100 Positive Affirmations For Work

When you are the boss of your reality, you can be the boss of any environment you step into, even the workplace. 

The truth is, what you believe and assume about your job has a significant impact on the way you view it. Most people think it’s the other way around. They assume when they find a new job. Then they can be much happier. However, if your internal reality creates your external reality, you are only affirming the same negativity you dislike. 

It’s simply impossible to attract a great job when you hate your job or complain about your boss. If you view your job as a nightmare, full of yelling bosses, selfish coworkers, and picky customers, of course, your reality will seem nightmarish. And if you think a job is necessary for your survival, it will appear that way. 

positive affirmations for work

So if you struggle with liking your job, your thoughts are the way out. Release all negative thoughts. There is hope if you want an entirely different career or want to operate in your work successfully. Keep reading to discover how you can make your workplace enjoyable. 

As you read this article about positive affirmations for work, you’ll learn how to spot opportunities as they come and create your own. Even at work, you should trust in your desires to be happy in whatever form your intuition, and inner guides tell you. Read below to find our how affirmations for work works and how you can use them.

What are positive affirmations for work?

Positive affirmations for the workplace are life-changing. Job affirmations can provide you peace, clarity, and calm that the hustle-and-bustle of the workplace drains out of a lot of individuals. An affirmation is a mantra you say out loud to encourage you throughout the day. They can be spoken at any time and even listened to repeatedly. 

A positive affirmation for work can be used towards anything you desire from your career life. It can be seeing the goodness in your environment, receiving more money, or finding a more prosperous work opportunity.

Think of what affirmations would benefit you. Would you like to live an idyllic, flexible work-life or a more organized and routine work life? Would you like your work-life to incorporate travel? Ask yourself what you want and how it feels for you. The affirmations that feel the most powerful will bring you the best work experience. 

Why use positive affirmations for work? 

Positive affirmations for work can help you escape the narrative that society often holds about work. How often have you heard that working is tiresome? Imagine that work is a part of your daily happiness and joy. Integrate it with pleasure. As you think about work positively, you will feel more positive. 

We have been told our entire lives that we must work. Knowing that you must do something and do not choose if you can or want to do it can feel like a burden. This knowing is just an idea that your mind tells you. Life does not have to feel like it is constantly tied to work, and there’s no escape without it. Positive affirmations for work will help you believe that your life is lovely as is, so beautiful events can enter.

work affirmations

How to use positive affirmations for work

  1. Practice breathwork before you go to work. Sit comfortably and concentrate on your breath. As thoughts arise, let go of them. Then, recite your work affirmations in a much more clear-headed space.
  2. Write or type your affirmations for work. Write down your affirmations in a safe-kept journal. Imagine the feeling of your affirmations as you write them. How does it feel at this moment? You may feel stable, secure, and warm. Ask yourself in what ways you can embody this feeling. 
  3. When you think about your coworkers or boss, think positive affirmations about them. Treat them positively, and your cycle of positive affirmations will extend to yourself. The way you treat others is a reflection of how you treat yourself.
  4. Any time you think about work, think about positivity connected to it. If someone mentions your job, examine how you feel. Do you have negative connotations tied towards it? Your positive affirmations work best when you use them any time you have a negative feeling. What job do you want? What standards do you want around it? Know that it’s not out of reach. 
  5. Don’t just say your affirmations for work. Embody them. You frame what you would like in your life. If you want your position title to be an entrepreneur, claim it. Be open with your desires. You can experience anything you want. You are a master selector. 
  6. Be grateful whenever you say your job affirmations and feel your desires. Whenever your desire for a specific career comes about, think about it as already confirmed. You were given this desire for a reason — because it was meant for you to fulfill them. When you imagine this as a tiny bit of your purpose in life, you will feel more positive as you head towards your manifestation.
  7. Don’t focus on past jobs or what others may have said about your work ethic in the past. Be aware of the bad assumptions you have about past jobs. You are constantly manifesting your beliefs into your reality. These are lacking denominators that can put you down unnecessarily. Pretend what you have is there and trust yourself. 
  8. Record yourself saying your affirmations for work. Throughout the day, play your recording and speak along with yourself. You can even play the tape at night when you sleep. Ingrain the message you are speaking. It will be easier to do so when you already hear yourself talking back to you.
  9. Starting today, declare to yourself that you are free from the old narratives. Claim that any old stories are no longer a part of your life. Tell yourself that work motivates you and it is a blessing to be employed. Be grateful for the food you can put on the table and the money it gives you to pay the bills. 

Do positive affirmations work for work?

Affirmations for work better your life because they focus on switching your psyche to a more positive one, where you can see the abundance around you. The effect is meant to attract what a better mindset will gain for you: a better reality. Affirmations help you regain your health and return to a balanced state within yourself.

Affirmations for work are powerful. In the heat of a moment, you may not be able to concentrate on what you’re supposed to be doing. When you use affirmations, you repeat things to yourself so often that your mind has no choice but to soak in words. 

Your subconscious mind does not understand the difference between a truth and a lie — it simply absorbs any words you repeat daily. If you tell yourself work is challenging and people there don’t like you, your subconscious will look for evidence that this is true. No wonder work seems so complicated! When we say affirmations about work being easy, simple, and fun, your subconscious believes this.

List of 100 positive affirmations for work

These 100 positive affirmations for work will help you honor and empower yourself in whatever stage of your career journey you are on. They will give you the ambition to be able to go for your dreams. As you read them now, you may be pleased to see they already have the power to improve your mood. With daily consistency, you will see a gradual increase in your calmness and gratitude. Who knows, a big check may even be on the way!

Positive affirmations for work stress

  • I am efficient, capable, and a master achiever.
  • I am doing the best I can and that is enough.
  • I am valued. I matter with every task that I do.
  • I have daily interactions where I bless and prosper others.
  • I have unlimited choices for extraordinary opportunities.
  • I have more than enough time. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
  • I am learning to take breaks. There is nothing wrong with taking some time away for myself.
  • I show respect and proper etiquette by showing up on time and coming dressed appropriately.
  • I am in a judgment-free place. My coworkers and my boss/employees value me.
  • I am in control of my environment. A deep breath recenters me to where I am supposed to be. 

Positive affirmations for success at work

  • I am motivated by my constant improvements.
  • My job rewards and honors my achievements.  
  • I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I permit myself to be great.
  • I make significant advancements within my career.
  • I am on the open path towards another fantastic job.
  • As I practice, I profit. I am proud of how much I have been doing so far.
  • My income is increasing at work. I have made so many strides recently at my job.
  • I love creating an impact on my community and society as a whole.
  • I carry positivity and joy throughout the workday that allows me to get further and further.
  • Finding a job is simple and easy for me. When others say it is hard, it may be true for them, but not for me.

Positive daily affirmations for work

  • When I step into work, I always face the most remarkable reaction. 
  • I have my dream job. I’m proud to tell other people about my career.
  • I can accomplish any task at work. I am capable of doing amazing things.
  • I am organized. I keep my space clean and my thoughts organized.
  • I think positive thoughts keep me in a positive state.
  • My job is a stepping stone for far greater positions. I trust that when I am joyful, more joy returns to me. 
  • I am at peace with my job. I maintain an inner harmony with what I do.
  • I let go of all fear and doubt about my job. Life becomes simple and easy for me.
  • I can change my attitude towards work. I bless my boss with love.
  • I create a loving mental atmosphere within my office. I love the elevators, stairs, my customers, and coworkers.

Positive affirmations for work colleagues

  • I am choosing to focus on the good in this situation.
  • When I work on myself, my relationships with others improve.
  • I take the time to learn about other people genuinely.
  • I can find a way to get along with everyone.
  • I go out of my way to help out others and they do the same for me.
  • I have a good relationship with myself, so I attract healthy ones with my colleagues.
  • My colleagues at work and I have the most exciting and thorough conversations.
  • I give others a warm smile when we make eye contact. My enthusiasm is the beginning of a strong bond with new hires.
  • I root and cheer for my colleagues to win big and they do the same for me.
  • I am grateful to have the friends I have at work. I am great at forgiving other people.

Positive affirmations for work relationships

  • I form the best relationships with my coworkers.
  • I feel like I can trust and confide in my boss and coworkers.
  • I am respected and cherished in this environment.
  • I am a substantial piece of the puzzle in my work environment.
  • I show respect to everyone I work with. I pay close attention to my coworkers when we converse.
  • I have a sense of connection and amiability with people around me. I embrace being an advisor and openly receiving advice.
  • I have a strong sense of boundaries. I can be friendly and still maintain privacy.
  • I emit warm energy. I make everyone feel comfortable and welcome to be around me.
  • I can tell anyone who works with me any problem and they will be there for me. 
  • My coworkers and I contribute positively to what this company has to offer.

Funny positive affirmations for work 

  • As I work at home, I can say anything that I like within my four walls. 
  • I take life’s stressors with a grain of salt. Everything works out in the end.
  • Money grows on trees when I focus on my passion.
  • I am a master selector. The world’s careers are malleable to my will.
  • I am smart enough to be the next boss. I may even be my boss’s boss one day!
  • I can appreciate my job because I can imagine what it’s like to be without one.
  • I will make the Forbes list of the wealthiest people. I will continue to work until I make this list.
  • I have learned to stay separate from meaningless drama. I remain neutral in heated conversations.
  • What I say goes. When I work, money flows. I have an aptitude for an attitude of gratitude.
  • I bless my low income with love and release it for more finances. My pockets are getting fuller and fuller.

Positive affirmations for working moms 

  • I maintain the perfect balance and time between my children and my career.
  • I am abundant in time. I am abundant in love. I am abundant in money.
  • I bless my children with love and this kindness pours into my job as well. 
  • I have open communication with my manager. 
  • I am a Supermom. I am a master at finding hacks to save time. 
  • I am easily able to ask for help when I need it.
  • I recognize and celebrate my accomplished goals. 
  • I permit myself to move on when things don’t go as planned.
  • I am excellent at scheduling and being organized. I am prepared and gifted with keeping track of deadlines.
  • I declare my priorities appropriately. I make my work and family a priority at certain times.

Positive affirmations for difficult colleagues

  • I flow to the energy of the workplace productively and joyously.
  • I am willing to learn from any conflict and confusion.
  • I try to understand the perspective of my coworkers.
  • I manage conflict with reason, logic, and a little bit of humor. 
  • I focus on my positive relationships. My positive connections benefit me well.
  • Everyone has different personalities that contribute to the fabric of the workplace. I am wanted and needed.
  • I reduce my interactions with those who do not serve me well at work. I surround myself and engage with those I enjoy being around.
  • I imagine myself in another’s situation and empathize. I can show compassion to all and it returns to me. 
  • All my coworkers respect me. I have no issues with them and they have none with me.
  • I form great relationships with people. We can chat, get the job done with teamwork and go home drama-free. 

Positive affirmations for work anxiety

  • I have the power to conquer any challenging situation. 
  • I am strong and capable. My energy attracts abundance towards me.
  • I belong to be here just as much as anybody else.
  • I never make mistakes. I only make lessons.
  • I am free to take up as much space as everyone else. I belong here.
  • I feel more and more secure each day. I can find serenity in any situation.
  • My workplace is a pleasure to be in. There is mutual respect between all my coworkers.
  • I can release all my mistakes once they have happened. My lessons don’t follow me wherever I go.
  • I know how wonderful I am. I choose to love and enjoy myself fully at work.
  • I let go of any tension from my shoulders, jaw, and neck. I find myself relaxing more in my free time.

Positive affirmations for working from home

  • I am inspired and productive when I work from home. My writing and organizational skills are unmatched.
  • I love my current salary. When I express gratitude, it grows.
  • I wake up early and seize the day when i work from home. I give myself breaks at my leisure.
  • I am proud to be self-employed. I like being in charge of my life.
  • I eat healthily at home and take care of myself within my comforts.
  • I focus on the present moment and let go of the past when i am working from home.
  • Every day I get better and better at my job at home. Answers come quickly to me. 
  • My productivity is fantastic in the mornings. I have enough time to work and then later to relax.
  • I reap amazing rewards because I put in a lot in my relationships. I serve others willingly and gladly.
  • I take time to interact with other people as a pick-me-up. I have rich, beneficial engagements 
  • I am comfortable with my finances. I trust that I can pay any bill or payment. I always have money leftover.


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