100+ Positive Affirmations for Happiness

Think about this idea for a moment: You may feel like it’s dangerous to hold onto the feeling of happiness. You may make yourself feel upset to offset the blow of the highs of life wearing off. Does this sound like you? Does looking at life through rose-coloured lenses sound like a mere daydream? 

You should read this article if you would like to consistently maintain your happiness. Maybe you don’t see any reasons to be happy in your life. You will find over 100 affirmations for happiness to use and you will also learn how to find happiness within yourself and create it for yourself despite the circumstances in your life you may not enjoy. 

Affirmations for happiness

List of 100 positive affirmations for happiness

Take these affirmations for happiness seriously! The words you recite have the power to change your life, making your life much happier. Would you rather choose misery or a change in perspective, right here and right now? Let the words sink in as you say them. 

These 100 happiness affirmations below are targeted for many different components of your life, like at work, during your sleep, and your financial status. At any point in time, you deserve to and can access happiness! These phrases will unlock that in you. 

What is a positive affirmation for being happy?

  • I am content with my life as it is. My life gets more perfect and sweeter as it goes by.
  • There’s so much brightness to seek in every day.
  • I am deserving of everything happy that comes my way in life.
  • I have a nice dose of joy and confidence each day.
  • Happiness is my birthright. It is meant for me; I receive it fully.
  • I embrace who I am. It is a joyous and rare opportunity to be alive right now.
  • I see the goodness in everything around me. I feel the effects of my environment positively.
  • I gain so much inspiration and joy from seeing others happy. It makes me happy to see others do well.
  • My way of living is happy, natural, and healthy. My thoughts, actions, and feelings are wonderful in their way.
  • Life presents miraculous and beautiful occurrences every day that make me feel happy.

Affirmations for happiness and peace

  1. I deserve happiness and peace.
  2. I let go of negativity and invite joy into my life.
  3. My mind is positive, bringing me joy.
  4. Happiness and peace come to me easily.
  5. I’m grateful for simple joys.
  6. I let go of worries and stay calm.
  7. I spread love and kindness.
  8. I control my own happiness. I
  9. find peace within.
  10. I embrace happiness and peace.

What is the morning affirmation for happiness?

  • Anxiety, depression and worries dissolve off me when I wake up. 
  • I am light. I conquer each day with excitement. 
  • I deserve the wonders of a positive mood. 
  • I feel ready to seize the day in the mornings.
  • The beginning of the day is the perfect time to be happy.
  • I am worthy of being happy with my life. I depend on myself alone for my happiness.
  • I know I am meant for happiness. Joy and I are aligned as one.
  • Mornings bring renewal and excitement, which feels wonderful for me. I have boundless, endless energy.
  • I am the only one in control of lifting myself. I choose to have an amazing day.
  • I am responsible for my peace. My cups are full of happiness.

Affirmations for health and happiness

  • I am happy that my body is working efficiently.
  • I am ready for action. I can conquer any goal I desire because of my strength.
  • I feel vibrant that life has blessed me with such a great working body.
  • I am happy that my body is working in perfect order.
  • I love how refreshed I feel by eating right. 
  • I spend 100% of my focus on being healthy and happy.
  • I set intentions for the day to treat my body well. I breathe in good vibes and exhale negativity.
  • Suffering isn’t necessary to spend my time here. I can live a relaxed, joyous, and carefree life.
  • My essence is felt in any place. My energy radiates outwards in phenomenal, beneficial ways.
  • I am in charge of my peace. I protect and take care of myself at all costs.

Happiness affirmations law of attraction

  • I vibrate at an incredibly high frequency. 
  • I am glad to know that I am capable of achieving anything.
  • My presence is sacred. I give to others by being in any room. 
  • I am a part of the all, and I am one with the divine.
  • My energy affects others who are in my life.
  • I have fun and ride the energy of life. I live through my narrative of happiness.
  • I put wonderful energy into the Universe and it always comes back.
  • My mood is always elevating. My vibe is always attracting wonderful things.
  • I attract confident people into my life which in turn makes me more confident. 
  • My manifestations are coming true. I’m so happy to see them in my physical reality.

Affirmations for happiness and success

  • I am so happy to succeed in my job.
  • I welcome success in my life.
  • I bring something wonderful to the table and that makes me happy. 
  • My career is advancing, which fills me with joy.
  • My financial prosperity makes me delighted.
  • I speak positively to myself. I embrace who I truly am and decide that I am enough.
  • I don’t worry about who doesn’t like me or my future.
  • I am prosperous in many abundant ways. As I achieve more accomplishments, I gain advantages in the corporate world.
  • I call my power back to me now. I step into my birthright of being happy and achieving what I’d like.

Daily affirmations for happiness

  • I follow my bliss and it takes me to wonderful places.
  • I trust that I know what is best for me to be happy.
  • The day brings joy if that is what I seek.
  • Every day is a beautiful day to be happy.
  • I base my happiness on what I like and want regardless of other people’s opinions.
  • Each day I receive meaningful opportunities for happiness.
  • I am undefined by others’ perceptions or ideas of me.
  • I know how to make myself happy on my own. I love and care for myself as a best friend would.
  • I want to be my biggest supporter. I uplift myself kindly and gently.
  • Today I am choosing my happiness. I choose to look at everything sunny-side up.

I AM affirmations for happiness

  • I am cheerful, content, and delighted.
  • I am worthy of feeling any wonderful emotion there is.
  • I am energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and happy.
  • I am allowed to be happy with what gives me joy.
  • I am a naturally happy person. I accept myself exactly as I am.
  • I am so happy to be alive. I love showing up in the world exactly as I am.
  • I am a happy person. I know why I’m here and what I’m doing.
  • I am always going to make sure I am the happiest I can be.
  • I am content with who I am. I am pure love; I love giving and receiving to others.
  • I am releasing the sadness of the past. I embrace the beauty of the future.

Affirmations for wealth and happiness

  • I am in charge of my growing abundance.
  • Looking at my bank account fills me with joy.
  • I am happy to provide for myself and the people I love.
  • I claim my success before I begin any project.
  • I am going to have all the money I’d like. I am the Queen or King of my Universe.
  • I am worthy of having nice things and living lavishly.
  • Wealth has built up through my generations. I am so happy to see how much I have.
  • I have more money than I could ever dream of. I am so happy to be so blessed.
  • I am sitting on a pile of riches in my physical and mental reality. I continue to collect and grow abundantly in everything I do. 
  • Money flows in and it creates a fire of happiness in my soul. There’s no amount of wealth I can’t attain.

Sleep affirmations for happiness

  • I am grateful for how comfortable my sleep is. I allow my body to recharge.
  • I have the best sleep schedule. I am content with how easily I go to sleep.
  • The tension of the day simply melts away.
  • I restore myself to an awakened, happier version.
  • I am worthy just by existing.
  • I am going to sleep with positive thoughts about myself and my life.
  • I am calm and safe as I lie down. I am filled with a sense of deep, happy sleep.
  • I pour into my sense of contentment and gratitude as I wind down for the night.
  • I sleep happily and peacefully. My dreams give me so much happiness. 
  • I release today. As I sleep, I remember that all my desires are becoming a reality. 

Happy Friday affirmations

  • I am so excited about the weekend. I affirm positivity each weekend.
  • No matter what the weekend brings, I am looking forward to going out or staying in.
  • I am so blessed to make it to another Friday. 
  • Life gives me wonderful surprises that make me happy.
  • I control any room I am in. The party starts when I walk in.
  • I can let loose and enjoy myself.
  • I am relieved to know there is enough time for me to get everything done.
  • I love how free I can be in my own space. I am excited to do what I love tonight.
  • Today is a great Friday and an even more amazing day.
  • I will spend the day be amazing as I live and breathe at this moment.

What are affirmations for happiness?

Affirmations for happiness are positive phrases centred around being happy in life. As you recite them, they help you see the positive aspects in your life that occur. They will gradually improve your mood through repetition and integration.

Affirmations for happiness are meant to create a positive feeling in your mind and body. They can make you feel happier with your current circumstances and more appreciative. They fill you with the resolve to tackle anything that may come your way.

How to use affirmations for happiness

  1. Smile as you say your affirmations. Smiling is an act that programs your brain to believe that you are happy. It subconsciously plants a message in your mind.
  2. Use your happiness affirmations in the shower. Showering can be a great way of meditation, as meditation is any way that simply clears your mind. As you say these words in the shower, you will feel an invigorated sense of happiness.
  3. Do something that makes you happy as you recite your affirmations. This can be a hobby that fills your heart with joy or spending time with people. Link the connection between your external gratitude and happiness to the words you affirm for your future.
  4. Find others who are just as positive and excited about their lives as well. Recite affirmations for happiness into their lives. You can even encourage each other to make reminders.
  5. Strike a confident pose. Break out into your ultimate Superman, whether it means taking a bathroom break or out in the middle of the office floor. Say your affirmation about happiness in your strong pose and you will feel the effects so much stronger.
  6. Perform acts of kindness. In the aftermath, you’ll notice you probably will feel much more rooted in your happiness. Say these happiness affirmations while you feel the high of your actions and empowerment.
  7. Make affirmation cards and post-it notes. Place them around your house. A key point may be on your mirror when you’re getting ready. Recite them every time you pass by them.
  8. Sing a song with affirmations in them. You can make your own or change the lyrics to a song you like. Music is a wonderful way to get the flow state and create happiness out of everyday life.
  9. Say your affirmations for happiness as soon as you wake up. While this can apply to all affirmations, they especially work for happiness. When you get yourself in a state of enjoyment after a blank period of sleep, your day will surely follow suit. 
  10. Say your affirmations for happiness before moments known to take your happiness away. Make a note of when you often feel at a low point in your life. For example, if you are often stressed before interviews, say your affirmations before leaving your car. As you use your affirmations at the right times, you will notice their effect is more powerful.

affirmations happiness


Now, it’s time to take action. Repeat your affirmations every day and let them change your thoughts and beliefs. Be consistent! Surround yourself with positivity through exercise, diet, or doing good things. With resilience, you’ll overcome any challenges.


What is a positive affirmation for being happy?

“I make the choice to focus on the good things in my life and discover happiness in every single moment.” This positive affirmation encourages you to have a grateful and mindful mindset, reminding you to value the positive aspects of your life and actively pursue happiness. Repeating this affirmation regularly can help you change your perspective to become more positive and content.

Do positive affirmations make you happier?

Positive affirmations can make us happier. When we say positive things to ourselves, it helps us think about the good things in our lives. This can stop negative thoughts and make us feel happier. If we keep doing positive affirmations, our minds will become more positive and we will feel happier. Positive affirmations also make us feel more confident and good about ourselves. When we believe in ourselves, we can chase our dreams and be happier.


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