Dagliga affirmationer – 100 EKSTATISKA positiva affirmationer för dagen

Daily Affirmations are a widely used phenomenon nowadays. You must have heard about them too. But, there is a lot of confusion regarding the same. Such as Daily Affirmations, how they work, are even effective, etc.

Don’t worry; we have got you covered if you are one such person.
In this article, we will cover an extensive guide to Daily Affirmations that will address most of your doubts. By the end of this article, you will know more about Affirmations than people using them. So, let’s get started.

Daily Affirmations

What are Daily Affirmations?

Daily affirmations are affirmations that we use daily. Affirmations are short and straightforward positive statements that have the power to transform your life. You know that what you feel, think, or do is guided by your unconscious. And your unconscious is always influenced by your surroundings and situations.

You have no direct control over your unconscious. So, through Daily Affirmations, we try to influence the unconscious in the way we want to derive expected results. The biggest question that may come to your mind is,

My life is full of Positive people around me.

Why use daily affirmations?

Using daily affirmations can have multiple benefits in your life. Affirmations have the power to transform your life. Affirmation is no miracle; they build up slowly over time. Some of the benefits of using Daily Affirmations are:

  • Daily affirmations directly influence your unconscious. So, it has the power to change the way you think, feel, and act.
  • Daily Affirmations can really help at the time of mental distress. In most cases, mental anguish is your own thought process. If you can change the way you think, you will be in a very positive mind.
  • Research has found that daily affirmations help you maintain a very positive self-view. This enables you to guard yourself against threats to your self-competence.
  • Daily Affirmations fill your life with positivity and hope.
  • Daily Affirmations can give you increased clarity of vision. You may see and feel things that you never noticed.
  • You will be less affected and influenced by your surroundings.
  • Studies have also found that Daily Affirmations also greatly enhance your work efficiency by improving your problem-solving abilities.
  • And the biggest of all, finally, you will be in charge of your life process.
  • Daily Affirmations are not mere theories. They are proven science. There have been multiple studies and researches conducted throughout the globe that have concluded that affirmations are indeed effective.
  • Daily Affirmations

How to do Daily Affirmations?

Now, you have learned how affirmations work and their importance as well. So, now it’s time to understand how you can use Daily Affirmations in your daily life.

The first step is to select the Affirmations based on what you want to manifest. You can either choose from a wide array of Daily Affirmations or write them independently. More on than later in the article. The following steps are as follows.

  1. Take 3 deep breaths. Let the breath be inhaled and exhaled fully.
  2. Stand before a mirror and look into your eyes. If it comes naturally, then smile.
  3. Say the list of Daily Affirmations you have prepared for yourself. You should do it slowly and very clearly.
  4. Try to absorb every word you say. Believe in those words so that it is not mere repetition.
  5. Say every affirmation 4-5 times. Upon completion, retake 3 more deep breaths.
  6. In this way, you can use affirmations in your daily life. Now, let’s learn how you can write Daily Affirmations independently.

Daily Affirmations

How to write Daily Affirmations?

The best affirmations are those you write because no other words can impact you as much as your own words. So, it’s best if you can write affirmations for yourself, and writing Daily Affirmations is relatively easy.

Just follow these simple steps to write your own Daily Affirmations.

  •  First, decide what you want to manifest in your life.
  • Identify the areas you are lacking to manifest what you want.
  • Now write positive affirmations that are just exactly the opposite of your weakness.
  • Try to include only positive words in the Affirmation.
  • Try to start affirmations with ’I’ or ’Me.’
  • Daily Affirmations should always be in the present. These are not any objectives to be achieved in the future. These Affirmations just reiterate the current realities.
  • The most important thing is that you can relate to the Daily Affirmations.
  • In this way, you can write the most effective affirmations for yourself. However, here are some standard Daily Affirmations that anyone could use. You can also use these affirmations as a reference for designing your own Daily Affirmations.

Daily Affirmations

Positive Daily Affirmations

As we have previously discussed, affirmations possess the phenomenal power to transform your life. You learned that it is best to write Daily Affirmations for yourself on your own. However, here are some common positive Daily Affirmations that could be used by anyone:

  • I am feeling mighty and alive from inside
  • My thought process is mighty and positive
  • My life is full of Positive people around me
  • I am very thankful for having such a beautiful life
  • I cherish each and every experience of my life
  • I am very calm and peaceful from the inside and vibrant from outside
  • I keep trying to make myself better each day
  • I have the power to achieve whatever I want in my life
  • Life has been very kind and loving towards me, always
  • I am at the peak of my health, both mentally and physically

Powerful Daily Affirmations

As we have already discussed, Daily Affirmations possess the power to transform your life. Sometimes, we feel very powerless in our life, and it seems that nothing is working out. In such situations, practicing powerful Daily Affirmations can really make a difference. Here are some powerful Daily Affirmations that you can use. Become committed to them, and see the changes for yourself.

  • I am fearless to do whatever I want
  • I am always guided by the universe in whatever I do
  • I see failure as a ground for higher success
  • I can become whatever I want in my life
  • I have the necessary intuition to make the right decisions in my life
  • I am constantly improving with each passing day
  • I am powerful in my spirit and positive in my mind
  • I am blessed to have the people I admire in my life
  • I welcome all the positivity and vibrancy in my life
  • I am the creator of my life

Daily Affirmations for women

Being a woman is one of the most beautiful things that one can cherish. One should be proud of her womanhood and be thankful for the same. Here are some Daily Affirmations for women that could be used daily

  • Being a woman is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me
  • I cherish being born in a woman’s body
  • I am proud of my womanhood and my contributions to society
  • I am very thankful to the universe for allowing me to experience life as a woman
  • I respect the feminine energy working in my body
  • I accept my body the way it is, and I feel comfortable in it
  • I play the part of a mother/wife/sister/daughter wonderfully
  • The universe has always been kind and loving towards me
  • My life is blessed, and I am flowing with joy
  • I fill my heart with love and compassion for every living being


Daily Affirmations for kids

The beauty of Daily Affirmations is that they can be used by anyone. It can even be beneficial for the kids. Kids can use Daily Affirmations to increase vibrancy in their life. Similarly, it can be used to grow focus, harness leadership quality, and develop a positive mindset.

Here are some simple affirmations that kids can use daily.

  • I am living a fantastic life
  • I have everything that I want in my life
  • I always try to help others whenever needed
  • I possess all the qualities of a leader
  • My life is vibrating with joy and happiness
  • I am full of energy to do anything I want
  • I forgive myself for the mistakes I committed unknowingly
  • I am proud of the way I am
  • I always try to learn something from every experience
  • This is the best phase of my life, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Daily Affirmations for men

Just like women, men should also cherish their manhood. Men play a significant role in the formation of society. It is essential that one is thankful for being a man and takes the necessary steps to feel good about it.

Here are some Daily Affirmations that men should practice.

  •  I am engaged in constantly improving my life with each and every movement
  •  I am in complete control of my mind and emotions
  •  I understand the responsibility of a man, and I am committed to the same
  •  I am proud of my manhood, and I accept the way I am
  •  I am playing the part of a son/husband/father/brother wonderfully
  •  I am the source of inspiration for the people around me
  • I am always ready to face new challenges and improve myself
  • I am very confident and an impactful person
  • I feel very positive and radiate positivity around me
  • I am thrilled and fulfilled with the way my life is

Daily Affirmations for success

Why are some people riding high on success while some are struggling for the same? Maybe, the difference lies in the approach. There is no substitute for the hard work you do to achieve success. However, using some Daily Affirmations can increase your actions’ efficiency, which will reflect in your career.

Eventually, it will attract success. Here are some powerful Daily Affirmations that could be used for manifesting success:

  • I am taking every necessary step towards achieving success
  • I am doing whatever I can to manifest success in my life
  • I am worthy of being successful in my life
  • I do not fear making mistakes in the process of manifesting success
  • I attract success through my willingness and positivity
  • I grab every opportunity that comes my way
  • I am entirely devoted to my work, and I enjoy doing it
  • I learn from everyone and everything around me
  • My life energies are working in my favor to manifest success in my life
  • I am willing to grow with every experience of my life

Daily Affirmations for teens

Teenage is the most exciting phase of everyone’s life, and this is the age where the course of your life for the next couple of decades is decided. So, while it is essential to enjoy this phase of life, it is equally important to use it as a vehicle for a very organized life.

Here are some Daily Affirmations teens can use to make full use of this age.

  • This is the most amazing phase of my life, and I am enjoying it to the fullest
  • I am making full use of this age to construct an organized life
  • I am experiencing every positive thing that I can at this age
  • I am on a journey towards creating a fruitful life
  • I am the architect of my life, and I can mold it the way I want
  • I am brave, confident, and powerful from my inside
  • I am filled with gratitude for having such a wonderful life
  • I am learning from every experience in my life
  • I thank everyone around me for being part of my life
  • I am living a wonderful life, and it is full of adventures

Daily affirmation for weight loss

Being overweight has become one of the biggest health problems worldwide. Many people undertake various activities to lose weight. But they lose on the commitment part. Here are some Daily Affirmations that can help you boost your motivation for weight loss

  • I am doing whatever I can to lose weight.
  • I am committed to my weight loss routine
  • I am not going to give up until I lose weight
  • I am going to look slim and healthy again by losing weight
  • Weight loss is my first priority right now
  • I love my workout routine to lose weight
  • I am going to increase my efforts every day till I finally lose weight
  • I deserve to lose weight and become healthy again.
  • I love being physically fit and healthy.
  • I love eating healthy foods that help me in losing weight.

Daily Affirmations for codependents

To live a peaceful life, you need to understand that you are not here on your own. You are codependent on nature, on the universe. Your existence is not possible without the presence of the divine universe. So, here are some Daily Affirmations that will help you recognize the fact and make your life more peaceful.

  • I am codependent on the universe and nature around me
  • The universe takes care of me in every possible way
  • Whatever happens to me is part of a larger reality
  • I am connected with the divine source of energy
  • I enjoy my life, and I am thankful for the same
  • I accept everything and everyone around me as a gift from the universe
  • I am constantly inspired to contribute my efforts to a larger purpose
  • I am in synchronicity with the life around me
  • My life is very fulfilling, and I am grateful for the same
  • Universe, forgive me for every mistake I commit unknowingly

Daily Affirmations for encouragement

Life can be hard on you sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that the situation will always remain the same. Sometimes, encouragement is needed to lift out of the problem. Don’t worry if you have no one around to encourage you. Here are some Daily Affirmations that will immensely help you to motivate yourself.

  • My vision is clear, and my purpose is clean
  • I am blessed to achieve whatever I want
  • I am thrilled and smiling from inside
  • Life is very generous towards me and always makes me feel wonderful
  • My life is fantastic and full of adventure
  • I am in a constant mood thriving for the better
  • I am building a solid foundation for my life
  • I am filled with positive energy and flowing with ecstasy
  • I am an inspiration to the others around me
  • I am inspired to mold my life the way I want

Daily Affirmations for grieving

Grieving is a very natural part of your life. Many events around you make you fall into the darkness of grief. Many of you find it very hard to pull yourself out of your feelings.

Here are some Daily Affirmations that will help you keep your grief aside and enjoy life to the fullest again.

  • I am not running away from my grief, and I am feeling it fully
  • I allow myself to feel the grief fully and let go of it
  • I am balanced in my emotions and stable from inside
  • Grief is just another cloud of emotion passing from my sky if consciousness
  • I am allowing the grief to move the way it wants, and I am becoming free of it
  • This grief has left positive effects on me, and my life will never be the same again
  • I am never alone and always supported by the universe
  • The universe is guiding me out of this situation in every possible manner
  • I am blessed to have encountered such a situation and have learned from it
  • I am healing and feeling happier again

Daily Affirmations for employees

According to many reports, many people are not happy with their jobs. There are many reasons for it. But the most important one is the simplest one too. Most of them do not take any step toward becoming happy and successful in Their jobs.

So, here are some Daily Affirmations for the employees to make their work more fruitful.

  • I am delighted with whatever my job offers
  • I provide significant inputs to my team that help them immensely in their work
  • I have all the qualities required by my job
  • I excel in my field and contribute significantly to the job I do
  • My team members look up to me as their source of inspiration
  • I am confident that I can do whatever the work requires me to do
  • I am successful in my work, and it is my very own nature
  • I seize every opportunity that my jobs provide
  • I am devoted to my work to giving it my fullest
  • I am thrilled and fulfilled with the work I do

Daily Affirmations for low self-esteem

Life takes us through many up-downs that make a lasting impact on us. Due to past experiences, many of us suffer from the problem of low self-esteem. This feeling compels you to run away from gatherings. By and by, you become alone from inside and outsides. The main reason for low self-esteem is that you do not accept how you are. You have some ideal image in your mind that doesn’t conform with reality.

Here are some Daily Affirmations that will help you overcome the feeling of low self-esteem.

  • I am perfect the way I am, and I feel very positive about it
  • I am very confident in my approach to life
  • I am constantly faced with situations that help me grow as a person
  • I make a difference to the people and situations around me
  • I am giving my best in whatever I do
  • I have everything that I need, and nothing is lacking
  • I radiate positive vibes to the people around me
  • I am a fascinating person and everybody looks up to me
  • I feel very comfortable with the people around me and interact freely
  • I am very good at commutation, and I talk freely.

Daily Affirmations for pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very significant phase of any woman’s life. She will give birth to a new life, and a new life will be part of the universe. It is the mother’s responsibility to create the most suitable atmosphere for the proper nurturing of the child.

Here are some Daily Affirmations that will help you immensely during your pregnancy.

  • I am happy with the changes that pregnancy has brought to my body
  • I feel strong with my pregnant body
  • I am correctly nurturing my child with love and care
  • My body is in perfect condition to give birth to a beautiful child
  • My baby is healthy and feeling my love
  • I am open to any change that pregnancy is bringing to me
  • My body is supporting my pregnancy perfectly
  • My body is handling pregnancy very smoothly and effortlessly
  • I trust my body that it knows how to handle my pregnancy
  • I am delighted to give birth to a child and feel very joyful

Questions and Answers About Daily Affirmations

Do Daily Affirmations really work?

Yes, even multiple research studies have proven that Daily Affirmations really work. Affirmations directly affect your subconscious and rewire your brain the way you want. However, the efficiency of affirmations varies from person to person. It also depends on the Daily Affirmations that you actually choose to practice.

Why do Daily Affirmations work?

We have previously discussed that your inner and outer realities are shaped by your unconscious. Your unconscious determines the way you feel and act. Generally, your unconscious is always influenced by your surroundings and situations. If you can influence the unconscious the way you want, you can manifest anything you want in your life. That’s how affirmation works. You take charge of your unconscious through Daily Affirmations.

How many times a day do I need to practice daily affirmations?

Ideally, affirmations should be practiced the whole day on a subliminal level. However, being practical, it’s not possible for most people. So, practicing Daily Affirmations 2 times a day should suffice. Practice your morning affirmations after waking up and practice nighttime meditations before going to bed. You can choose your Affirmations accordingly.

Why do Daily Affirmations work?

We have previously discussed that your life is guided mainly by the unconscious. All your activities, thoughts, and feelings are primarily an expression of your unconscious mind. You have no direct control over the unconscious, which is influenced by outside situations and surroundings. Daily Affirmations are Positive and powerful statements that you use to influence the subconscious the way you want. They rewire the mind to manifest the desired results. That’s why Daily Affirmations work phenomenally.

Summary of Daily Affirmations

So, by now, you know more about Daily Affirmations than most people. We explored what Daily Affirmations are, the benefits, and how they can bring transformation to your life. However, mere knowing won’t help. Apply the knowledge in your life and witness the change. Also, read our beginner’s guide to affirmations titled ”what are affirmations”?

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