What To Do When You Feel BLOCKED With Manifesting

Sometimes it feels like manifesting isn’t working… 

Or that it’s taking too long… 

Or you’re losing momentum and excitement for your dream… 

So what do you do? 

I like to play a little game called the What if? game. 

Here’s how you play: 

  1. Pull out your journal and write “What If…” on the top of a sheet of paper 
  2. Start writing down all of your dreams, small and big, such as: 

What if… I open my email and have a client? 

What if… I meet the love of my life today? 

What if… someone brings me flowers today?
What if… someone buys me lunch today? 

What if… I have a second home in Italy one day? 

What if… I receive an unexpected check in the mail? 

What if… I win a shopping spree? 

What if… I lose 10 pounds this year without even changing my diet and exercise plan? 

What if… I find a diamond ring in the parking lot? 

And on and on and on… 

The point of the game is to get you in the realm of possibility, magic and miracles!  

Too many people block themselves from what they desire because they are playing in the realm of login and reason and predictability. 

But the challenge with the realm is that you can’t receive anything beyond what you have gotten in the past. And you can’t get anything beyond what you have seen others manifest. 

So if you want to manifest something new… you have to dream bigger! 

And within the what if game, I encourage you to write down big and small what ifs. Big dreams and small dreams. The point of this is to help you release attachment to things happening. And when the small things manifest, it will give you more faith and trust that the big things will manifest too! 

The universe doesn’t care what you want. The Universe doesn’t play favorites. The Universe doesn’t think any dream is too big (or too small for that matter.) The Universe is simply responding to your vibe. 

So play this game and play it often so that you are continuously in the realm of possibility, magic and miracles!  

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