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If you have read or heard about manifesting and the law of attraction, you will likely have come across the specific how to’s of manifesting your desires and trying to bring them into your own life. Here is a bit of a twist to this article, though. So, you want to know if someone is manifesting you into their life? Is it even possible that someone would manifest you into their life? 

This article will provide you with some insight into how to determine if someone is possibly manifesting you to contact them, text them, think about them, or even manifest against you.

Soon enough, you will be able to recognize the signs, but do not worry. It really should not be a cause for concern. In case you are ever concerned about someone manifesting you into their life, either seek professional guidance from a reiki practitioner or spiritual guidance from a psychic or medium. 

What does it mean when someone is manifesting you?

Undoubtedly, most of us are aware that manifesting means the ability to bring something into our lives that we have finally gotten clear about and then working with the Universe to bring this into being. 

In fact, the same principles apply when someone else is manifesting you into their life. It is possible they may wish to have closer contact with you, for you to send them a message, or they may simply enjoy being around you. Essentially it means that they want you to play a more prominent role in their life. 

how to know if someone is manifesting you

Keep in mind, however, that free will is a powerful thing. In reality, we cannot say that it should be that way just because someone is manifesting you into their lives. Whenever you are trying to manifest someone into your life, the Universe is not able to make it happen unless it is in the highest interest of your highest good and also for the other person. 

How to know when someone is manifesting you – 30 signs

Here are 30 signs that someone might be manifesting you into their life. 

  • You seem to think about them more than usual

It is normal to begin to think about this person more often than usual, especially if this person has never been on your mind before. It is as if they randomly appear in your mind at the most random times and you cannot understand why.

  • You notice other people talking about them 

There is a reason why you notice that other people are talking about this person when they never really have before. You should keep an eye on other signs as well since this does not always happen by chance. 

  • You keep bumping into each other 

If you are out shopping and you have never bumped into this person before and yet you keep bumping into them whenever you go shopping or even out with friends or out walking the dog, regardless of the day or time. This could be a sure sign that they have been manifesting you into their life. 

  • You have recurring dreams about them

If you start having dreams randomly about this person, this could be a sign they are manifesting you into their life. Our dreams are powerful things and subconsciously the energy is far greater than normal. Waking up in the morning and not understanding why you had a dream about that person is quite common.

  • It feels as if you know them very well

How many times have you met someone and felt like you had met them before, and the more they talked to you, the more you felt like you knew them? A sign that you have manifested into their lives is that they have been working on it for a while now, which is why you feel like you know them so well. 

  • You daydream about them

Daydreaming is just as powerful as normal dreaming and because our subconscious is so open when we do, we are able to receive energetic messages, and this could be why you find yourself daydreaming about a person regularly. It could be just thinking about them or imagining going for a walk with them. 

  • You become suddenly infatuated with them

As if out of nowhere, you seem to constantly think about this person, but not only that, you seem to have a keen interest in what they are doing as well as where they are headed. As if out of nowhere, you seem to think they are absolutely wonderful people. You think about them all of the time and feel happy when you are around them.

  • You keep seeing signs everywhere 

Seeing signs from the universe is a sure way to tell if someone is manifesting you into their life. These signs could be anything that makes you think of the person in question. From seeing their name everywhere or noticing other people who dress similarly to them. Signs can be as significant to keep on bumping into them when you are out to as small as hearing someone call out the name of the person.

  • You feel a connection 

When you are with them you just feel a strong connection to them. You may not even speak to them often, but deep down there is an undeniable connection between you. It feels unbreakable like you have known each other forever and you are destined to be in each other’s lives. 

  • You see recurring numbers 

Seeing recurring numbers is another sign that someone is manifesting you into their life. These angel numbers could take the form of any number as long as they are recurring, such as 333, 2121, 667788 and so on. Not just seeing them once but seeing them throughout the day at different intervals where it is becoming increasingly noticeable. 

  • They seem to talk to you more than usual

In spite of the fact that you have never really engaged in conversation with this person before, for some strange reason, they are always wanting to talk to you. Whether it is general chit chat or deep meaningful conversations. 

  • You feel drawn to them when they are around you

Whether it is when they walk into a room and make you feel attracted to them, or if you are in a group chatting away and all your focus is on them, these can be indicators that this person is manifesting you. You just cannot put your finger on what it is that is drawing you to them but there is something. 

  • The universe is showing you signs

You have asked the universe for a sign that someone is manifesting you and the universe is constantly showing up in different ways. Whether it be seeing their name constantly, hearing songs that make you think of them or just coincidently bumping into them randomly. 

  • You think you see them, but it is not them

It has happened to you a number of times when you were out with your friends, and you kept thinking you saw this person throughout the day. Nevertheless, every time you have gone to wave or grab their attention, you realize that this is not the person you thought it was.

You have a strange feeling and cannot understand why you keep thinking you see this person, but actually, it could just be the fact that they are trying to manifest you into their life. 

  • You feel the sudden need to message them

Suddenly, you feel the need to send this person an email or a text message out of the blue. It might just be a simple question about how they are doing or if they want to catch up, but you notice this uncontrollable feeling randomly coming your way. And you find that you cannot help but send them a message. 

  • You can feel them when they are not around

Even though you have not seen this person for a while, you still feel as though they are near you. You may have the feeling that someone is around you, even though there is no one nearby. 

  • You start feeling different emotions when with friends and they are not there

You suddenly realize you are missing someone in a group of friends, as though someone else should be there but could not make it. That feeling of wishing they were there, and you cannot seem to have an enjoyable time without them.

  • You feel it is time to have a drastic change

Having the sudden urge to change something drastically to drive you closer to this person could also be a sign that they are manifesting you. It could be a career move, a house move or even a make-over. 

  • Chaos and mayhem lead to them

It has been a while since you have lived in mayhem and chaos, but for some reason, it has all passed and now this person has come into your life.

  • Having a life-changing opportunity that leads you to this person

The Universe may have suddenly manifested you into the life of someone you had never met before, for instance, you were promoted or offered a new job.

  • Friends led you to this person

You could be introduced to this person by your friends. This was not just a coincidence at all. This person has been waiting for you to enter their lives for quite some time now. At the end of the day, it is up to you if you choose to remain in their life or not. 

  • You start to experience Deja vu

The feeling of Deja vu increases as time goes on. There is something that actually appeals to your attention, and you have to wonder whether it is Deja vu or if it has actually happened before. 

  • You feel more uplifted when you are around them

Another sign of someone manifesting you into their life is when you get that feeling of being happy and uplifted when you are around them and the feeling is then reciprocated.

  • You can feel their presence when they enter a room

Have you ever been in a room and a person walks in and their presence fills the room? This can be one of the first signs that this person is manifesting you into their life. 

  • You start liking the same hobbies randomly 

Your interest in hobbies you would never normally consider has grown. Then you realise that this person is also interested in the same hobbies as you. Or you may start attending classes or activities where this person attends. 

  • You find out you have the most random things in common

In this case, it may be a person you would have never thought you would have anything in common with, but once you talk to them you realize that you have more in common with them than you originally thought.

It could be the most unlikely things in common too, such as having family from the same tiny town across the globe or having grown up in the same street but did not even realise. To even have the same pet with the same name. 

  • Your spiritual experience leads you to them

Recently, you have been on a spiritual journey that has led you to meet someone that would have never crossed your path had it not been for that journey. You feel enlightened and more aligned than ever before, 

  • You see feathers around you

If you find feathers around you that you have never noticed before, then you are manifesting into someone else’s life for a particularly good reason. It might not be actual feathers but rather pictures of feathers. 

  • A real psychic confirms this

This is a dead cert sign that you are manifesting into the life of someone if you have been to a psychic and they have confirmed this to you. Again, this is nothing to worry about. 

  • You have a strong gut feeling

There is no such thing as a wrong gut feeling. You should go with your instinct if you have a strong feeling that you are being manifested into someone’s life and whether or not you should follow that feeling. Please remember that you have free will, so if you do not want to be involved in this person’s life, you do not have to. 

How to know if someone is manifesting you to text them?

Usually, any time someone manifests to you to text them, there are sure signs, such as the fact that you do not usually think about them, but you suddenly feel the urge to text them. This message could be as simple as, “Hi, hope you’re doing well” to “Hey, randomly thinking about you, fancy catching up?”. It will be meaningful whether it is from a friend in need or your soulmate. 

how to know if someone is manifesting me

How do you know if your soulmate is manifesting you?

It is not uncommon for us to dream about our soul mates before we actually meet them, and this is a sure sign that your soul mate is currently manifesting themselves within you.

Another way to know if they are is if you can sense love all around you and cannot pinpoint why you are feeling it, or if you recognize the feeling right away but cannot pinpoint what is going on. You feel like you have met this person but in reality, you have no idea who they are.

How to know if someone is manifesting you in a dream?

Have you ever woken up suddenly in the middle of the night and found that you have no memory of what you dreamed about? It may signify that you have been manifested through someone else’s dreams. It is possible that you felt so much energy so quickly and so intensely that you were startled into waking up by its strong and abundant energy. There is no need to worry since we are all energy, which is why sometimes we feel a strong knowing when people think about us. 

How to know if someone is manifesting you sexually?

Some people find that this can be difficult to recognize because the signs are similar to when your soulmate tries to manifest you and you feel an uplifting surge of energy but are unsure where it came from. Another very strong indicator will be if you are having recurring dreams of sexual encounters with the person in question. 

What are the signs your ex is manifesting you?

There is no doubt that the end of a relationship can be difficult and sometimes hard to let go of, but if you have already let go and are experiencing some of these signs, there is a possibility that your ex is trying to manifest you back into their life.

You might notice you bump into them at random locations more frequently, or you might wake up and think about them after a decent night’s sleep. You might start hearing songs that remind you of them more frequently. All of these are indicators that you might be being manifested by your ex. 

Can you feel physically when someone is manifesting you?

A few physical signs that someone may be trying to manifest you into their life could include things like feeling light-headed even though your blood pressure is fine. Finding yourself clumsy when you were not previously, or even feeling your heart pounding and feeling butterflies in your stomach even when there is no reason to feel that way. Almost like being in love for the first time.

How to know if a girl is manifesting you?

A girl or female manifesting you in their life will likely be noticed by showing you subtle signs such as finding feathers when you are out and about and smelling the scent of a perfume you ordinarily would not wear. An additional sign might be hearing a lot of female artists and rarely any male artists or groups. You could also hear the person’s name randomly popping up from time to time.

How to know if a guy is manifesting you?

You will notice signs that a male is manifesting you into his life. For example, you may encounter the strong scent of aftershave, hear songs that remind you of the person or even bump into them more often. He may even randomly appear in your thoughts daily. In the same way that a female manifesting you may start appearing randomly and often, a male name could start appearing the same way.

How to know if someone is manifesting against you?

The signs of someone manifesting against you can be quite evident. The feeling of being drained or lethargic for no apparent reason can be a tell-tale sign. Another example would be constantly feeling low in mood despite not feeling that way before and having no reason to think so.

The best thing you can do if you feel this way is to visualize a bright white light always surrounding you. This will ward off any negative energies that may be sent to you or passed through you. 

Is it bad if someone is manifesting me?

There is no need to be concerned if you feel someone is manifesting you. Every individual has the right to choose who they want to be with and where they want to be. Remember, the Universe works and brings manifestations into reality for the highest good of all. The fact that someone is manifesting you is not a bad thing, nor should you ever worry about it. In the event that you feel threatened energetically, visualize a bright white light surrounding you and protecting you. 

How to tell if someone is manifesting bad things on me?

This would be the same situation if someone were manifesting against you. It can make you feel energetically drained, or under the weather for long periods of time. If you believe they can – then it is possible.

If you have the belief that no one could ever harm you because you determine your own fate (which you definitely do!), then it is impossible. It is only your belief that makes it real. Remember thoughts become things, our reality is created by what we believe. As advised before, try practising visualisation techniques where a bright white light is protecting your energy and re-energising you back to normal health. 


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