Law of Attraction Lottery – Use the Law of Attraction to win the lottery 2023

Every week lies an opportunity for you to win the lottery with the law of attraction. While many believe the winners are up to chance, there is a method to its madness. If you apply the law of attraction and lottery, the next person could be you. A common theme amongst past lottery winners was to live their lives as if they knew they would win. They kept through with their diligence and never gave up.

To win, you must align with the frequency of your monetary desires and match them. Let go of your fears and have faith that your dreams of winning will happen. In other words, be the winner. If you plan on striking big, let go of your doubt and fear. The lottery winner is you, so you already have the power residing within you.

Winning the lottery law of attraction

But how to win the lottery with the law of attraction? If you’re interested to win the lottery with law of attraction, this is the article for you. As you read, ask yourself why you want to win the lottery. If long-term wealth is what you’re aiming for, consider routes like manifesting for financial freedom or financial stability. 

This article is not for those who want to get rich, but those who seek an addition to the financial investment. 

Manifesting a law of attraction lottery win is an excellent way to prove to yourself the abundance of money and how it can present itself in your life in various ways. It’s no surprise that many law of attraction lottery winners in the past have won multiple times, despite what the odds say. When you see the results of your manifestation appearing, it creates a snowball of the Universe’s other winnings in store.

Is it possible to win the lottery by using Law of Attraction? 

Yes, it is possible to win the lottery using the law of attraction. The law of attraction calls forth everything you are a direct match for in life, including the vibration of Winning and abundance. If you vibrate with the energy of luck and money, then luck and money will come to you. 

While not many law of attraction lottery winners have directly stated to use the law of attraction, it has played a significant role in their ability to win. 

Manifesting does not need to be intentional, but it is always happening, so why not deliberately steer it towards what you want? Your life is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings, and when they align with unshakable faith, you will win.

How to win the lottery with the Law of Attraction

  1. Set your intentions of winning the lottery with law of attraction. Claim the winnings you’d like to earn and examine why you’d like them. If you can, be as specific as possible in all areas. Have a plan for what you will use the money for. There’s flexibility in knowing plans may change, but there’s even more strength in knowing they exist.
  1. Believe with your entire heart and soul that you will win. Don’t half your destiny. Affirm your beliefs by saying affirmations aloud, reading podcasts, and encouraging other winners’ inspirational success stories. If you feel comfortable sharing your goals, find positivity in your community with other spiritualists. They have advice for you that could help you win.
  1. Get rid of your lack. When you allow limiting beliefs about your ability to win, you will create a search for what you don’t have. This means to stop focusing on the statistics. Ignore the naysayers and Debbie downers that try to define your future. Only you are capable of creating your fate. Suppose you control the beliefs you have over winning. In that case, the outcome will not only attract your lottery win but abundance in all other forms.
  1. Remain faithful that it’s coming. Be patient and listen to your inner voice. When you feel frustrated, remind yourself that it takes years and years to win finally. Once you do, the money will be worth it. As you put in the work to change your inner world, the Universe rewards you with a reflection of abundance.
how to win the lottery with the law of attraction

5 Law of attraction manifestation methods for lottery

  1. Build a picture of yourself winning in your mind’s eye. Imagine yourself daily buying the winning law of attraction lottery scratch-off, waiting in excited anticipation, and receiving your prize. Picture the place you’ll be as you see yourself win. Who’s the first person you’ll tell? What will their reaction be?
  2. Think of a specific amount of money you want. Write this number on a piece of paper. Place it underneath your pillow every night as you sleep. 
  3. Reframe your negative beliefs. Any time you lose, tell yourself that this is only momentary and you are a second away from the winning ticket. There will undoubtedly be times when you pick the lottery and don’t win, but don’t internalize it. You are the winner regardless of whatever the ticket’s outcome is.
  4. Envision a smaller win first. This is an excellent way to test out the law of attraction and lottery method. Aim for winning five dollars or twenty in the lottery. This is a much more manageable and attainable goal. When you prove to yourself that you can win what you focus on, your subconscious will be reassured that you can aim for more significant amounts and receive them.
  5. Change your inner-self talk to recognize your subconscious programming. Tell yourself you have already won the money. Bask in the inner world of having it. Write down the emotions you feel with this money and observe your script when you feel great.

Has anyone won the lottery using the Law of Attraction?

Yes, most lottery winners have used the law of attraction to win. Most continually do so without even realizing it. The law of attraction is one of the many powerful laws of the Universe that everyone always operates under at all times — it is not something you can choose to dip in and out of. 

The law of attraction Lottery winners have used methods like visualization, affirmations giving back to the community, and focus on their future self to create their faith in their winnings. Law of attraction elements is crucial to attracting help from the Universe. 

10 Lottery winners who used the Law of Attraction

  1. Neal Wanless used the law of attraction for lottery at age 23 to attract a $232.1 million prize. Neal’s hometown was called Winning, which may have influenced his subconscious beliefs from the energy of the name itself. In picking his lottery numbers, Wanless used the birthdates of people close to him. This invited the high-vibrational positivity of the community.
  2. Cynthia P. Stafford was a single mother of five before she struck big in her law of attraction lottery win, an infamous story that still circulates today. Before the jackpot, she meditated on the number she wanted to win: $112 million. Stafford even slept with this number written on a piece of paper under her pillow. Three years later, she won this precise amount in the California Mega Millions. 
  3. Lotto winner Pearlie Mae Smith teaches us a great lesson about delving deep into our desires. At that time, she was the largest winner in New Jersey with a wonderful $429.6 million. Smith used 10% of the money she received to donate to the church. Her drive to provide a service to others shows her commitment to bettering the collective.
  4. Melodia Harris practiced creative visualization to win the Georgia Lottery in her early 30s. According to Harris, she practiced her faith for years and imagined herself winning. She remained steadfast in the idea that she knew she would win for years. 
  5. Shane Missler won the lottery in his youth, at only 20 years old. Before the win, the young man created a detailed vision of what he would like to use his money for — his trust fund investment and a Subaru car. His plan showed the Universe how genuine he was about his winnings and that he had a greater purpose than attaining a profit. 
  6. From Portmore, Jamaica, Sonya S also won the lottery after she discovered the law of attraction and lottery. After watching The Secret, Sonya began to gain several miraculous opportunities. She found other supporters who believed in the Law of Attraction and returned to gratitude by writing down affirmations. Sonya claims she saw a television show of a woman who won the lottery by writing an amount under her pillow to win that exact amount. With a renewed faith, Sonya tried the technique herself and successfully won the lottery twice. Now, she is a multi-millionaire, fashion mogul, and entrepreneur.
  7. Mark Haughton won the lottery several times by using the power of his manifestation. He practices positive affirmations and uplifts the importance of staying in the present moment. After stating his affirmations, he goes on about his day and doesn’t dwell on the idea of winning. Haughton uses the power of letting go to attract what he desires within his life.
  8. Lana McKenzie was a $2.2 million winner in the Canadian BC Children’s Hospital Lottery. As she purchased the winning ticket, she only had $33 in her bank account. McKenzie had an incredible drive to win. She was playing in a charity to help her sick son receive medical treatment. McKenzie claims she listened to words from her grandmother, who told her that you can make it happen when you visualize something positive. McKenzie even had a vivid dream of her Winning that felt very real to her. She claimed she had strong confidence that she would win.
  9. Timothy Schultz, another lotto winner, also had vivid dreams that he would win. He told everyone that he would, and no one believed him. This never deterred him, though. Schultz realized that many other winners he spoke to thought they were going to win before they did and took this on for himself.
  10. Bunky Bartlett of Maryland used his unwavering belief to win the lottery in 2007. He envisioned what his life would be like after he won. He imagined the house he would be in, what activities he would do and asked if he would travel or teach. Bartlett allowed the Universe to be flexible in whatever form he would receive money and it happened to be from the lottery. He also put in the effort and a plan besides his belief.

What is the fastest way to manifest to win the lottery?

The fastest way to manifest that you win the lottery with law of attraction is to truly and completely believe that you can. Give your conscious mind a command with an affirmation or visualization, ingrain it in your subconscious mind through repetition and step back to let the Universe create it. Do not beg or plead the Universe. Expect that without attachment, it must come.

Every time you think of a limiting belief regarding your ability to win the lottery, change it to positive. To do this, you must catch all your thoughts in the act. You’ll be surprised how many limiting beliefs you may have around winning and achievements. 

For example, if you think “the odds are against my favor,” think of the word “stop” in your head. You can even say it out loud. You’ll notice your old thoughts will fade away instantly. 

After telling your mind to stop, replace your thought with three opposite positive affirmations. Some examples are, “I am the God of my reality and I choose to win” and “I attract winnings with ease.” Switch through a variety of affirmations that feel right to you.

If the Law of Attraction is so powerful, why doesn’t anyone use it to win the lottery?

The law of attraction takes persistence and intense belief. To get what you desire, you must prove to the Universe what you want, why you want it, and how badly you do want it. Most people do not clearly implement all three steps and with faith.

Deep down, most people don’t believe in their power to create what they want. If you don’t believe it, how can you ask for it? People may have underlying assumptions that they’re pointlessly throwing their money away. 

They may think the statistics are so rare that it’ll never happen to them. If you give in to these ideas, the Universe will make it difficult for you to win. Believing that you cannot get what you want, even subconsciously, is the biggest blockage to getting what you want. 

There’s also much strength to be said in the power of letting go. Those who hyper-fixate on their reality do not gain as much as they would like. Cynthia P. Stafford won the lottery after playing the lottery a couple of times a month. The odds and statistics were not relevant for her because the Universe is infinite. Be open to the Universe creating a win for you that is beyond your control.

If the Law of Attraction is real, why haven’t I won the lottery yet or got a Ferrari?

  1. You may be too disappointed by your past losses. No law of attraction lottery winner can win every game. If you allow limiting beliefs to enter your mind when you lose, they take over your mind. Remember that a loss yesterday doesn’t have any bearing on your win today.
  1. You may be comparing your wins to other people. Obsessing other people’s journeys is a surefire way to give your power away. Suppose you secretly believe you must go to a certain gas station or live in a specific country to win. In that case, you doubt the infinite possibility of the Universe! What is meant for you will happen in your divine timing.
  1. You may not be putting in enough work. You must think about the numbers, write them down, go to the gas station and pick out the numbers. If you want a Ferrari, what actions have you put in today to get closer to receiving it? It’s not enough to pray or write down your goals. Make sure you have a plan outside of simply winning. 
  1. You may not be acknowledging the wellbeing and perfection of the reality awaiting you. Acknowledge how perfect it is that everything is ready for you. Embody this state and ignore your present reality.
  1. You could be over-fixated on winning. Make sure there’s a balance to your methods. When it’s time to manifest, it’s time to do that. Don’t continue to manifest and think about your winnings every second. Your waiting period is always for a reason, so trust the Universe’s timing. 
  1. Do you let your negative thoughts run rampant? Change them as they show up. When you feel down about loss or comparison, affirm to yourself the opposite and let it go.
  1. You may not be practicing diligently. Repetition feeds the subconscious mind. If you think about your lottery win once a week, that’s simply not enough to show how much you want it. Sometimes it takes years of visualizing and affirming to receive your prize. Are you willing to put in the work daily?
  1. Set boundaries with yourself. Distract yourself with your creativity, hobbies, and service to the world. Don’t let your mind rule you; you should rule your mind with your focus and inner belief that you will gain your prize.
  1. You may not be listening to your intuition. Do you believe that you will win? If not, why? Observe what your inner mind has to say about this. Meditation can clear your mind to allow more gratitude about what you already have, inviting a lottery win in the process.
  1. Break free of the repetitive habits that have kept you stuck. If you have a habit of telling other people before you buy a ticket and haven’t seen good results from that, try keeping it to yourself for a change. 

Law of Attraction lottery affirmations

  • I am proud of myself for making this financial investment.
  • I am so appreciative to see those magic numbers. 
  • I align myself with a magical once-in-a-lifetime jackpot win.
  • I trust in my ability to make the right decisions.
  • Attracting a lottery win is only one of my many options for wealth.
  • I know I am the next lottery winner. I think, feel and speak like a winner.
  • My thoughts are more powerful than any odds or statistics. 
  • I remain consistent in my faith. I am fortunate, lucky, and chosen.
  • I feel luxurious, peaceful, and abundant with the amount of money I have received.
  • I am convinced that the money has already come to me. Therefore, I know it has to happen in my objective world.
  • Everything I believe with persistence manifests into my life. I expect to win. I am open and receptive to any avenue the Universe chooses to bring to me.
  • I see myself possessing the house I want, the car I want, and the millions I desire. My vision is in harmony with my dreams.
  • The more I focus my mind upon my attainment, the more winnings come to my life.
  • I am falling in love with trusting myself. I have the greatest source of wealth inside me.
  • I feel powerful in choosing the right pick. I’m so happy and grateful I have the right scratch-off.
  • Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to pick up my new car with my lottery money.
  • I let go of the limiting belief that I am not worthy of winning. Any amount I want to receive, I will gain tenfold of it. 
  • I transform my dreams into goals, and my goals into plans, and then my plans into action.


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