Attraction methods, and there is a reason for that- Affirming gives you the fastest results! Suppose you want to convince yourself that miracles are possible and that you have the power to create them. In that case, you should use specialized Affirmations for attracting and manifesting miracles. 

Stay with us until the end of this article because, at the very end, you will get a list of the ten best Affirmations that you can use for that purpose. 

Law of Attraction miracle stories

When do you wish for miracles? In most cases, you wish for a miracle when you find yourself in a no-way-out situation. For example, when your kid is sick, you wish for a miracle. When you get a terrible diagnosis, you wish for a miracle. 

When you lose your job and don’t have enough money to pay for the bills, you pray for a law of attraction money miracle. When your wife/ husband leaves you, you pray for a miracle. Whenever you get in a situation that you perceive as too bad, you pray for a miracle- you wish for an opposite situation. 

You see, when a bad situation happens, that is not necessarily a bad thing, according to the Law of Attraction. When a lousy problem occurs, you are experiencing something called the “Contrast.” 

During the Contrast, you are experiencing negative emotions. You are vibrating low. But, at the same time, in that exact moment, you are sending your wish to the Universe- the wish to experience a completely different thing than the one happening right now. 

If you succeed in modifying your vibration from low to high, you can experience the fulfillment of your wish. You can experience a miracle. 

When you get in a negative situation and pray for the miracle to happen, remember that you are not the first one dealing with that negative situation. Many people have been there. 

Ans many people have succeeded in overcoming those negative experiences. More importantly, they succeeded in creating miracles and changing their lives. Observe their stories and use their stories as motivation. By changing your perspective and your way of looking at things, you can change your reality and live a life full of miracles!

1.Attracting and manifesting kids

This is a miracle story of a couple who has been married for more than 15 years and have been trying to get kids for more than a decade. Trey tried everything. They tried the “natural way,” nothing happened. They tried “In vitro” several times, nothing happened. 

And, three years ago, a woman finally became pregnant. Unfortunately, she lost that pregnancy in her eighth month. After that horrible experience, she and her husband accepted that they would never become parents and decided not to torture themselves anymore. 

They decided to enjoy their love and all the other things in their life. And they truly enjoyed it. They traveled a lot, enjoyed their time with their friends, they were happy in all the segments of their lives. They truly let go of that wish to have kids. And do you know what happened on one of their beautiful trips? She got pregnant, naturally, and not with one child, but with twins! 

Now, they have two wonderful baby girls! They witnessed the miracle the moment they stopped holding too tightly for their wish! They started behaving as they already have everything that they need, and the Universe confirmed their behavior. Now, they indeed have everything they need! 

2. Attracting and manifesting a lottery win

This is a story of a young schoolboy who lived in not such satisfying live circumstances. He grew up without a father, and his mother was the only person earning some money. Still, unfortunately, that amount of money wasn’t enough for a decent living. 

But, she managed to earn enough to afford him some money to buy lunch in school. He decided to save that money, and instead of food, he constantly bought lottery tickets. His strong belief was that “good people deserve to experience an abundance.” Everything else in his life was good: he was a good student, he had good friends, and he was happy and grateful. 

That way of looking at life helped him to create a high vibration. And soon enough, that high vibration, together with his belief that “he is going to win the lottery eventually,” began precisely that- the miracle happened, and he won the lottery!

3. Attracting and manifesting an ideal life, from the bottom

Are you familiar with the famous actor Jim Carrey and his life story? Well, did you know that at an early age, he was “at the bottom”? He was living in deplorable conditions. But, during those hard times, he was practicing the Law of Attraction technique- Visualization. He visualized himself as one of the most successful and most paid actors in the world. And you know what- a miracle happened, he became that! 

4. Attracting and manifesting an ideal job

Now, this is my story. During my studies, everybody told me things such as: “You’ve chosen the wrong college,” “There is no way that you will find a job with that education,” etc. And I believed in that. That’s why, three years after I finished my studies, I was unemployed. 

And then, I found out about the Law of Attraction. I decided to practice the EFT tapping for manifesting miracles. And then, after some time, “all of a sudden,” my distant relative called me to offer me a position in his firm. He needed somebody without experience, somebody with my level of education. Now, that is what I call a law of attraction miracle! 

5. Attracting and manifesting love 

I would like to share another story of mine, and this is the biggest law of attraction miracle that I’ve ever witnessed. Or, my favorite miracles of all. You see, I was never a person who had luck in my love life. I always desperately wanted to have a good boyfriend. But, my deep beliefs were that I am not pretty enough, not good enough, that I am not a person who deserves love. 

And that is what I have witnessed for more than 30 years- I was always alone or with bad people. All in all, I was always unhappy. And then the Covid pandemic happened. During that period, I constantly repeated: “Now is not a chance for meeting a new person to fall in love.”  

But my subconscious mind and the Universe had an opposite opinion. But, at the same time, I felt bored during the quarantine, so I decided to Affirm for my love life. And obviously, those Affirmations were stronger than my old negative belief. So, at the end of quarantine, a miracle appeared: my boyfriend, that has now become my fiance. My miracle!

6. Attracting and manifesting good health

Another miracle story is the story of Louisa Hay. You are familiar with her life story, too, right? Well, you then probably know her history with various diseases. But, she used the Affirmations, she succeeded in attracting miracles, and she healed her life! So, if you are struggling with some lousy diagnosis, follow her recipe for creating miracles and heal your life too!

7. Attracting and manifesting being the best in the world

Have you heard about Novak Djokovic? Of course, you did. He was the best tennis player in the world a few times! But, do you know from where he started? He started from one of the smallest countries in the world. He didn’t grow up in the best possible financial circumstances, and his life and the life of his parents were not so easy. 

They struggled a lot. But, the common thing for all of his family members was FAITH! They all truly believed that a miracle can happen and that Novac can be the “Number one” with a lot of effort! And if they succeeded in manifesting that miracle, we can all do that!

8. Attracting and manifesting a soulmate

Here is another law of attraction miracle love story that happened to my close friend. She was in her late 30 with a fantastic career, she had great parents, great friends, a lot of money, and all in all, she had a wonderful life. Except for that one thing: her soulmate. Her love life was not poor, she dated a lot, but somehow, there wasn’t “the right guy.” Until that one day. 

She was supposed to be at her job. But her boss called her to tell her that the meeting was canceled. She decided to walk her dog during that time. And she never walked her dog during that period of the day. So if her meeting wasn’t canceled, she would go out with her dog. Her dog was always lovely and peaceful, but during that walk, something happened, and the dog became angry. 

The dog started running, and he bit one guy! She ran to the guy to apologize, and voila: the bitten man charmed her instantly. From that strange situation, true love was born. One canceled meeting, one dog walk, and one dog bite were a perfect combination for a love miracle. 

Today, they are some of the happiest people I know! And that miracle happened because she decided to enjoy the moment. Her high vibration because of a day off she got attracted and manifested a miracle.

9. Attracting and manifesting an ideal family

This is a story about a girl who always dreamed of having her “ideal family.” She grew up in a dysfunctional family. Her father was an alcoholic, and her mother used to torture in many different ways. Although she grew up in those kinds of conditions, she always believed that when the time comes, she will raise her children in a completely different way. 

Her strong belief was that she needs to get out of her dysfunctional family as soon she gets the chance. So, she gave her best to be the best possible student, and she got the scholarship for studying abroad. She ran away from her old family. And the moment she put her feet on “the safe ground,” her life changed. 

She fell in love with her college friend, and they started a family. Today, she is living a miracle, an opposite life than she used to live. And she attracted and manifested all that because her strong belief was that the moment she leaves the “unhappy environment,” she will start living the life of her dreams. She believed in miracles, and she manifested them!  

10. Attracting and manifesting a wide smile

This is a story of a man who had a lot of problems related to his teeth. All of the negative things that ever happened to him he attributed to his rotten teeth. Every failure, terrible experience, he blamed his bad teeth for that. 

His biggest desire was to have nice, healthy teeth and a friendly smile, but that was extremely expensive. He let go of that wish, and he accepted the fact that he is never going to afford that. But, he continued to visualize himself with nice and white teeth. 

He visualized himself smiling. He enjoyed every Visualization, he felt good, and he raised his vibration. And then, the miracle happened. His daughter fell in love with a man who owns a dental clinic! And he attracted his new smile for free! Now that is a miracle! With a high vibration, he succeeded in creating the “impossible”!

Law of Attraction Miracle Affirmations

For attracting and manifesting a miracle using law of attraction, you can use another fantastic law of attration miracle method – and the name of that tool is “Affirming.” Suppose you are somebody who is not new in the Law of Attraction field. In that case, you are probably already familiar with this fantastic tool. 

With the help of different Affirmations, you are modifying your negative beliefs and blocking you from attracting the things you want to experience in your life. 

You probably have a lot of negative beliefs. Still, the good news is that you have the power to change those negative beliefs and to create new, positive beliefs that can serve you in a good way. Suppose you want to start attracting and manifesting miracles in your everyday life. In that case, we suggest that you use these law of attraction quotes for miracles every day.

You can write them down on a piece of paper or just read them and repeat them. The only important thing is that, while you repeat these Affirmations, you are relaxed. Because when you feel comfortable, the words from these Affirmations will leave the most significant possible effect on your mind

    1. I decide to allow miracles to appear in my everyday life. 

    2. I choose to observe every positive situation that happens in my life, like a miracle!

    3. I choose even to create some miracles by myself!

    4. I am a miracle, and like a miracle, I can create new miracles. 

    5. During my life, I already succeeded in creating many miracles, which is why I am sure I can do the same in the future. 

    6. Some part of my inner being maybe doubts that I can create miracles, but I choose to reject that doubt. 

    7. I am letting go of that doubt that I can’t create miracles because that doubt is not serving me in a good way. 

    8. I accept the fact that I am a “miracle creator.” 

    9. I accept that I have the power to create miracles, and I accept that miracles are constantly appearing in my life. 

    10. As a person who has the power to create miracles, I can create whatever I want. Nothing is too hard for me to create. I accept that and look forward to all the miracles that I will attract and manifest in the future. 

Sources and references

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