What to do when you feel BLOCKED in Manifesting

Does it sometimes seem like you can’t manifest? That it works for others but not for you? Or maybe it works sometimes but not all the time? And so you’re left frustrated thinking that perhaps something is wrong with you? Or the Universe doesn’t love you? Or maybe manifestation isn’t real, and it’s just a big hype? 

As a manifestation coach, I have seen and heard it all regarding manifestation blocks. I want to help you move through those blocks so that you can manifest on purpose! 

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I promise you this: you are MEANT to manifest and create your reality. So if you are feeling blocked, continue reading! The following are the top three blocks that I’ve seen (but trust me, there are many, many more!) 

1. Time 

Too often, the mind places a time frame on when it thinks a manifestation should come to pass. And as a result, if it doesn’t happen in your time frame, then you give up and decide it’s not working. 

There is such a thing as “Divine Timing,” and when you can let go of when a thing needs to manifest, you open yourself up to the magic of the Universe. 

For me personally, when I’m feeling blocked with the when I do two things: 

  • One: I repeat an affirmation such as “This or something better in Divine timing!” 
  • Two: I make a list of all the reasons Why I desire my manifestation. This puts me in the feeling and energy of my desire and gets me out of noticing its lack. 

And since you manifest based on how you are feeling, what you believe you can have, and where you are placing your attention, these two tools help you in particular help with all three! 

2. The Ego’s Need to Control  

When this block surfaces, it’s because you’re too focused on the how. Your ego is trying to run the show and decide how things should happen. But if you knew how things would happen, then you wouldn’t be trying to manifest it, would you? 

And so you really have to learn to let go. This is another block that I love to use the affirmation mentioned above, This or something better! Because I want to remind myself that the Universe has my back and knows even better what I want and how to manifest it! 

To remedy this block, it can be helpful to turn to your spiritual practices. Pray. Ask for support and guidance. Pull oracle cards. Meditate. 

Ultimately do whatever you need to do to move beyond the ego’s need to control the outcome and instead just get busy loving your life in the meantime! 

3. Attachment to the Outcome 

You want what you want for a reason, right? But when you’re attached to how a thing manifests or with who it manifests with, ultimately, you are saying you know better than the Universe! 

But in fact, the Universe knows even better than you what you want and how to manifest it. 

I want to remind you that the ONLY reason you want anything is because of how you think you will feel when you get it. 

  • You don’t actually want a specific person… you want those warm and fuzzy feelings associated with a partnership.
  • You don’t actually want a bunch of money… you want the security and freedom and safety that money provides. 
  • You don’t want the perfect body… you want the feelings of confidence and self-love. 

With anything you want in life, you actually want the feelings that you think the thing will provide. 

When you get attached to the outcome, it can be helpful to shift into the why… which helps put you into the feeling state… which helps you manifest it! 

And remember: This or something better! 

Ready to learn more? I’m hosting a free training on March 29th, 30th and 31st at 4pm EDT in the Secret Law of Attraction Facebook group. Click here to join the FB group & learn everything you need to know about mastering the Law of Attraction! 

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About Emyrald:


Emyrald Sinclaire is an author, speaker, spiritual intuitive & guide, a master of manifestation, and on a mission to awaken you to your fullest potential so that you can manifest the love of your life & the life of your dreams!  

Emyrald is trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Reprogramming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga, and various subconscious reprogramming tools to help her clients move beyond old stories and instead rise to their fullest potential. 

Emyrald combines 20 years of self-study, in addition to getting certified in a variety of healing modalities, to offer her clients a unique combination of no-BS coaching, loving heart-centered intuitive guidance, and practical subconscious reprogramming tools; to give you the results you desire… in the shortest amount of time!



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