Affirmations for overcoming fear 2023

Fear can be intense and prevent you from living the life you deserve. Fortunately, affirmations can be powerful tools in combatting your fear! 

This article will provide you with 70 powerful affirmations for conquering your fears. You will find affirmations for overcoming your fear of death, anxiety, failure, and other areas where you want to reduce your fear.

What are affirmations for overcoming fear?

Affirmations are powerful words you repeat to shift your thinking and combat negative thoughts. Regular repetition of affirmations can help refocus your brain on positive emotions and thoughts instead of negative ones.

How do I use affirmations to overcome my fears?

Repeat these affirmations to yourself whenever you sense anxiety approaching. Write them down, say them aloud, or create an image board to remind yourself of your dreams and goals.

Affirmations for overcoming fears

Below you will find positive affirmations for overcoming your fears, such as fear of intimacy, anxiety and failure.

Affirmations for fear and anxiety

  • I possess the strength to conquer any anxiety or fear, and I am choosing to let that strength guide me along my journey.
  • My goals include peace, love, and serenity – any fear or anxiety which stands in the way will be eliminated in exchange for these blessings.
  • I’m taking things slowly and learning how to manage my anxieties in a healthy manner.
  • I believe I can confidently handle any situation that comes my way – this assurance helps me conquer anxiety and fear.
  • Accepting my feelings and using them as a resource to manage any fear or anxiety that might arise is becoming easier for me.
  • Knowing that I’m never alone gives me the courage to face my fears confidently and conquer them.
  • Focusing on this moment and believing that I can handle whatever comes my way has helped me overcome any fears or anxieties that might arise.
  • My faith in myself and my worth has enabled me to accept whatever life throws me without fear or anxiety.
  • I am thankful for the resources and tools that enable me to manage and conquer my anxiety.
  • On this journey, I’m learning to be kind towards myself, practising self-compassion whenever I feel anxious or scared.

Affirmations for fear of the future

  • I am choosing to release the uncertainty of the future and trust that everything will work out for my greatest good.
  • I possess the capacity to design the future I desire, and this power allows me to let go of any fear or worry about how things might turn out.
  • I possess the capacity to adapt and overcome whatever comes my way. This ability helps me conquer any fears I might have about what may come my way in the future, and each day brings me closer to creating the life I envision – giving me greater confidence and control over my destiny.
  • I am learning to accept that there is a purpose beyond my comprehension at this moment, even if it is one I cannot yet discern.
  • Focusing on the present is important; doing this will enable me to create a better life for myself in the future.
  • I can have an exciting and fulfilling future. I will let go of any fears or anxiety that could stop me from experiencing it.
  • I am learning how to be open-minded to new opportunities, even if they differ from what I had envisioned for myself in the past. Even if these opportunities don’t match perfectly with what I had envisioned as my ideal scenario, they still hold promise for me.
  • I can shape my destiny through my words, thoughts and deeds. I’ve chosen to utilize this power for myself in order to create a life that I enjoy and am content with.
  • I am grateful for the many experiences that have brought me here today, and this faith gives me hope that the next phase will bring even more wonderful opportunities my way.

Affirmations for fear of failure

  • I am learning to accept my mistakes as part of life’s journey and an opportunity for growth and improvement.
  • My mistakes don’t define who I am, so it is important for me to let go of any negative self-talk or doubts about myself.
  • I believe in my ability to recover from any setback, using the experience as an opportunity to grow stronger and more resilient.
  • Instead of dwelling on my past mistakes, I’ve chosen to draw upon the lessons I’ve learned and use them as fuel for creating better opportunities in the future.
  • No matter my mistakes or missteps, I can succeed and be happy.
  • Failure will only motivate me to reorient my path and develop new strategies to reach my objectives.
  • I am grateful for the failures and challenges I’ve overcome in the past, as they have given me the abilities and perspective necessary to achieve success in the coming years.
  • I prefer to view failure as an opportunity for growth and learning from my errors rather than a permanent situation. I will continue striving toward my objectives despite any setbacks along the way.
  • I am confident in my abilities and capacity for growth and transformation. I know that any setbacks or failures I experience are simply interruptions on the path toward success.
  • I am working hard to transform my beliefs and attitudes toward failure, viewing it as necessary and integral to achieving my objectives.

Affirmations for fear of intimacy

  • I deserve connection and love.
  • As a vulnerable individual, I strive to build strong connections.
  • Through faith and courage, I will conquer my fears and allow my heart to open wide.
  • I am courageous enough to pursue an intimate relationship with someone special.
  • Let go of fears that stand in the way and accept deep connections instead.
  • I trust that I can handle the risks associated with love affairs.
  • I strive for both meaningful and intimate connections.
  • To achieve these, I pledge to be genuine, present and accepting of discomfort while developing connections.
  • I possess the capacity to form lasting and valuable connections.

Affirmations for fear of death

  • I fully embrace life and let go of any fear.
  • I will live my days with courage, passion, and purpose.
  • I am thankful for each moment, making each one count.
  • Moreover, I will embrace my final days with dignity and honour.
  • It is a joy to be alive, regardless of any worries.
  • I aim to live fully in the present and conquer my fear of dying.
  • There is peace in death and life – an infinite gift from above.
  • Let me live, grow, and leave behind a lasting legacy with joy!
  • Every breath and heartbeat I take will remain with me forever – every single moment.

Affirmations for fear of being alone

  • I feel complete and whole by myself.
  • I enjoy solitude and find it to be enchanting.
  • In times of growth, it’s best to be by myself.
  • Yet simultaneously, I am open to new connections without worrying.
  • I am confident in my ability to form meaningful connections.
  • I feel at home within my circle.
  • I can conquer my fears and embrace them head-on.
  • Ultimately, love and connection truly drive me – now let’s discover how!
  • I will let go of my past hurts and allow my heart to be open to new possibilities.
  • I am strong enough to survive on my own and attract positive people into my life.

Affirmations for fear of judgement

  • I am proud of my individuality; my judgment does not control me.
  • I believe in myself and am immune to criticism.
  • I prioritize self-love over fearing others’ opinions.
  • I speak out confidently and honestly without worrying about being judged or condemned.
  • I no longer require external validation or faith in myself.
  • Rather, I celebrate growth even when faced with criticism.
  • I am thankful for my journey and recognize my accomplishments, even if they are imperfect.
  • No matter what others think of me, I deserve respect and love regardless of their opinions.
  • I trust my instincts to guide me in the best direction for me.
  • I am brave enough to step outside my comfort zone and embrace new experiences.



When you practice affirmations for fear on a regular basis, you can change your perspective and begin living a life free from fear and filled with possibilities. Start incorporating these affirmations into your daily routine and watch the amazing results unfold!



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